Jul 21 2010


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Our little hippies were getting pretty unruly, so we took them in for haircuts. When Gray was actually in the chair at the barber, I realized this is his first real haircut. The rest have been Scott buzzing him with clippers on the kitchen floor.



The best part is that every day for the past week, Gray pats his head and says, “Do I still have my haircut?” And Dixon will say, “Can I take my haircut on our family vacation?” And Gray will get up close to Dixon and exclaim “Dixon I can see your ears!”

Jul 16 2010

A Night at the Museum

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Once a month the childrens museum has free admission, so we try to get there each time, and we made it last night.

Dixon spent a good 30 minute playing with the puppets.

Gray playing with the cash register in the diner.

Scott and The Boys playing at the water table.

Gray shopping at the Farmer’s Market

Dixon Five-Oh

Happy Grayson

And there are a few more pictures on Flickr.

Jul 16 2010


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Last weekend we had our first-ever Smith-Miller Family Reunion. We had family come all the way from England and Washington State and we spent the weekend sweating in Porterville and Riverdale with our loved ones.

This is the news clipping that started it all. Don and Corlene, Scott’s great uncle and great aunt, placed this ad in an English newspaper in 1995 and it was actually seen by our relatives. They’ve been communicating ever since.

We met tons of new cousins. The brunette is Megan from Porterville and the blond is Zadie, also from Porterville.

This is the Robert Smith side (and the largest sect) of the family. I can call us a sect now, right? Robert Smith was Scott’s paternal grandfather who passed last August, and Dixon’s middle-name-sake.

Since it was 100 degrees both days, we spent much time in the pool. Here’s Dixon bullying his cousins with water guns.

Dixon probably spent more time in the pool than out of it.

Gray chillaxing in his boat.

Grayson dancing to the band. He gets his mad dance skillz from Papa Brent.

Dixon actually putting his face in the water and swimming to Scottie. He gets braver every day.

One of my favorite shots from the day is of my nephew Dalton throwing a tub of water on another cousin. This is what 6 frames-per-second on my Canon 50D can do.

And we never go anywhere anymore without Gray’s precious Baby Lamb.

There are tons more pictures, naturally, on my Flickr page and on Facebook. Which is where I ask for your help. Please go look at the pics on Facebook and “tag” the ones who haven’t been tagged yet. I’m creating a reunion book, similar to the annual Grayson-Dixon Lines, for all the attendees but I still don’t know who they all are! So thanks in advance!

And most importantly, if you have pictures from the event, upload them to the Flickr Group here so everyone can see them! You can also order prints off this link:

Jul 08 2010


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This is Multnomah II. It’s a shawl-ette. It will be almost identical to the red one, if you’ve seen that. I’ve been wearing the first one all the time with this gloomy summer we’ve been having.

Some dish towels I made for myself, using a Purl Ridge stitch.

Also on my needles is Leisl, my first top-down sweater. My friends gave me the yarn and pattern for my birthday and are providing tons of help on it since they’ve all knit it before. I’ve also been knitting up a few gifts but I’m not going to post those till they’ve been given out!

Jul 05 2010


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The big Three Four hit on Friday and I celebrated by taking the day off work, knitting with my friends all day, and then going out to dinner with my parents. Scott’s mom got me some Sketchers Shape Ups, those ridiculously large shoes that tone your legs while you walk. I was skeptical at first, but they feel dreamy on your feet, give me an extra inch of height, and my legs were sore after just 15 minutes of everyday walking. Gotta get in shape for the big Smith Family Alaskan Cruise 2010 ™ (more on that later)! My knitting group friends got me a couple balls of yarn, a sweater pattern, and a ball winder, as well as bunt cake! My parents took us out to an iron-rich steak dinner and slipped me some cash. Scottie took the boys to the store and they each picked out cards, which they colored all over and actually wrote out Happy Birthday Mom on them. It was a fantastic day.

On July 4th, or what Dixon keeps calling “our flag’s birthday”, we had the usual neighborhood block party. We drug our bounce house across the street, ate cupcakes and blew stuff up. It was cold and foggy all morning but the fog lifted around 5pm and the sun came out!

Jul 05 2010


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We’re late to the game, but are thoroughly enjoying goop. It’s cornstarch and water, and you just put a cup of cornstarch in a bowl and mix in some water (maybe 1/2 cup? less? we didn’t measure) and let the goopy fun begin. The boys spent hours, literally hours, with their hands in these buckets. And cleanup is a breeze. It dries very fast and just vacuums up or wipes right off, seriously.

You’re probably wondering about my birthday and 4th of July. I’ll get to that, just wanted to post the Goop pictures!