Jul 26 2011

The Girlfriend Update (again)

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You were all waiting on pins and needles for the latest installment of the Summer Fling, weren’t you? Well Dixon won’t disappoint.

The second girlfriend, Haley, only lasted a couple days. Her family has other plans for the summer, so she’s not going to the Y camp anymore. Dixon decided that after the first two girlfriends, he really didn’t want to be without one, so he took the initiative and asked Chloe to be his girlfriend. She said yes.

We picked him up yesterday and he coughed and sneezed all the way home, so we said, “You’re staying home sick tomorrow.” He was outraged! “Chloe is going to miss me if I’m not there!” He has spent most of the morning trying to convince me, between sniffles, that he’s better and must get to the Y immediately.

At this point I think he might be turning 17 in January, not 7.

Jul 19 2011

It’s fun to stay at the Y-M-C-A

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I mentioned Dixon’s girlfriend he made on the first day of Y summer camp. I picked him up after a day at the fair, and he was rattling off a list of all the things they did, then drops the line,

“So my new girlfriend Haley…”

I don’t even remember what he said after that I was so surprised by it. Apparently, Kyleigh broke it off with The Dixon. She had her eyes on Caleb, who was already boyfriend/girlfriend with Haley. So they all four agreed, just like that, that Caleb and Kyleigh will be bf/gf and Dixon and Haley will be bf/gf.

Is that one tired boy, or what? That was after three solid hours jumping in a bounce house and eating cupcakes at the neighbor boy’s birthday party.

Jul 17 2011

Beach Day

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(When we’re not on a tsunami watch) We are so fortunate that we live a mile from the ocean and can literally go whenever we want. We don’t actually go often enough. But, we went today and collected shells and fancy rocks for the boys collections. Scott found 3 live sand dollars (and tossed them back) and a live clam.

Jul 17 2011

4th of July

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For the 4th of July I hobbled out to our front yard, still in recovery mode from my surgery. We had a mini-block party, with cookies, cupcakes, explosives, and just a few neighbors. We spent the early part of the afternoon riding bikes up and down the street (while I relaxed in a lawn chair, knitting). And Scott spent several hours organizing the fireworks.

And yes, we may pay a fortune for housing but we have the luxury of wearing scarves all summer. It was darn right chilly and foggy when the sun went down. Also called Tara-weather.

The annual Dixon-Lorelai photo. I have one of them like this every year.

I was attempting to photograph Gray when Dixon decided to hog the shot.

While we keep it safe-and-sane (and legal) on our end of the street, neighbors at the other end of the street went all out with the illegal fireworks.

All in all we had a great night.

Jul 09 2011

Gray’s first year of Pre K

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Gray had an awesome first year of Pre-Kindergarten. Watching his brother there for two years made it even more special, I think. I of course went on every field trip and hung out when I could, with my camera.

Here are the best pictures from his first big year. His class was 3, 4, and 5 year olds. Half of them just graduated and are moving on to Kindergarten, so he’s already talking about when he gets to go to Kindergarten and pestering us about how many days he has left. We already decided that next summer he’ll join big bro at the Y program instead of hanging out at preschool all summer, like we did with Dixon (because we really didn’t know what the other options are).

In case you’re wondering, the song is one of G’s favorites: Sheryl Crow, “Real Gone”, from the Cars soundtrack.

Jul 02 2011

My totally tubular birthday ™

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How is it July already? And how am I really 35 already? It seems impossible.

This year for my birthday, I gave myself the piece of mind of a tubal ligation. All the nurses I encountered this past week asked “are you sure?” “you don’t look old enough!” and when they got to the “have you had any surgeries before” and I answered with “two c-sections” they finally seemed to get it. My doctor said that if I tried for a third, I’d be considered high-risk after what happened with the Grayson Pregnancy (remember: placenta abruption at 36 weeks and me almost bleeding to death?). I’d be on bed-rest the entire time, they’d do a c-section a month early, and it’d be really risky. I don’t want to go through that. Besides, I barely have the energy for the two I’ve got!

So I went in Thursday morning at 5am. Procedure started at 7am and I woke up in the recovery room around 9. I was home by 10:56am. The first two days were pretty miserable and I stayed well medicated throughout. I didn’t feel like myself again until today (Saturday – my birthday!). Though my abdomen feels okay now (still a little sore though) my throat hurts just as bad today as it did on day 1. During the surgery, they inflate my stomach with carbon dioxide to push away the abdominal wall, giving the doc room to work. I can’t breathe during this, so they insert a breathing tube. I think they might have used a shoe horn to get it in.

Scott has been making me gourmet Paleo meals and waiting on me hand and foot. He thinks he’s getting off easy; now he doesn’t have to get fixed. So I plan on milking this as long as I can.

The boys were a little scared, but they’re handling it well. We woke them up at 4:15am on Thursday and they rode in and dropped me off at the hospital, then went off to breakfast and summer school. Dixon asked why I had to see the doctor at the hospital, and not his office. I said, “He’s going to make it so no more babies get in my tummy.” Grayson thought this was a great idea and said, “babies poop in their pants and then are stinky!” I’m sure he’s also happy his role as baby won’t be taken away.

Dixon, upon hearing this, burst into tears and begged for a little sister. After he calmed down he pointed out, “It’s your uterus, mom, not your tummy.” Oh thank you again to Rowan’s mom, the midwife who explained all this to the Kindergarten class last year. Dixon has been very sweet, helping pull me up and pitching in with extra chores.

I’ve been spending my birthday weekend knitting a blanket for myself and listening to crappy vampire mystery novel audiobooks. I go back to work on Tuesday.

Me and my Mini-Me.