Dec 23 2010

The Catfish

Category: eco-mama @ 5:52 pm

The boys had their final swim lesson for a while last weekend. They started lessons last January and made decent progress this year.

Doing the monkey walk around the pool, hand over hand.

Grayson loves the jumps. Dixon hates them.


Blowing bubbles…

Throwing gang signs…Once Dixon realized I had my camera out he started goofing off and making faces.

He’s happy and he knows it…

Gray swims from the center to the edge with little assistance from Miss Morgann.

And Dixon does it all by himself.

Dec 22 2010


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Dixon asked for a yellow and silver bike, with no training wheels, smaller than his current (and perfectly good) red Lightning McQueen bike. He rides without training wheels at school, but the bike is smaller than his own bike. Note: Santa is not bringing more bikes.

Gray asked for a motorcycle-that-goes-really-really-fast-and-is-red-and-black, emphasizing his stream-of-conscious request with an abundance of arm gestures.

I wanted a nice afternoon out with two well-behaved boys, and I got it!

Dec 16 2010

Is it Christmas yet?

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Dec 12 2010

Gingerbread House

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Dixon’s class decorated gingerbread houses on Friday. He is so proud of his creation. He kept telling the rest of us, “you can only eat it when I say it’s ok.” And so tonight after dinner we devoured it.

Dec 05 2010

Kinder Field Trip # 2

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On Wednesday, Dixon’s class took their Second Epic Field Trip. I feel so blessed that I’m able to take the random day off of work and chaperone these events. We went to the Dinosaur Park, a local restaurant owned by the parents of a classmate, and then the monarch butterfly grove. The butterfly population is peaking right now for the year, so if you want to see it you better come and visit!

Dixon atop the whale at the park:

The Three Ds: Dixon, Dylan and Daniel. The boys have their own little clique and they get along fabulously.

Dixon has another little clique. He and the girls have been playing “kitty cat” lately, a game someone created but Dixon makes the rules for. Dixon chooses one girl to be the mommy cat and the rest are baby cats. After a while, Dixon will choose a new mommy cat and the game continues, with them all crawling around and meowing. I love how he’s surrounded by a pink swarm in this shot.

At the restaurant. They served pizza, meatballs, bread, and noodles with white and red sauce. Dixon actually wolfed down his lunch this time (as opposed to last time, when he didn’t eat).

Dixon and classmate Shiv.

Clive’s dad helping all the kids peer through the telescope at the butterfly grove.

Still more pictures from the day are on Flickr.