May 17 2010

Saturday at the Park

Category: eco-mama @ 8:13 pm

A friend’s preschool was having a fundraiser ice cream social last Saturday so we met them at the park and had a good time playing with all our friends and eating ice cream. Gray was a ham for me, but Dixon tried to elude me most of the time.

May 17 2010

Knitting update

Category: eco-mama @ 6:39 pm

I’ve been knitting small piles of dishcloths in the evening and during my commutes. So when I needed a last minute gift, I’d have some on hand. I’m actually quite proud of how these turned out. I made a set for my mom for mother’s day (even though I haven’t given them to her yet, d’oh!) and a set for our preschool director for teacher appreciation day. I’m still not the fastest knitter in my clique, so I don’t have enough to give to each teacher (each boy has 2, plus 2 that fill in in the afternoons). So they’re getting Michael’s gift cards.

Besides the dish cloths, I’m working on what will be a super-fabulous fuchsia shawl.

May 09 2010

the bunk bed post

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For those of you who haven’t seen it live, here’s the bunk bed.

Scott said, “Raise your hand if you like your bed.” And he did.

Just a little too happy up there.

There’s almost enough room to stack a third bed on there, yikes! Love our high ceilings.

May 05 2010

Is it really May already?

Category: eco-mama @ 12:01 pm

Curious George and The Man With The Yellow Hat

I’ve decided my brain has some malfunction wherein I’m just not happy if I’m not insanely busy. So I’ve been keeping insanely busy. I signed up for a Marketing class at Poly, which will count towards a business degree. I’m learning a lot that will help with the Doggie Photography if I want to take it further. I redesigned the doggiephotography web site. I had a dog show last weekend. It was my second time doing A Dog’s Day in Santa Rosa Park, which is uber-flattering because last year, this was my very first show and I’m stoked to be invited back this year. The market around here is saturated with photographers, so I’m taking it as a huge compliment. I’m also committed to photographing the Second Annual Morro Bay Best of the Bay Pooch Pageant, which takes place on Mother’s Day. The organizer surrounded her inquiry of my services with compliments, so who am I to say no? It’s an actual beauty pageant for dogs, and my second year doing it, and I have to say that this was my favorite event from last year. Tons of fun. I’ve been knitting up a storm. I finished a pile of dish cloths, and my first big project, a cashmere shawl. I went up to Hearst Castle with a friend last week and took plenty of pictures on their new self-guided tour. Dixon has a new BFF, Jake from next door. The boys talk over the back fence at each other and throw toys over for each other. They spent a few hours last weekend dragging Gray around in the wagon, towed by the Jeep. Ingenious.

The boys have been doing great at swim lessons and we enrolled them each in another 8 weeks. A new teacher and some goggles (pictured above) seem to have cleared up whatever problems Dixon was having in the beginning. Not that I didn’t offer him goggles at the get-go… he just had to put them on on his own terms. Where does he get that from?? Oh, and the bunk bed. Dixon is about the same height as his toddler bed is long, so I spent months searching craigslist for a suitable bunk bed and finally found one! After about 4 hours of scrubbing and swearing at it, it’s clean and assembled and they love it. They got to pick out new sheets (Gray chose Lightning McQueen, Dixon Transformers) and I had high hopes of them sleeping soundly through the night in their own rooms. Ha. They now spend 3 hours playing and egging each other on instead of just 1 each night, and they still come into our bed around 1am. Oh well. And if you were around for the mattress ‘discussion’, rest assured that I won: new mattresses have been ordered and are on their way.

And here are pictures from last weekend’s playgroup.