Nov 20 2011

Dixon’s Fall Feast

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On Thursday, all 90 first graders and their families (we filled the small cafeteria) got together to sing songs, recite poems, and have a huge potluck feast. The feast was pretty cool because of the sheer number of hispanic families in the area. In addition to turkey, potatoes, veggies, etc we had some really good enchiladas and taquitos too.

Anyway, I made it to the feast despite Gray’s short-lived stomach bug that kept us home. Scott was able to leave early and monitor the vomiter so I could enjoy the feast. Luckily Gray was the only one who got sick and it only lasted 12 hours.

I asked why he chose to be an Indian, and he said it was because last year in Kindergarten he was a pilgrim.

Here’s a video of his class reciting a poem and singing “Albuquerque Turkey”, which I’ve had stuck in my head for a week now.

Nov 14 2011

Boys and Butterflies

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Sunday morning of our three-day Veterans Day weekend we went to the Monarch Butterfly Grove in Pismo. Dixon lectured us the whole way there and back, reciting all the facts he learned when we took his field trip there last year. And then I was deemed Worst Mommy Ever because I didn’t bring any money to spend at the little booth that sells butterfly bookmarks, tattoos, and ornaments. Oy.

Tracking the insect’s life span.

The caption for this could be Grayson saying, “I can’t wait for my teeth to fall out so I can have a tiny bit of attention too.”

Clumps of butterflies in the trees.



Nov 10 2011

All he wants for Christmas….

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…. is his two front teeth.

We woke up and it was gone! Fell out in the middle of the night. Luckily I found it under the bed. We are sure keeping the tooth fairy busy these days!

Over breakfast I said, “Dixon you look older now.” He nodded wisely and said, “I feel like a teenager.”


Nov 08 2011


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Finally, the tooth fell out. After all of his family calling and telling him to yank it, and him refusing, he got to school on Monday and pulled it on the playground. The Tooth Fairy did not disappoint last night.

And now, the one next to it is loose.

Nov 07 2011

Cops n Kids Day

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Every year local law enforcement hosts a Cops n Kids Day at the park by our house. They have the swat teams, bomb squad, search and rescue, K9s, FBI, tanks, and hot dogs, cotton candy and face painting and more. Then the CHP helicopter lands right in front of us.

Nov 06 2011

Getting our science on

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Saturday was the Cal Poly Pier’s open house. Cal Poly bought an old Unocal pier several years ago and turned it into a marine science research center, and a few times a year they open it to the public and the biology students are on hand to assist the kids with information and supervising the poking of marine life.

Holding whale teeth.

Holding a starfish.

Poking a giant starfish.

Examining plankton under a microscope. This particular specimen was pregnant and we could see tiny babies in it.

The boys under the pier.

Scott and Gray examining maps.

Nov 02 2011

The Top Tooth

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Last week I posted that this may be the last photo of Dixon’s top front tooth. I lied. THIS will be the last photo of it still attached. It will be thoroughly photographed when it falls out, which I’m guessing will be tomorrow.

He’s been pulling and twisting and fiddling with it for hours, but it’s still in there. I can’t wait to use the tooth fairy pillow Aunt Cindy made him!

Nov 01 2011

Happy Halloween!

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Remember all the other years where I’d stay up after the boys went to bed after trick or treating and go through and post photos the same night? Haha. Me too. I’m much to tired for that these days.

Dixon dressed up as Boba Fett, a Star Wars character, and Grayson was Iron Man. Gray originally chose a race car driver suit with mask, but changed his mind and luckily last year’s Iron Man still fit. Oh well.

We got quite a loot. So much in fact that the handle on Dixon’s six-year-old plastic pumpkin broke from the weight of it all. That was the signal it was time to go home. We met up with two other families on our street and worked our street plus the two adjacent streets. While they did me proud by saying “Thank you!” and sincerely wishing “Happy Halloween!” to all those who gave out candy, they did teach the neighbor boy “Trick or treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat.” So we came out even I guess.

The boys enjoy a few pieces of their loot while Scott starts the 5th Harry Potter book. We finished #4 and watched the movie on Sunday.

All in all, we had a great night. The boys love handing out candy almost as much as getting it so after we did our three streets, we came home and handed out some.