Jun 27 2011

The Quotable Dixon # 311

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A few months ago, Dixon had the day off and I took him to the Cal Poly library. On the way from the parking lot to the building, he asked what each building was, and I explained it all. When we walked past the College of Business building, I explained that you can study business and learn things like managing people, running a company, and getting ideas to make money.

Fast forward to last week:

Dixon’s summer camp group came to Cal Poly. They toured the campus, including the library and other buildings, had a picnic lunch, and then went bowling in our bowling alley. I tracked them down and hung out for an hour on my lunch break. The camp counselor posed this to the group: Since we’re on a college campus, let’s talk about what you might want to study when you get to college and what you want to be when you grow up.

Dixon said, “I want to study business so I can learn to mind my own business.”

Hahaha. That’s my boy. We’ve been on him because lately, when we scold Gray for something, Dixon will jump in on him too with “Yea Gray you shouldn’t have done that” and “Grayson! I can’t believe you” and we just tell Dixon to “mind his own business.” Apparently that requires a college degree now.

Jun 24 2011

Little Bunny Gray Gray

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Gray says he’s going to be a rock star. He got a guitar for Christmas and will make up songs. He also still uses the keyboard Papa Brent got him 2 years ago. He’ll tap the mic and go, “Is this thing on?” and “1 2 3 4 let’s rock!”

Jun 23 2011

Gray at the museum

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Grayson is highly underrepresented on the blog this year. A few weeks ago we went to the childrens’ museum and both boys had a blast. We stayed for about 5 hours, with a break for lunch.

Astronaut G:

Steering the boat:

Driving the tractor:


Finally crashing at the end of the day.

Jun 22 2011

Happy Birthday Amma

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Today Amma (May, my maternal grandmother) turned 95.

Jun 21 2011

Happy Birthday Grandma June!

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And Happy first day of Summer!

Jun 17 2011

Introducing, Dr. Uncle Brad Langer

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I am so proud of my little brother. Last weekend he earned his PhD in Spanish from UC Davis and we all went up to watch him and his girlfriend Chelsea walk through their ceremony. All of the high-resolution pictures are here in case you want to download and print.

Jun 17 2011

Back Blogging

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Back Blogging: Catching up on older photos I’ve been meaning to post but haven’t gotten around to yet.

Dixon’s last week of Kindergarten was exciting. He got two awards. One for losing the most amount of teeth during the school year (but he really tied for this with 3 other kids… go figure). He lost 2 bottom teeth this year. The other was for the Presidential Fitness Award. I remember testing for this when I was a youth.

He got the red badge, which means he’s in the 50th percentile. He’s better than 50% of the kids in the nation. His PE teacher says their school was on par with the national average.

More red-badge-earners at the school assembly …

Friends we will really miss next year when he’s in public school. From the left is Keiani, Clive (we ate caviar at his 6th birthday party, really) Dixon, and Rowan. Rowan was the coolest girl in his school. She played with all the boys and her mom taught Dixon all about the uterus (she’s a midwife).

Aidan and Dixon.

Eating graduation cake.

Ms Reimers, Head of School. Whenever Dixon was disruptive, he was sent to her office where he got to read to her and soak up all kinds of positively reinforcing one-on-one attention. Her window is covered in his artwork. If he had a smartphone and Foursquare, he’d be the Mayor.

Doing yoga at the graduation ceremony.

Jun 15 2011

Lil’ Heartbreaker

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Dixon had an epic first day of YMCA camp. When we dropped him off, I wanted a big hug. He did not. He stood rigidly with his arms at his sides while I bear-hugged him anyway, and he looked embarrassed by me. That’s my job, right?

When we pick up him, he looks about 5 years older than when I left him and he rushes over and says breathlessly, “Mom, I want you to meet someone. This. Is. Kyleigh.”

Uh, hi Kyleigh.

They skip off to the parking lot, hand in hand. In the car, he confesses Kyleigh is his girlfriend. She asked him to be her boyfriend, and I’m just thankful it wasn’t the other way around. We asked Dixon what that meant, and he says, “It just means we play together.” Phew.

Throughout the evening, Dixon ever-so-nonchalantly made comments like “My girlfriend does this…” and “Today, my girlfriend said….” Oy vey, I am NOT ready for this!

Dix is having a fabulous summer so far. They’ve walked to a nearby park for a first-day BBQ, took a city bus to the beach and built sand castles and splashed in the water, rode a school bus (for the first time) to the city pool and swam all day, and tomorrow they go to the butterfly grove. He crashes exactly at 7pm every night and sleeps ALL through the night.

I’m also realizing what an important role my dad played in Dixon’s life last year. When Pops picked him up from Kindergarten every day, not only did he care for and feed him, but he LISTENED to him. Dixon will talk for TWO HOURS nonstop each day after school/camp. And he got most of it out of his system with Pops and Gran, while I was still (quietly) at work. Now my poor ears get the brunt of it!

Meanwhile… Grayson is just ticked off. Dixon gets a new school, and a new adventure each day. And Gray goes to the same ol’ preschool every day. Next summer, they’ll both be at the same summer program together. But there are no shortage of pouts and sobs and “no fairs!” when Gray hears about Dixon’s latest outing.

Jun 07 2011

The Last Day of Kindergarten

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To recognize dear Dixon on his last day of Kindergarten, I put together a slideshow of the highlights. We survived! And I have till August 17th to keep denying I’m the mother of a first grader.

And to see what a baby-face he was last September, here are his first-day-of-kindergarten photos.

Jun 01 2011

The Almost Graduate

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I was feeling bad about not blogging the pics and videos from Dixon’s graduation party until I remembered that the party took place two weeks before his actual last day of school, which is still 7 days away. So I’m ahead of the game! I have tons more photos, but here’s what I’ve edited so far.

I got several compliments on how well he spoke. He was clear and understandable and brave. His friend Clive’s mom asked if he’s taking drama lessons. Not yet. The very day after she asked that, the city summer activity mailer arrived and they’re offering a drama class! But it’s for 8+ year olds.

This video is Dixon and classmate Gwenyth reciting the Snow and Daffodil poems he did a few months ago in the talent show.

I’ll post more pictures soon. This is just what I had on my phone.