Jan 14 2010


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Seriously, he’s 5!!!!

He even looks five now, doesn’t he?

We started Birthmakah 2010 off right with Dixon waking up at 4am going, “Can I go get all my presents now?” He was thinking it’d be like Christmas. He laid back in bed with me and every 15 minutes would poke me awake and ask again. We did fill his room with balloons, which has become a little birthday tradition, so he woke up to that. And his class got to go on a field trip to California Pizza Kitchen, and each kid got to make and eat their own pizzas. Back at school they’ll get the cupcakes the boys and I made together last night. The big party is this weekend! And I ain’t kidding when I say big, as there will be about 21 0-6 year olds and ALL 4 great grandmas! Woot!

And if you forgot what Birthmakah is, it’s the blessed span of 8 days between Dixon’s and Gray’s birthdays, with the big party in the middle. Dixon had most of the thunder today, but Gray did get a cupcake and it was his class’s bike day, so he got to bring in his shiny new Lightening McQueen bike that Santa brought him. I have a bazillion photos on the camera, but also lots of real work to get done, so they’ll be up eventually.

But really, FIVE!!!!!

Jan 07 2010

Quote of the Decade

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The first blog worthy quote of the year/decade: Upon dropoff at preschool, Dixon says, “I’m going to give you a kiss so I don’t have to hear you whine about not getting a kiss.” Gosh I love that boy.

Jan 05 2010

Happy 2010!

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A new decade, and unfortunately for you, dear readers, I did not resolve to blog more. In fact, I resolved to take it easy and do less of everything, but I’ll try to get caught up soon.

Tonight at the dinner table, I asked Dixon what he had for snack today. Each kid takes a turn bringing the morning snack to school, so it could be anything. He described the cupcakes with sprinkles that someone brought in for their son’s birthday. Since Gray was shoveling mac and cheese into his face faster than Lightening McQueen wins races, I didn’t ask him. Although, he said, “Mom, want to know what I had for snack?” To which I replied, “Yes, what did you have?” He goes, “Um, I don’t know.” I guess he just wanted to be part of the conversation.

Anyway…. we had a fantastic holiday with two weeks off and major spoiling by all the relatives. I’ve barely gotten everything put away and we’re already counting down to the Big Birthday Week and subsequent Bash in 2 weeks.

One thing I did resolve to do this year is to start (and hopefully finish) a photo-a-day project, in which I take one photo a day and post it online. I’ve been wanting to do this for years now and finally got motivated to do so (thanks to Gran and Pops for the awesome motivational gift!). You can follow my progress on my Flickr page here.

It’s been a peaceful month. A two week vacation from school and work, lots of knitting, christmas eve at our house with my parents, christmas day at home, christmas weekend in Riverdale, hanging out with family, the boys christmas program, seeing the elephant seals with the BFFs, and now back to work and prepping for the birthday party. And nothing but a lump of neglect for my dear old blog. Le sigh….