Jan 28 2011

Dixon Videos

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Today Dixon’s class held their monthly teacher awards assembly and Dixon got one from his favorite PE teacher for getting to the five mile point in the Mileage Club, and for getting his quarter-mile lap time down to 2 minutes. Go Dixon Go!

Also at the assembly, the kindergartners and the third graders joined the music teacher for a song about Martin Luther King.

Jan 25 2011

The Birthday Zoo Trip

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On Saturday, Gray’s actual birthday, we loaded the four and six year olds into the minivan and went to the zoo.

We fed Betty Lou, giraffe.

We observed and discussed the bald eagle, as it is the subject of a certain kindergartner’s diorama.

We (patiently waited for and) rode the train:

We acted like Gibbon monkeys:

And we watched the gorilla poop into his hand and eat it from five feet away, whilst shooting us a dirty look. All the kids and adults in the observation area groaned and guffawed. Ug.

The rest of the photos from the day are here.

Jan 22 2011


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Big Gray is F O U R today!

Grayson, like Dixon, awoke to a balloon bouquet in his room. We treated Gray like a king today. We had a special breakfast of bacon and scrambled eggs, then headed to the zoo for the day. When we got home, Gray helped make a cake, we sang to him, and he blew out the candles.

Jan 21 2011

Shhh, we have crabs!

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For the boys birthday, Kevin, Cindy, Dalton and Morgan took us shopping. We were looking at Guinea Pigs, but Scott put the ol’ foot down and denied it. But we’re really happy with the Hermit Crabs we came home with. There are two. Grayson named his Smith Scott Grayson, because he wanted it to have Scott in the name like he and his daddy do. Isn’t that sweet? Dixon named his Hermie Itchy Scratchy, but we call him Hermie for short. They enjoy long walks in the sand, apple slices, hiding under their log, and their nightly misting. In fact we thought Smith would be a dud but he really perked up after misting him. He must have just been tired out from his ride home.

This is Smith, treking back to his hiding spot after his misting. The misting is good for their shells, claws, and is said to reduce stress. Cuz being pampered and showered with attention in a terrarium is awful stressful I guess.

The boys love their new pets and are taking great care of them. Dixon wakes up and knows it’s his responsibility to change out the food each morning. The only downside is they’re nocturnal and the boys have an early bedtime, so they don’t really start moving around until after the dudes are in bed. The original plan was to put the terrarium in the playroom and lock it up during the day to keep Truman out, but Truman apparently can’t smell them (neither can I, so that’s saying something) and leaves them alone. So, they’re on the lego table in the living room.


Jan 17 2011

Handmade Lego Party

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In an effort to save a few bucks and lighten our birthday footprint, I attempted to make most of the stuff for the party. I made a cake from scratch.

It’s just a sheet cake, doubled to fill the whole huge pan, and cupcakes on top. Dixon wanted it green to look like a true Lego but it would have taken A LOT of food coloring to make that happen, and really, no one needs that amount of artificial coloring.

We also made pinatas out of cereal boxes and paper mache. We taped two boxes together, cut out the centers, then paper mache’d around it and painted them. I knew they’d either fall apart instantly, or get clubbed by candy-hungry kids for an hour and never fall apart, but they turned out perfectly. We divided the kids into two groups, by age, since there were two pinatas. Each kid got 3 or 4 swings and then the birthday boys quickly finished them off.

Scott and I did the major construction and the boys painted their own.

The finished pinatas. In front, are they lego bricks or are they juice boxes? Both! We wrapped juice boxes in scrapbooking paper, then cut out circles and used puffy glue dots to give the circles some depth. It was my idea, but Scottie engineered the whole thing and did most of the legwork. The boys glued on the circles.

The favors weren’t handmade, but they weren’t a bag full of plastic that would get quickly thrown away either. I ordered a huge five pound bag of Lego candy from Amazon and we spent an afternoon sorting it by size and color and then putting them into small cellophane bags for each friend to take home. We had a good time building and eating the leftovers.

Jan 17 2011

The Birthday Party

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Saturday we had our friends and family over for the birthday bash. We were blessed with nearly 80 degree weather in January, so we blew up the bounce house and partied lego-style.

After we demolished the pinatas, we came inside for cake.

Pausing to nom on some candy…

After the little kids left, family came over for dinner and yet more presents. Gray and cousin Morgan rock out their guitars.

Dixon and Uncle Brad play chess during dinner.

So many presents, so little time.

More pictures from the day are on my Flickr page.

Jan 14 2011


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Six, really. Friday was Dixon’s 6th birthday. We brought oatmeal raisin cookies to Kindergarten and then had a special pizza and cupcake dinner at home on Friday. And we did our traditional balloon thing, in which we put 30 or so balloons on his ceiling over his bed after he falls asleep so when he wakes up on his birthday, he instantly sees them. We borrowed this idea from a neighbor on Dixon’s first birthday and he’s hinted around at it every single year.

I can’t believe how grown up my little man is. His first tooth started loosening the day after Christmas and it is really loose now. It will fall out any day now.

And today is officially the first day of Birthmakah… the 8 blessed days between Dixon’s birthday and Gray’s. Woohoo!