Jun 25 2010

The Graduate

Category: eco-mama @ 1:42 pm

Last weekend our sweet baby boy graduated from Pre-Kindergarten. He is so proud of himself, as you can tell by his shining face, and is totally ready for Kindergarten on September 1.

Dixon and his esteemed colleagues waiting to get into the chapel.

Class sings various “Wild about Kindergarten” songs. Dixon belted them all out but didn’t really do any of the dance moves.

Proud Daddy.

Hugging the very favoritest teacher ever, Mrs. Jennifer. We are super lucky that as soon as Dixon starts Kinder, they’re moving Gray into Pre-K with Mrs. Jen. Gray absolutely cannot wait to be a “big pre k kid.”

This is a slideshow I made to play at the ceremony from pictures taken at field trips throughout the year. It’s about 6 minutes long.

And this is the graduation ceremony itself. It’s 20 minutes, and Dixon gets his diploma around minute 12.

Jun 12 2010

the Clownfish

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The boys started swim lessons in January. Dixon was pretty timid at first, not wanting to get his face wet and generally being super-whiney in the water. Six months later they’ve both made huge improvements. While Gray has been brave and easygoing this whole time, Dixon just started coming out of his shell in the past few months. In fact, today was their last lesson in the Clownfish class, and next week begins Catfish classes.

Gray diving into the water toward Miss Katie.

Dixon jumping.

Proudly holding their certificates.