Feb 23 2011

Snow Trip!

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We spent President’s Day weekend frolicking in beautiful snowy Yosemite and Oakhurst. We drove up Saturday and played in the small amount of snow that accumulated at Grandma Linda’s house, then Sunday and Monday mornings we drove into Yosemite (Wawona area) and threw snowballs, built snowmen, made snow angels, and slid down hills.












As always, more pictures are here on Flickr.

Feb 10 2011

Gray’s Valentines Party

Category: eco-mama @ 4:26 pm

Today was Gray’s Pre K Valentine’s Day Party.

We spent last night writing “From Grayson” on all the handmade cards we created last weekend.

This is Gray with his class doing a little song with paper hearts on popsicle sticks. It’s also a good shot of the shirt Gran made him last year.


Distributing his valentines.

Afterward, I got to watch him play on the jungle gym.

Scooting around in the sand with a friend.

Feb 08 2011

The Crablog

Category: eco-mama @ 8:35 pm

The Hermit Crabs (a birthday gift from Uncle Kevin and Aunt Cindy) are doing great. We never see Smith. He buried himself and is molting, and from what I read it could take a month or more. We do periodically poke him and make sure he’s alive.

Hermie is fairly active, but not till about 10 at night. The pics below are all of him.

Fearless Gray.

Fearless Mom, letting him walk around on the carpet.

Supervising the bath.

Feb 08 2011

New Heights

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Each year we measure the boys and draw a line on their doorjamb. And every year, Gray is taller than Dixon was at the same age. Gray is still only about 5 pounds less than Dixon. They wear the same size sock and underpants too.

And yes, Scott is using a level to make sure it’s accurate. We wouldn’t want any less permanently etched into our doorjamb, now would we?

Feb 08 2011

Lost Tooth!

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Dixon lost his first tooth on Sunday, January 23, just hours after the bowling party we had for his classmates. It came loose the day after Christmas. He and Scott were tossing a basketball around and it hit him in the face, knocking the tooth out.

This is the note Dixon wrote out for the Tooth Fairy.

And in case you’re wondering, she wrote back and left a $5 bill. I polled the kids in his class and they’re all getting either $5 and a toy or a $10 per tooth. Scott and I used to get quarters. And we can already see the new tooth growing in.