Aug 27 2009


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Grandpa Smith (Scott’s paternal grandfather) passed away last week. So, we went to Riverdale for the service and because we coastal folk don’t take to the heat so well, spent most of the long weekend in the pool. The cousins were thrilled to see each other again.


Big Gray was more than happy to sit on the first step for a long time.

But this little fish quickly proved himself braver than his brother. We carried him out to the middle of the pool edge, and he went “hand over hand” back to the steps where he could put his feet down. He did this over and over.

Dixon and Calvin say their goodbyes.

Aug 20 2009

Future Business Men of America

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Aug 14 2009

Flashback Friday, Part Deux: August 2007

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Memories from 2 years ago this week.

If the slideshow doesn’t work for you, go to my Flickr page and click through them.

Aug 14 2009

Flashback Friday

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Who is this? I barely recognize this kid. It’s Gray, maybe 3 months old? Just a little gem I found on my hard drive.

These days, Gray is a little pistol. He clocked Dixon with his sippy cup, ran to the time out spot, and shouted, “I’m on time out!” And he has said, “Yea, me too!” about 5,000 times in the past 3 days, replying to anything Dixon says. And this morning, he stuffed a soccer ball up his shirt and said, “Look I have boobies!” We didn’t even have to deal with this one; Dixon took the liberty of doling out an anatomy lesson. But nevertheless, Gray ran around the house all morning yelling “boobies!” and dissolving into a fit of giggles. I think he’s hitting another growth spurt too – my first clue was that after eating a full breakfast this morning, he broke into his lunch bag and ate half his lunch on the ride in to school.

Aug 10 2009

Weekend Highlights

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We had a great weekend. I didn’t get the camera out much, so I don’t have pictures.

Furlough Friday: Boys went to school, I took a 3.5 hour nap. Total bliss. Then, we had a playgroup (pictures here) and then went to the park with our neighbors. Friday night was movie night at Casa Smith and we watched Madagascar 2 twice. You’d think the boys would have been tired after a full day at school, a playgroup, and an hour of sprinting at the park, but they didn’t fall asleep till 11pm.

Saturday, we had lunch at my parents house and played trains and hide-and-go-sneak. Dixon has a new hiding spot at their house – wrapped up in the curtains.

Saturday evening was the boys first swim/pool party. Last time Dixon was in a pool he freaked out a bit, so we weren’t sure what to expect. And Gray had never been in a pool before! I am so proud of my little fish. They did great in the water and we all had a blast. Gray sat on the edge, kicking his feet for about 30 minutes, and then let me carry him around in the water. They kicked and splashed and had a blast. And then, of course, we had juice boxes and cake, so it was an all-around banner evening. Our friend Sarah, at the pool, accidentally splashed Dixon, who whined about water getting in his eyes. Sarah’s mom looked at him and said, “you’re in a pool, get over it!” and then to me, she said, “wow, bathtime must be fun at your house.” Sadly, I had to reply, “We have to close all the windows because the boys yell so loud I’m sure someone is going to call social services on us.” Hopefully now they’ll do better in the tub :)

I didn’t bring my camera to the pool, but Rin had hers so as soon as I get the pictures I’ll post them.

Sunday, we layed around in our jammies and watched movies. My dad gave us his old blue-ray dvd player and it rocks! Even my pirated copied dvds look great on it. We did some gardening, and then we played Wii till bedtime.

Aug 06 2009

the museum

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I took the boys to the children’s museum last Saturday and we had a great time. Thank you Gran for getting us an annual pass! We had one in 07 when I was on maternity leave w/ Gray and we went almost every week.

He pretended the shark was biting his ear, and then he talked about sharks for 30 minutes nonstop without taking a breath… what gives?

Playing Hide-and-Go-Sneak

They love the craft table. This is pretty much the only place they’re allowed to play with glue, and I’m fairly certain this was G’s first time with scissors.

Dixon is, of course, a scissor master and his teachers often marvel about his mad scissor skills.

Tomorrow starts an early but busy weekend. It’s our first furlough friday. The boys are going to school as usual and I plan on taking lots of pictures, a nap, having lunch with my husband (shocking, yes I know), and then a playgroup tomorrow, birthday party Saturday (boys first swim/pool party), and who knows what Sunday. Whew, I’m tired just thinking about it!

Aug 05 2009

Dixon’s Prayer

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Halfway to school this morning Dixon announced he wanted to lead a prayer. He instructed me to fold my hands and say what he says.

“Dear Jesus, thank you for this day. Please help me be a good boy and do the right thing. And please help me find a wishing rock so I can wish for 100 Transformers. In Jesus’ name, Amen.”

Wow. This was, of course, followed up with a conversation about asking for the right things. And Scott observed that he’s not just asking for things, but asking for a wishing rock (from some movie) so that he can get more things himself. He wants to learn how to fish, not just be given things. I absolutely love and adore the boy this baby has become.

Aug 03 2009

He’s over it.

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On Saturday, I put Dixon on time out. I forget the original crime, but he cried about it in his room for several minutes. Then his door opened and he said, “Ok, I’m over it. I’m ready to come back out front.”

On Sunday, after a busy weekend filled with family fun but no naps, he got another time out at about 6:40pm. I checked on him 10 minutes later and he was sound asleep. I had to pry his boots off of him and he didn’t even wake up.

Aug 01 2009

This is so Trader Joe’s

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This guy managed to turn all of my thoughts about Trader Joe’s into a catchy you-tube jingle.

Aug 01 2009


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Check out the radishes from my garden!

I don’t particularly care for radishes, but they’re Scottie’s fave. He likes!

And finally, finally I got to some big tomatoes before the critters did. I water and check on things nightly. And I kept noticing a few big tomatoes starting to ripen, then the next day they’d be gone. This happened for months. Finally whatever has been stealing my tomatoes has taken a break and I managed to snag a few.

And a Victory Garden Update

The ginormous sunflower: I made Dixon stand next to it so you can tell how big it really is.

Pumpkins! Last weekend while I was pulling weeds, Gray pulled out 4 of the 10 pumpkin seedlings. The 6 remaining are doing ok though.

My huge tomato plant that has way outgrown its cage.

The Walla-Walla Onions. I need to google this and figure out when they’ll be ready to pick.



Red and green bell pepper seedlings that I started from seeds from organic peppers from the farmer’s market.

I don’t have any new blueberry pictures because the boys and I eat them faster than I can shoot them, which is pretty fast considering my camera can burst up to 90 jpgs.

In other news, Gray is crabby as heck because the antibiotics from last week’s bronchitis are giving him a tummy ache. But we had a good time at Gran and Pops house last night and at the childrens museum this afternoon. Tomorrow, a new dog park opens and I’m going to go troll the opening celebration for pictures that I hope I can sell.

August 1 marks the official start of the CSU furlough. Blah.

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