Sep 29 2009

Dixon and the Scarf

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So I took up knitting. I’ve attempted it before but it always ended very, very badly. This time my friend ambushed me and made me try it again. I guess I just needed a good teacher, because I picked it up and made it work, and viola, I like it! For some reason Dixon is really into it too. He’ll sit next to me for hours holding the ball of yarn, and has commanded me to make him a blue sweater with 5 buttons. When Gray heard that, he demanded his own sweater, red, like Lightening McQueen.

So anyways, I finished my first project last night. I kinda just took a ball of yarn and went with it, turns out it’s the perfect size for a scarf for Mister Man. He loves wearing it and even insisted on wearing it to school today.

In other news, we have a busy and expensive week coming up. I have a root canal today (cross your fingers I don’t need a bridge too), the boys school pictures are tomorrow, and Truman’s having surgery on Friday to remove a couple of weird lumps. Wheeeeeee!

Sep 15 2009

Grayson and The Zoo

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We had been planning a trip to the Zoo with all our little friends for weeks. Dixon talked and whined about it every day for weeks. Two days before the trip, he decided to sneak into my backpack and eat 2 claritin. So his punishment was that he didn’t get to go. So it was just me and Gray. We still managed to have a great time, and I hate to admit it but it was probably a lot more relaxing without Dixon. Gray chattered away the entire time, it was great.

Little G and his train ticket

Sliding down the ant hill

All the BFFs

Sep 15 2009

Excuses, excuses

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You probably don’t want to hear the list of reasons I haven’t blogged in ages, but here goes anyway: I’ve had 3 doggie photo shoots (and 3 more this month, woo!), been crazy-busy at my day job completely renovating our departmental website, taken up knitting (crazy, yes?), and pretty much spent every waking, non-working minute going through pictures and cooking for the growth-spurting cherubs.

So, I’ll start catching up on the blog now, I swear. Here are shots from our Labor Day Staycation, frolicking at Pismo Beach like a bunch of tourists.

And we wrapped up the day with some candy. It don’t get better than this!

Sep 08 2009

My poor, neglected blog.

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Sorry my posts have been few and far between lately. You should really friend me on Facebook if you haven’t already, I update that daily.

So it’s not safe for me to sleep at home anymore:

Two weeks ago, Dixon hid my glasses while we were all napping. I woke up and was searching around for them when I heard him giggling; he finally came clean.

Friday during naptime, I nodded off too and Dixon snuck into my backpack and ate two claritins. Luckily, Poison Control doesn’t get worried till kids eat a whole bottle. He didn’t really feel any effects of them at all.

Sunday, 3AM: Gray woke me up and informed me he put a sticker up his nose.


So, the punishment for the Claritin incident was that Dixon could not go on the Zoo trip we’d been planning for weeks. He cried about it a little, but seems to have escaped permanent emotional scarring. The long Labor Day weekend was pretty great. Friday morning we went to the beach, Saturday I went out to dinner and bowling with my girlfriends (who also taught me to knit!), Sunday we hung out with Brad, Amma, Gran and Pops, and Monday I took Gray to the Santa Barbara Zoo with all our little friends. Miss Ryan was not at all happy that Dixon wasn’t there. Them’s the breaks. But let me tell you: One kid at the zoo is exponentially easier than two. Gray was a model citizen and we had a great time. And without brother’s constant chatter, Gray talked the entire trip.

So, I do have loads of pictures from the weekend. I also have a ginormous work project due Friday, and with all these furlough days and holidays, I’m cutting it close. So, I’ll post pictures when I get a chance.