Mar 29 2010

Hula Monkey Birthday Party

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This weekend was Nolan’s 3rd and Gabrielle’s 1st combined birthday party and Michelle never fails to throw an awesome party.

Dixon getting spun around for Pin the Tail on the Monkey.

Gray’s turn.

Owning the obstacle course.

Mar 22 2010

Just another weekend in paradise.

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Winter is over, and we’ve been so busy it seems like we’re coming out of cocoons or something. Friday was a furlough day for us, and since the boys were well Scott and I sent them to school. We spent the morning doing our taxes (and DON’T want to talk about it), followed by a lunch date and a brief trip to Home Depot that resulted in the addition of an apricot tree and a plum tree to our front yard. Somehow with two pay cuts and three deductions, we owe more state taxes than ever before. Thanks bunches, California. We also had a surprise visit from Aunt Mary and Uncle Dave, who were on their way to San Francisco. Mary won another poetry contest and got to read a poem up there! It was great catching up with them.

Saturday was Swim Day. Dixon and Gray had their morning lesson. Gray did fantastic, as usual. Dixon did ok. In the afternoon Dixon went to a classmate’s birthday party at the bowling alley. He returned triumphant, declaring his score to be “Forty hundred.” Scott said it was really 102, which was second place only to the birthday boy. While they were out, Gray and I met some friends back at the pool for free swim time. We spent 2 hours in the pool and had a blast.

On Sunday, we tie-dyed t-shirts with the neighbors in the morning and then Dixon and I went to the pool for free swim. I told him he was in charge that day, and he could sit on the steps for 2 hours if he wanted to. But he got brave and even swam out into the middle of the pool by himself several times. He even voluntarily dunked his head at the end with no prompting from me. I think he just needs time to get comfortable in the water.

Gray had a great time stealing all the worms out of the dirt. There were tons of them and he collected them in a plastic tub. I asked him if he named them, and he said, “Burmy”.

The aforementioned non-edible flowery shrubs.

Sunday evening I did a ton of yard work. I got all my compost out of the bin and mixed in with some new flowery shrubs and non-fruit-bearing trees. Since it was sprayed for ants a few weeks ago, I’m not putting it near edible plants, but it was nice to use it up. I’m now using the compost bin for yard waste only. Although I’m wrought with eco-guilt about it, I’m taking a break from composting kitchen scraps for now. Sunday night, we watched Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution. I highly recommend it. And I’m grateful I have the time and money to pack healthy foods for my kids lunch.

Mar 17 2010

Leprechaun Mania

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Dixon has been carrying on about St. Patrick’s Day and leprechauns since the day after Mardi Gras. Last night before bed he had this conversation with Truman: “Truman. If a leprechaun gets in the house, you bark at him. I’ll wake up, and then you bite him. While you’re biting him, I’ll steal his gold. Tricky leprechauns….” Truman seemed to agree. But lo and behold, when the boys woke up this morning, all the dining room chairs were turned over and there was a pile of gold (chocolate) coins on the floor. Dixon automatically assumed that the chairs got knocked over when Truman was chasing the leprechaun in the middle of the night, and Truman scared him so bad he dropped the gold. Dixon even walked into the playroom and declared, “Wow, there must have been TWO leprechauns in here, this place is a mess!” Yes, blame the leprechauns.

No doubt he’s licking his lips because he ate the leprechaun. There’s no sign of the tricky little elf today, so that MUST be what happened.

It wouldn’t be right if we didn’t have green pancakes today.

And the t shirts that Gran made:

Mar 10 2010

15 Years

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I am so proud of the Scottie; he’s been at Poly for 15 years now! Each year there’s a Service Awards Luncheon to honor the staff, and we went today.

In addition to the handshake with The Prez, he got a certificate, a lapel pin, lunch with his trophy wife, and a plate full of meat loaf. All in all, it was a good day.

Mar 07 2010

Daily Dose of Cute

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We donned our nice white shirts last weekend for a friend’s birthday party and they were still relatively clean when we got home so we snapped some pictures in the front yard.

Pouting about something….

I was trying to get more of Grayson and Dixon the attention-hog couldn’t get his big melon in the way fast enough.

And finally, Scottie’s plum tree in full bloom.

Mar 04 2010

The Grayson-Dixon Line Book Series

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Have you seen our annual photo books and been pining away for your very own? March is your lucky month, because Blurb, the company that prints them, is offering free shipping if you order before March 22. Now I’m not offering to buy you one, but now’s your chance to order your very own. I’m just sayin. Lemme know if you want to buy one (or all three) and I’ll tell you how.

Oh, and there are three volumes out: 2007, 2008, and 2009. So if you don’t have all three, you’re missing out!