Sep 21 2011

Gray the Vocalist

Category: eco-mama @ 11:00 am

The boy loves to sing. And he’s good at it. He gets a little shy, but he remembers the words to the songs he learns at school and just randomly belts them out at home sometimes. This one impressed me because of the number of verses he’s got down (in other words, it’s long!) and he incorporated some sign language too.

In other news, Dixon gets to join Cub Scouts this year as a first grader. Gray is insanely jealous of this. So I asked him if he wanted to do another activity, like art classes, gymnastics, or swim lessons. His answer? “I want Connect 4 lessons!” We eventually agreed on swim lessons. He was really great before and I’m sure he’ll be amazing without big brother distracting him in the pool. And he can hold his own with the Connect 4 games already.

Sep 18 2011

Monkey Crab

Category: eco-mama @ 8:06 pm

Sadly we lost another crab. This is the second one to perish, it was Gray’s self-named crab Smith Scott Grayson. He was the one that murdered Dixon’s crab Hermie a few months ago.

So, I explained to the dudes what happened and we went to Petco for another one. This one is a climber! I think they gave him crack in the store because he climbs everywhere, constantly. I remarked to Gray, “this one doesn’t know he’s a hermit crab, he thinks he’s a monkey or something.” Gray said, “I call him Monkey Crab!” and that is his name.

After this one I actually dreamed he escaped. Ug.

Their water dish has a palm tree on it, for the ambience, and Monkey Crab’s favorite trick is to climb up it and jump off, splashing into the water. I’m expecting his shell to break any day.

At least someone is finally using the climbing stick.

Sep 18 2011

How do you like them apples?

Category: eco-mama @ 7:54 pm

I can’t believe it’s been nearly a month since I posted here. I promise I’ll make it up to you! We’ve had an awesome first month of First Grade and 2nd year of Pre-K. Dixon is reading up a storm, loves his teacher, and getting his homework done every night. Last week he decided to do 80% of his work during his after-school program, which made the week go pretty smoothly. The program gets federal funding so they’re limited in the activities they’re allowed to do, but reading and homework are encouraged. We donated a chess set so hopefully Dixon can get some games going after school too.

Gray is sounding out words like he hears big brother do. Scott reads Harry Potter to them for almost an hour each night; they’re on book 4 now. He wants to do homework too, so we make up exersizes for him and his penmanship is coming right along.

Anyway, on Labor Day weekend we went to the Avila Barn and picked apples with our friends.

After failing to get a shot where someone wasn’t making a funny face, I gave up and made one too.

Another fail. We tried to get all the kids to pose for us, but Gray refused. When one friend remarked “Gray all I can see is your booty, please turn around” we were treated with this. Being four-and-a-half is awesome I tell you!

The week before Labor Day, Scott went to Las Vegas for the annual VMWorld conference for work. We survived just fine till Thursday of that week, when all three of us woke up at midnight with colds. Dixon and Gray got over it in a day, but I’ve been struggling with it for over two weeks. Just another excuse for me not keeping up with the blog.