Dec 17 2009

Cookie Party!

Category: eco-mama @ 4:45 pm

Bring it on, Christmas, we’re ready for you. Last weekend I took the dudes with ‘tude to our friend Adria’s house for a cookie party.

We had a typically busy week. Dixon’s class went on a field trip to the Madonna Inn. I drug Scottie along because they were short on drivers and was glad I did because the tour included the Garden Room and the Round Room, the Place Where All The Magic Began a mere 11.75 years ago. I think we both got a bit choked up.

Both boys have been rehearsing all week for the preschool Christmas program. Dixon is the leading man this year, starring as Joseph. He nailed his one line at Wednesday’s dress rehearsal, and Gray OWNED his spot in the choir. Santa came to visit the school today, so of course I went and took pictures. Tomorrow night is the play and we’re excited that BOTH Grandmas will be there! And Pops too. We could never forget about Pops.

Dec 05 2009

Big Gray at the Parade

Category: eco-mama @ 6:26 pm

Family Milestone today! First parade for both of the boys.

This last one is my favorite of Gray.

Well, the tree’s up, house lights up, a few decorations out, and now I’m making gingerbread cookies!

Dec 04 2009

Friday Flowers

Category: eco-mama @ 8:41 am

My second favorite place to have lunch (the first is the arboretum) is the rose garden on campus. Even in winter here, it blooms. I’m about to go out and buy one of those “I live where you vacation” bumper stickers.