Oct 31 2010

Pumpkin Carving Party

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Our neighbors hosted a pumpkin carving party on Friday night. Dixon carved his own this year! Scottie and I gutted it but Dixon drew the face and did all the cutting. And I think I should get extra credit this year because we grew these pumpkins in our very own front yard! Home-grown, organic, free range pumpkins that didn’t cost us a thing. They actually grew up out of last year’s compost I spread out in the front. Once we realized they were pumpkins :) the boys had a great time helping me check on them every day. I saved the seeds and hopefully we’ll grow more next year. I say hopefully because the previous year I actually planted and tried to grow them and they wouldn’t take.

Scott and Scottie Junior, carving away. They carved their pumpkins the same way, crouched down, holding the knife the same, everything.

Dixon got hold of a marker at school today. He was peeved we didn’t paint his face to accent the Cat in the Hat costume he wore, so he took matters into his own hands. Update – 3 days later and his face is still black. I hope it wasn’t a sharpie!

Gray was there too but less interested in carving.

Taking a break from carving to paint and decorate small pumpkins inside.

Gray glued a bunch of feathers to his little pumpkin.

All the neighborhood kids watching The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.

I sure hope you’re not tired of looking at Halloween pictures yet, because we’re doing two rounds of trick or treating tonight. Once downtown with our other friends (kids of the women I knit with mostly) and then by ourselves around our neighborhood. So stay tuned for more pictures.

Oct 30 2010

Dixon’s Dia de los Muertos Celebration

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Dixon’s school did a Dia de los Muertos celebration on Friday. Here are the kinders, first, and second graders singing two songs.

Practicing Cinco Calabazas in the classroom before the assembly.

Oct 29 2010

Gray’s Pumpkin Party

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Today I got to hang out with Grayson and his Pre-K pals for their pumpkin party.

Hanging out in the yard while the teachers get the room ready.

Pumping his legs on the swing all by himself. He gets pretty high up there!

Smashing the graham crackers that will be poured over their treats.

Each kid had to stir pumpkin into some vanilla pudding.

Raptly listening to Mrs. Jen

It was a fun little party. They had a special snack, cute halloween cups and straws they got to bring home, and sang pumpkin songs and read stories about pumpkins. The tables were even decorated with pumpkins the kids had painted earlier in the week.

Oct 21 2010

Birthday Party

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Our friend JoJo had his 5th birthday last weekend.

Oct 16 2010

The Pledge

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Yesterday Dixon got to lead his entire school in the Pledge of Allegiance. And he totally nailed it. He got a little stage fright while practicing, but when the school was sitting in front of him he did great. The audio in this video isn’t the best. Miss M has a naturally soft speaking voice and the acoustics in that room weren’t terrific. When Dixon did get up there, Miss M tells him to say his name and begin. Dixon says “My name is Dixon. Please stand up. Please take off your hat if you have one. Put your hand over your heart. Turn toward the American Flag. Please begin.” Then on with the allegiance.

The assembly was a Teacher’s Award Assembly. Each teacher picked two students for awards, except for PE teacher Mr C who gave awards to the top 3 boy and girl runners. Dixon didn’t get an award this time. The video cuts off after the Kindergartners awards were distributed.

I am so proud of our boy! He is growing by leaps and bounds these days.

And since I was at school with the camera, here are a few shots of him playing on the schoolyard before the assembly.