Sep 24 2010

Friday Fall Foliage

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Happy Autumnal Equinox! And a full moon in the same night, be still my heart!

Last year, our backyard trees didn’t turn until December. And the leaves didn’t start falling till January. This year, they started a week or two ago. There’s no denying fall is upon us, and I couldn’t be happier as it’s my favorite season. I just don’t care for the heat of summer.

My granny smith tree has about 6 big apples on it!

A spider I almost got tangled up with while I was out there this morning chatting with my trees.

The boys have been home sick all week. Dixon’s been wheezing, and both have had fevers. So much for our perfect attendance record at preschool. But, 5 kids from Gray’s class have been out sick, and at least 2 from Dixon’s. Scott has been Dad of the Decade caring for them all week whilst I’ve been workin the salt mines. And his job isn’t over: I’m abandoning my family this weekend for a big two-day dog show.

Sep 17 2010

Friday Flowers

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Fall is here, it seems, and I’m longing to be back in Alaska. Kindergarten is awesome, Pre-K is amazing, and in a mere 3 days I start Yet Another English Lit Class at Poly. It’s British and American lit from 1914 – Present, for anyone who’s interested. So, it’s time to remind myself to stop and smell the flowers each day. These are pictures from the Sunken Garden in Prince Rupert, British Columbia. Grayson now calls this our First Family Vacation, as he’s already planning the Second Family Vacation and wants to go on a green airplane this time (someone better alert Papa Brent about this).

Sep 16 2010

The Belated Labor Day Post

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On Labor Day, we tended to the pumpkins growing in our front yard.

We sampled tomatoes from our front yard. They really weren’t that bad.

We played basketball with Uncle Brad and 94.5 year old Amma.

We climbed in and out of the dog door at Gran and Pops’s house.

We barbecued and shared an after-dinner hug.

And on Sunday we went to the beach and pretended to be tourists.

We donned band-aids and swung on the beach.

I had hoped to make a tradition of going to the beach on Labor Day like we did last year, but Dixon wasn’t interested so I got some one-on-one time with Gray.

Sep 05 2010

Kindergarten, Here We Come

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Dixon’s first day of Kindergarten was also Grayson’s first day in Pre-K.

He has his own desk.

On the playground waiting for the bell to ring.

Ms. D saved Dixon’s writing and pointed it out to the class. She says it’s a great example of intuitive spelling. I told you my boy is brilliant! Ms D pointed to the whiteboard, and her finger was right next to the N in Dixon when she asked Dixon, “What is this?” He goes, “It’s an N.” Duh.

Each child took a turn standing up and introducing themselves. Half the kids were too shy to stand up but Dixon confidently got up and spoke in complete sentences.

Running laps around the yard. He says his favorite part of the day is PE.

This one was taken by the room mother and was actually on the 2nd day of school (hence the different shirt).

Some highlights from the first week:

    Dixon got to feed the class’s pet rat, Seamus.
    His favorite class is PE with Mr. Caughey. He loves running.
    When I picked him up, he said, “Kindergarten is hard. I just wanted to play, and they kept making me do work.”
    He came home with his first homework assignment on Friday, and it was to find patterns.

My favorite things about this school:

    There are only 17 kids in his class and 2 full time teachers.
    He has separate teachers for Spanish, Mandarin, PE, Life Lab (not totally sure what this is but each class has a garden they tend to).
    Even the kindergartners get time in the computer lab, which is full of fairly-modern iMacs.
    I only signed up for 2 committees! There were about 10 to choose from and lots of pressure to join them all. But I need some time to help out in Gray’s class. Oh and work, right?