Oct 31 2009

Halloween, Volume 2

Category: eco-mama @ 7:23 pm

Before we went out with our friends, we decorated pumpkins. The boys just decorated theirs and the Huz spent hours carving one.

I picked a green pumpkin this year. Here’s Truman eyeballing it.

Volume 3 will have more trick or treat photos, this time in their matching Buzz Lightyear costumes. We’re currently taking turns passing out candy to others. Every time the doorbell rings, Dixon goes, “Oooh a customer!”

Oct 31 2009

Halloween, Volume 1

Category: eco-mama @ 7:17 pm

Optimus Prime and Bumblebee patrol the backyard, looking for Decepticons:

Leader of the Autobots

Sitting next to The Scott’s carved pumpkin.

All the BFFs hit the town.

Oct 29 2009

Pumpkin Patch, Volume 2

Category: eco-mama @ 6:39 pm

Our annual trip to the pumpkin patch near Pops and Gran’s house.

Everybody loves a bounce house.

This particular bounce house had the world’s largest slide.

And the world’s happiest brothers.

The hay bale maze…

And finally, we each picked out a pumpkin to take home.

Oct 19 2009

Look Ma, No Feet!

Category: eco-mama @ 6:33 pm

Nothing’s better than jumping on the bed on a rainy day, except when your four year old actually sings “No more monkeys jumping on the bed” whilst doing so.

Oct 19 2009

Amazing Grayson

Category: eco-mama @ 6:25 pm

Between the storms, we had two very hot days, which were perfect for running around in the backyard playing Captain Underpants.

He loves to wave his arms and yell “oooga oooga!” attempting to scare his brother and the neighborhood cats. It works on the cats.

Dixon actually took this picture.

Oct 19 2009

The day no one would look at me.

Category: eco-mama @ 6:14 pm

We made our annual pre-Halloween trek to the Avila Barn on Sunday and somehow survived to blog about it. We drug my parents along too! The boys refused to look at me at the same time, so in all my pictures, at least one is looking away.

Cool shirts, huh? Thanks Gran!

And of course we fed the goats too!

Oct 06 2009

Sunday Morning Snuggler

Category: eco-mama @ 3:22 pm

Here’s Gray one morning, snuggled up watching Cars.

Did I mention he’s finally sleeping through the night now? Woohooo! He gets up around 4am and crawls into bed with us. Then Dixon joins us around 6am. We are living the life.

Oct 05 2009

Game Night

Category: eco-mama @ 6:22 pm

Dixon used to say, “I’m gonna ride an airplane to Candyland!” He hasn’t said that in a while, but he does love the game, and he’s fairly good at it too. Gray not so much, but he has a good time drawing cards and just being with brother.

Oct 05 2009

School Picture Day

Category: eco-mama @ 6:18 pm

Can you believe it’s been a year since school pictures were taken? Me neither. Here are the outfits they wore last week, courtesy of Grandma and her recent shopping trip on our behalf. She actually bought nicer brown pants that perfectly matched the shirts, but they’re still a bit too big.

Here’s what they wore for last year’s photo. My how they’ve grown.