Nov 29 2010

Pre K Thanksgiving Feast

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I am so far behind in blogging what’s been going on. I plan to catch up soon. Last Wednesday, Gray’s Pre K class had a cute little Thanksgiving party. They made pilgrim and indian hats and ate mac n cheese w/ turkey, bread rolls, corn, and jello.

The class holds hands and says a prayer before eating.

Incidentally, Gray chose to make a pilgrim hat. At Dixon’s school, Dixon chose to make an Indian headband. So at home, we had one of each and the boys took turns wearing each others. Until, however, Truman knocked over a glass of water and ruined them both. Also, that scratch next to his eye is from last weekend’s birthday party where he tripped and landed face-first in the gravel.

And of course we had to wear our turkey shirt. Good thing Dixon’s shirt from last year still fits Gray.

Nov 19 2010

Cutie Patootie

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Gray’s first Pre-K school pictures.

It was 110 degrees all that week so we all get to look at his banged-up-knees.

I LOVE those big brown eyes of his.

Nov 08 2010


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Our last haircuts were back in July, before the cruise, so we were long overdue and headed out to Whipper Snippers on Sunday.

Gray before:

Dixon before:


Nov 07 2010

First Kindergarten Field Trip

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Thursday was Dixon’s first Kindergarten field trip. It was really an epic day, starting at 9:20. We got back to school at 2:30 and then went out for frozen yogurt with a couple classmates before picking up Gray and heading home for the day, completely exhausted.

We installed carseats and caravanned to a local veterinary office. They gave us a tour, showed us some ex-rays, and we actually got to see animals being treated. We saw a bunny being neutered, and all the kids watched with eyes wide open and only one freaked out. We saw another dog getting shaved for surgery, and another dog coming out of surgery.

Modeling the hairnets the vets wear.

The post-op bunny…

A dog did some tricks for us.

Then, it was off to the best chinese restaurant in town, owned by the parents of one of Dixon’s classmates. Each kid started with a plate of rice, chow mein, and broccoli and then they brought out huge plates of all their specialities. The food was amazing. Dixon ate precisely 1/2 of a piece of broccoli and a glass of lemonade. Then they practiced their “nei how”s and it was off to the park.

At the park, we played for about 45 minutes and then our Life Lab teacher gave a lesson.

Here, they’re talking about water evaporation and making predictions.

Dixon showing off his journal.

Then we walked around the park and made nature art. Dixon liked sitting on this big branch for a picture.

Many more pictures are up here.

Nov 01 2010

Trick or Treat!

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*note: all holiday pictures are on my Flickr page

Gray’s pumpkin is on the left, and he drew the face and Scott carved it. Dixon’s is on the right, and it was fully designed and carved by Dixon.

In the afternoon, we went downtown AG and trick or treated at all the local businesses with our friends like we do every year. If you’re itching for a flashback, here are last year’s pictures.

Pausing for a quick break so the other half of our group could catch up. The boys pretended to nap but were actually pretty tired.

After dinner, we hit up our ‘hood. We did our cul-de-sac and the two streets next to ours. Gray got spooked several times by people’s decorations. Dixon did but laughed afterward and yelled “Awesome!” Dixon also kept chanting “Trick or treat, smell my feet” and credits his friend Daniel for teaching him that one. Dixon was great at thanking everyone for treats this year. When people said, “You’re welcome!” he’d reply, “I am in kindergarten, by the way” before zipping off to the next house.

I was pretty proud of myself this year. The boys didn’t really eat that much candy (maybe 5 or 6 pieces all day?) and I actually wrangled them to bed by 8:30. Not too shabby, if I do say so myself! Even though they got lots of sleep, waking them up today was still pretty rough. And now Dixon’s counting down the days till his birthday. I keep reminding him we have Thanksgiving and Christmas first.