Jan 29 2012

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Jan 22 2012

He’s F I V E !!!

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Big Baby Grayson is five! I guess it’s now time for me to stop calling him Baby Gray, huh?

He was a month early and still 7 full pounds.

He’s still the bestest little brother ever, and these two boys still talk to each other for hours.

Five years later, he’s just a few inches shorter and five pounds lighter than Dixon. He’s taller today than Dixon was at 6. When we realized this, Gray suggested “Why don’t I skip 5 and just turn 6 already?”

In addition to the massive party we had last Saturday, we celebrated with his preschool class with pizza and cupcakes.

The Reynolds came to stay for the weekend and took us shopping. Gray got basketball shoes and Dixon got baseball cleats (hint: this year is gonna be crazy-busy with sports). And we went to A J Spurs for a nice dinner, and after they sang Happy Birthday to Gray and brought this huge ice cream sundae with brownies, whipped cream, and a cherry. When he saw it he screamed “I HAVE MORE SUGAR THAN ANYONE!”

(Can you tell this shot is from my phone?)

There was no shortage of cupcakes this year. Due to lack of time and energy on my part, I ordered gourmet cupcakes from a new local bakery and they were soooo good.

After the big dinners and shopping and excitement of having his cousins visiting, he didn’t last long.

Jan 16 2012


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Can you believe he’s seven? It’s amazing to me. Dixon is the smartest and sweetest boy I’ve ever known.

On Friday the 13th we celebrated with his class by bringing cupcakes in. His teacher had a Happy Birthday hat he got to wear all day. Gran, Pops and Uncle Brad picked him up after school and took him shopping for baseball gear (we’re looking into little league). In other words, he was treated like royalty.




Saturday, we had the boys party. Dixon kept telling everyone and even convinced Gray that it was “his” party because it happened to fall on his actual birthday. The Angry Birds theme was a hit. We had a huge slingshot built by Scott, and the kids got to knock down boxes and green pigs with red birds. We blew up the bounce house and my friend even offered her face painting services.


We were super lucky that both Uncle Brad and Pops attended! Brad showed up early to set up and supervise the slingshot and my dad rolled in for dinner! My mom and Scott’s mom were there too. Not to lessen their importance, but they’re always at the birthday parties :)

As always, more pictures are on my Flickr page.

Jan 09 2012

Counting down to Birthmakah

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In mere days, my baby will be 7 and my other baby will be 5. Preparations are well under way for Birthmakah, the eight blessed days between Dixon’s birthday and Grayson’s birthday. Though this year we’re stretching it to 10 because of the weekends. On Friday, I’ll be bringing cupcakes to Dixon’s class to celebrate in the afternoon. On Saturday, we’re having the boys friends over to our house for an Angry Birds themed party. Scott labored over a slingshot all weekend and it’s going to be epic. Saturday evening, the family is coming over for a big dinner. Then things cool down for a bit. Gray’s birthday is the following Sunday. More family is coming that weekend and we will probably continue our tradition of going to the zoo on Gray’s birthday. Then Monday, I’ll be bringing pizza and cupcakes to Gray’s class to celebrate. Bring it on, birthdays!

Jan 09 2012

Another Truman Update

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It’s been one week since Truman’s surgery to attach his gum back to his mouth after The Incident With The Skunk. We freaked out a little ok, a LOT because we noticed a few stitches in his mouth had come loose. So we called our awesome new vet, who’s open 7 days a week for us working folk, and brought him in. Dr. Vet was not worried at all. She had put in twice as many stitches as she thought she needed, as the big concern was always that they wouldn’t hold. The consequences of them not holding and this surgery not working are that the exposed jawbone would decay and if a second surgery didn’t fix it, he’d eventually lose his jaw and his life. Hence the freakout.

But she saw him today, and was happy. It’s about 70% healed up. There’s still a small amount of jawbone exposed, about the size of my pinky fingernail. Compared the huge gash a week ago, this is great. She thinks it really will heal up on its own. And even better, all the little tumors we had removed at the same time are healing up nicely too. Hooray!

So, we go back in one week to get the stitches out. Truman is close to back to his old self. He picked up a tennis ball on Sunday, dropped it at our feet expectantly, and wanted to play. He’s eating canned food well. He’s off the pain medication and steroid anti-inflammatory. He’s gotten used to the Cone of Shame. Things are looking up for our baby!

Jan 03 2012

Truman Update

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Truman had surgery yesterday to repair his gumline. Our vet looked at him on Saturday and literally said, “holy crapola!” at how bad the gash in his mouth was. The vet said he “did as well as we hoped he could” and is now on the mend. They found a ligament below his bottom teeth and stitched up the gash around it.

We also took the opportunity to remove a couple weird lumps from his undercarriage while he was under. So last night, he was pretty miserable. He couldn’t get comfortable and whimpered for hours, but seems to be doing better today (Tuesday).

The concern now is that the stitches hold. Things don’t look so good for old Trumie if they don’t hold. We’ll be able to breath again in a week, but so far, so good.

Jan 01 2012

Skunk-apocalypse, The Saga Continues

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Well, despite the two days of good healing prior to The Incident, Truman needs surgery to repair the gum line of his jaw. He has a large gash on his lower jaw, below his teeth, exposing a two inch gap of jawbone.

Surgery is scheduled for first thing tomorrow morning (Monday). He’s been a trooper this week, getting pain pills, antibiotics, and a steroid anti-inflammatory every 8 hours. I’ll be so glad when tomorrow is over and he can start healing.

This is him on Christmas morning, gnawing on the toy Santa left in his stocking.

On a positive note, the smell is slowly dissipating. It’s only on Truman’s face and in Scott’s truck. Scott’s truck is still undriveable at this point though. Our neighbors actually sat in our living room for about 10 minutes today and did not gag and run away, so I’m taking that as a good sign.