Feb 27 2010

Mardi Gras

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Preschool had a Mardi Gras parade today. The newsletter said to dress your child in something green, purple, and yellow, so I got them these huge feather boas and sent them off. The other kids had strings of beads and homemade masks; my sons were dubbed Kings of Mardi Gras with their outlandishness. When I arrived at school to help out with the parade, Dixon’s class was still in the middle of story time so I hung out with Gray’s so as not to disrupt them. Gray didn’t want me to go, so he came with me and was an honorary member of Pre-K for the day. He loved marching around with the big kids.

Love my lil’ attention hog.

“Yes, yes, I am the king.”

Gray chillin’ with the big kids.

Pre K and Gray on parade

He ditched the feather boa for the actual parade; said it made him itchy. And he took his role as king very seriously.

Here’s Gray kicking it with his classmates before the parade.

Feb 04 2010

Field Trip

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Dixon’s class averages one field trip a month and so far I’ve been lucky enough to be able to chaperone all of them. I am going to miss February’s trip to sing at the old folk’s home (curse you mandatory staff meeting!) but, such is life. This trip to California Pizza Kitchen happened to land on Dixon’s birthday.

There are some more super-cute pictures of Dixon and his pals but I’m too lazy to photoshop out their school t-shirts, so you’ll have to see them on my Facebook page if you’re really interested.

Feb 04 2010

We Are Family…

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The day after the birthday party we got the Smith / Howell clan together for pictures. I had full intentions of doing the same with the Langers, but Dixon got sick two days after the party. He had a fever of 103 so we pretty much slapped a quarantine sign on the door and hoped we didn’t infect the world at the party.

Grandma Linda and Great Grandma Howell (a.k.a. Gramma Owl, as the boys call her)

Papa Brent and Great Grandma Smith

Feb 04 2010

Partying like it’s 2010

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The boys birthday party was on the weekend between the two birthdays, which, luckily for us, always falls on Martin Luther King’s birthday and thus, a three day weekend for us. It was a tad chilly but the sun shone all day for us (and then it rained for about 7 days straight). It was just another awesome Smith birthday party in our backyard, complete with family, friends, Costco cakes and pinatas.

All of the pictures from the day are on my Flickr page.

The boys actual birthdays are 8 days apart. And for some reason I keep having to clarify to people that it’s really 2 years and 8 days, but I digress. Since they’re so close and go to the same school, have the same friends, etc I was sure I had time before I had to worry about throwing them separate parties. The original plan was to not have an official theme. Keep it cheap neutral and simple. But then Gran came up with the terrific idea of the monster pillows as party favors. So when deciding on pinatas and cake toppers, I suggested monster items for both. Dixon loved the idea (one of his new favorite movies is Monsters vs. Aliens, after all) but Gray kept insisting on “LightningMcQueen-and-Bumblebee-and-LittleEinsteins” all in one word. I got Gray to narrow it down to one (Little Einsteins) and then wisely proposed, “Let’s have TWO PARTIES!” Ack! So we all compromised: one party, one set of monster gear and one set of Little Einstein gear. And a whole lot of fun.

Feb 03 2010


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Wheeee, he’s THREE!

This three year old has impeccable taste in yarn. I drug both boys to the yarn store once and let them each pick something out for a scarf. Gray saw the red and shouted, “I want a Lightning McQueen scarf!” And I made one for him and he loves it. It’s 50% superfine alpacan wool, 50% peruvian wool, and 100% awesome.