Nov 30 2009

Black Friday

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This Black Friday we celebrated Buy Nothing Day and consumed nothing besides food. We woke up from our Tofurky hangovers and joined Grandma June, Aunt Mary, Uncle Dave, Cousin Matt, and Uncle Brad for breakfast. Dixon stared at the ocean view most of the time and asked to go to the beach. While I was buckling him into his carseat, I asked if we should swing by the house and pick up Daddy and Gray, and he replied, “No, let’s have some Mommy-Dixon time.” So we took a little walk on the beach together.

Then we had lunch, picked up little brother, and went to the museum.

Just as we were about to leave, a couple girls started climbing the rock wall. Dixon had never braved the rock wall before, but I said, “Look, those girls are doing it, so can you.” And he ran over and loved it. Now claims it’s his favoritest thing ever.

Nov 29 2009


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I’m going through pictures now. They’re on my Flickr page here.

We had yet another fantastic Thanksgiving and were blessed to have almost all of our family join us at our house for dinner.

Nov 29 2009


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Here’s my scarf and my cup of coffee.

It’s Cashmerino, a cashmere and merino wool blend from Italy, and feels awesome to work with. After I took this, I realized I needed one more skein of each color to finish a scarf, so the boys and I headed to the yarn store. The boys each picked out some yarn for their own scarves. Gray chose red and black (like Lightening McQueen, I assume) and Dixon picked out a blend. They both have excellent expensive taste in yarn.

Nov 16 2009

Wii-tastic Wiikend

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Has it really been weeks since I blogged? Sheesh, that’s embarrassing. I’ve been busy knitting in the evenings now and just haven’t been on the computer that much. We’ve also been fighting off colds for nearly 2 weeks now so I’ve been trying to go to bed early.

Wii’ve been all over the Wii lately. Dixon unlocked a new Fit game where you just sit still and focus on a candle on the screen. I thought Gray would rock this one, since he’ll sit still with me forever, but Dix actually did a lot better.

We also unlocked a new snowboarding game.

And the timeless 2 player running game is great for tiring out little boys:

Dixon kept running faster than his Mii though and tripping himself.

On Sunday, Gran and Pops came over for lunch and some Mario Kart racing.

Pops and Pops Jr. BOTH stick their tongues out while concentrating. But I made the mistake of noticing this out loud and they got self-conscious and stopped.

In other news, Gray has been fully potty trained for over a month now. He started later than Dixon but picked it up really fast. He even stays dry during naps and night time. Woo!