Aug 18 2011

First Grade, Here We Come

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Goodbye Summer, Look Out First Grade!

Aug 11 2011

Gray’s Pre-K Pirate Parrrty

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Gray’s amazing teachers threw an end-of-summer pirate party for the kids. It happened to fall on our snack day and I made swords from carrot sticks and cucumbers and pirate ships with apple wedges, stacks of cheese slices, and clip-art pirate flags taped to toothpicks. The kids loved them and even ate all the veggies.

Aug 11 2011

My Day With Gray

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Last weekend Gray and I went to the Avila Valley Barn. When I was home (not working) for his first year I’d take the boys once a week. We were regulars, but don’t seem to get there often enough anymore, even though it’s close and free. We rode the tractor hayride out to the peach orchard and picked peaches, then rode it to the blackberry field and picked berries. The cowboy driving the tractor reminded me of Scottie McCreery because he turned around and sang country songs to us while he drove. Gray loved this part.

My gorgeous boy.

Cheeks full of blackberries. None actually made it to the cashier… we picked and ate them all as we went.

Cramming the blackberries in as fast as he can.

After picking our fruit, we fed the goats, another one of his favorite pastimes.

No more pictures! He’s sick of my camera at this point.

Aug 05 2011

Friday Photos

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Just a bunch of random photos that have been sitting on my phone, waiting to be shared. Note: I’m not sure why the photos aren’t aligning well and I’m too lazy to fix it.

Gray hanging out while we brunched with Grandma Linda, Cousin Morgan, and Linda’s friend Ellen last weekend. Tip: Marie Callender’s Sunday brunch now has awesome waffles with toasted coconut to top them off. So good!

Dixon, Grayson, and Cousin Morgan playing on the beach in Pismo. They found several live sea snails and showed them all to me.

Grandma took her grandkids shopping at the Outlets for back-to-school clothes. The boys naturally got a bit bored, so we goofed off outside while Morgan tried on clothes.

Snug as a Bug… after a long day, I went to my room to sleep and found this in my bed.

“The ladies like muscles,” says Dixon. Indeed we do.

This turtle hangs out with me on my work breaks. Outside my office is a little pond, and there are three turtles. I knit and relax on my breaks, and this little guy always pokes his head out and checks on me.

My spiffy new summer ‘do.

Gray at his friend’s birthday party. The birthday boy’s dad let the kids tear around with water guns and all the grownups got hit.

Gray and his Pre-K pals at Amani’s birthday party.

Friday nights are either movie nights or game nights. Here, the boys eat popcorn and watch Tangled.