Oct 25 2011

The Royal Grayson

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Grayson’s Pre K class had a Prince and Princess party last week. They’re learning about medieval times this month. I had a training class at work, so I sent Scott in with my big camera and he didn’t disappoint.

The crown was knit by my friend Cindy and each boy got one for their last birthday. My friend Adria, the garage sale queen, loaned us the costumes from her stash.

The backup costume. We tried this on first but it was a little too big.

Oct 25 2011

The Bobcat Badge

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Dixon earned his first badge this week. The little stinker wouldn’t let me get a decent picture. He earned the Bobcat badge, which involves learning a bunch of safety rules, the Cub Scout Motto (“Do your best!”) and the Cub Scout pledge. He also had to demonstrate being a good citizen somehow. Since his Den is Tiger Cubs, which are all first graders, they just had to help out around the house. When the den mother asked what each had done, Dixon declared “I did all my laundry, I even put it away.” Another mother heard this and whipped her head around asking, “Whose kid is this?” I proudly claimed him. The boys have been doing their own laundry for almost a year now. They haul their basket up to the laundry room, load the washer, and I pour in the soap and turn it on. They then put it in the dryer, and I help sort but they do all the putting-away. Its awesome! But I digress…

The Pack had a ceremony last night and all the Tiger Cubs earning Bobcat Badges had to line up and howl like bobcats, and then repeat their pledge, standing with their dads in the front of the room. It was supercute. When the pack master said, “Ok, every childs parent needs to come up here” Scott leaped to his feet and walked up, encouraging the other slower-moving dads to join him. I attempted to catch it all on video, but sure enough, as soon as I started recording Gray had to go potty. So I recorded for a few minutes, but kept waving the camera down so I could check on him. Plus, I was on the wrong side of the room and had a bad angle, and babies were crying all around me. Let’s just say the video didn’t turn out very well.

Goofing off for the camera…

Also part of the pack meeting was a pumpkin decorating contest. We didn’t win a prize, but he did get a pumpkin patch for participating.

Oct 21 2011

Friday Photos

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Another week’s worth of pictures.

The Quidditch Kids.
The boys friend Joe turned 6 and his mom went all out with a Harry Potter themed party, complete with a Quidditch pitch in her yard.


Baking banana bread muffins.
Gray loves to help in the kitchen, especially if it involves cracking eggs.


Take a good look at the top two front teeth. They’re very loose and this may be the last time they’re photographed!


Gray found Pops’s reading glasses and insists he looks just like him now. I see the resemblance!


Not to be outdone, Dixon wanted a picture with Pops too.


Oct 16 2011

Too cool for school

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I posted a shot of him in his uniform earlier, but that was before Scott sewed all his patches on. And tomorrow the den is doing a scrapbooking night, so we needed a few pictures, so I snapped this one in the final version of his uniform. He’s clearly too cool to smile for me anymore.

I have tons more pics to go through and post but I loved this one and had to share it asap.

Oct 14 2011

Friday Fotos

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Here are a few pictures I took with my phone this week.

Grayson and me at the pumpkin patch.

Dixon’s hat, in his school colors.

Gray’s pet caterpillar.

The Tiger Cub Scout!!

Grayson’s post-haircut lollypop tongue. The green lolly he got for sitting still during the haircut matched his shirt!

Bacon Bandits! They made eye masks from bacon. I probably shouldn’t encourage them to play with their food, but sometimes we gotta make dinnertime fun.

Lazy sunday afternoon playing Super Mario Kart.

Oct 03 2011

Fall Is Here

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Happy belated autumnal equinox! Bring on my favorite season.

Leaves on the ground in my backyard.

My apple trees are full!

And I learned how to knit hats just in time for the cooler weather!