Apr 12 2010

Pony Pictures

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And if you like reminiscing, here are last year’s. Gray looks better this year than he did last year, but this year he’s verbal enough to confess he’s terrified of ponies. Who knew?

Apr 04 2010


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We celebrated the holiday first on Saturday with our friends, hunting eggs in the backyard.

Gray and his girls.

Way more pictures are here on Flickr.

On Sunday, we had Gran, Pops, Brad, and Grandma over for lunch. After, the boys busted out the old Thomas set.

On Saturday night, Scottie and I went out to dinner (AJ Spurs) and a movie (Clash of the Titans) for an early anniversary date. Can you believe Monday is our 12th year? Wowsers!.

Apr 02 2010

The Boys, The Cows and The Lambs

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Furlough Friday! but also the start of my marketing class, so Gran and Pops watched the boys in the morning. After I picked them up, I realized I had to exchange a book, so while we were on that side of town we stopped to see what the Cal Poly cows and lambs were up to.

We parked next to this field and as soon as we got out the cows ran over to us. They were super friendly.

He said “321 is my favorite.”

Then we saw the lambs. I said, “Look, lambs. And babies too.” Gray squealed “It’s baby lamb! Just like MY BABY LAMB!