May 28 2008

Three is the new Two

Category: eco-mama @ 7:30 am

I heard that on Jon and Kate + 8 last night and it’s totally true. Three is the new Two. Someone forgot to tell Dixon that “terrible twos” shoulda been over by now. Those lil’ insurgents put me through the ringer yesterday. They were so whiny that when I got to class, I sat down in my seat, took a deep breath, and my ears were still ringing from it all.

Apparently yesterday was “Blame Brother” day. Poor Grayson smashed strawberries into the carpet and snapped several crayons into tiny pieces, all while he was strapped into his highchair in another room. That’s Dixon’s story, and he’s sticking to it.

I’ve got a game plan today, though. Its nearly 8:30, and its still working! If Dixon tells no fibs and does no baby-talking, then he can earn time on the computer to play Candyland or a Diego game on Noggin. I’ll keep you posted.

Dixon’s fever is lower today (under 100) and he didn’t wake up coughing last night. Good news! Grayson, however, feels warm but is still under 100. And he caught the croupy cough. And Dixon just mooned me. He says “Look, I didn’t poop in my chonies!” Yay for me. Time for me to go down all the herbal crap I got at the health food store last night, in hopes that my own sore throat will heal.

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