Mar 16 2011

The Great Leprechaun Trap

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Dixon was given the homework assignment of creating a Leprechaun trap. A Leprechaun named Shamus has been spooking his classroom for a week: leaving behind gold, making messes in the room, leaving windows open, hiding the kids lunch boxes outside, and even used their bathroom and forgot to flush! (He left some glitter behind, that’s how we knew.)

So last weekend we scoured the internet and local stores for just the right ideas. We got a trash can and decorated it with clovers…

Then we built a ladder out of popsicle sticks for him to climb to the top…

And we lured him in with gold chocolate coins. When he gets to the top of the ladder and reaches for the coins, he’ll fall inside the can. Don’t worry, it’s padded with easter grass to ensure a soft landing.

The sign says “FREE GOLD AND TREATS.”

A shiny beaded necklace is inside the can to keep him busy while we get him to tell us where he hides his pot of gold. This turned out to be a really fun family project. Though Gray had a nightmare about Leprechauns, so I had to balance how to tell one kid they’re not real, yet build a trap with the other. Another challenge of parenting the world’s smartest kids :) It all seemed to work out.

Mar 15 2011

Out of the mouths of babes…

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Saturday night I put water on to boil for ravioli. Knowing it would take a while to boil, I sat down on the couch and picked up my knitting project. A moment later, Dixon walks out and asks for a granola bar. I said “No, I’m cooking dinner!” He said, “Really? Because it looks like you’re sitting on the couch.”

Looks like I successfully passed down my remarkable wit to another generation.

Mar 09 2011

Fat Tuesday

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Our preschool does a little Mardi Gras parade and party every year and this year the local news showed up and Gray Gray was on TV! KSBY’s website isn’t letting me embed the video here, so you’ll have to come over and watch it on our tv if you missed it.

Eating his king cake, which was a donut with frosting, sprinkles, and a baby Jesus on top.

Showing of his mask.

And after, playing in the yard with his buddy Dylan.

And for a blast from the past, re-live last year’s Mardi Gras here.

Mar 07 2011


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Here’s a sneak peek of our Disneyland trip this weekend. We had a fabulous time – it was the boys first trip there and they loved it. I’ll write more about it when I get a chance.

Me N Gray getting ready to ride the Bobsleds up the Matterhorn. This ride scared the poor boy because of the monster inside. Every time he saw the mountain later, he’d say “I never want to go in there again.”

Me and Gray meeting Lightning McQueen and Tow Mater in the California Adventure park. We wandered around a bit by ourselves when everyone else went on a rapids ride that he was too short for.

Goofy! We spent a lot of time in Toon Town.

Meeting Minnie while Scott and Dixon rode a ride deemed by Gray to be too scary.

They were almost as excited about the giant Lego store as they were the park itself. Dixon said his favorite rides were Pirates of the Caribbean and Thunder Mountain. We went on each twice.