Jul 29 2009

Boys will be boys.

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Riding in to school today, Dixon goes, “I’m so handsome with this haircut. I look just like Daddy did when he was a boy. And Gray, you’re handsome too. And Daddy, you’re handsome too. Mommy, you’re pretty because you’re a girl. Us boys are handsome and Mommy is pretty.”

Awww, just when my heart starts to melt, he adds, “I just farted in my carseat.”

End Sweet Moment.

Jul 26 2009


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The Lil Hippie was looong overdue for a haircut again.

I can see his ears again!

Jul 26 2009

Grooming Gray

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Bathtime and a haircut, both long overdue.

Jul 24 2009

Friday Flowers

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Under this tree at Cal Poly’s arboretum is my favorite place to eat lunch.

Jul 22 2009

Long Time, No Blog

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Boy it’s been a long time since I blogged. Here are pictures from the most recent pizza night, and I dedicate these to Amma, who apparently can’t stand pineapple on her pizza. Whatever!!

Dixon says, “This is how chefs hold pizzas.”

So, I’m home today taking care of Gray, who’s been slightly feverish with a little cough.

Jul 12 2009

Whirlwind Weekend

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Just another busy but awesome weekend.

We kicked it off Friday night at my parents house for pizza, a little bit of trains, and some “hide-and-go-sneak” (per Dixon).

Picking apples off Gran’s tree.

Blowing bubbles in the backyard.

Saturday was our neighbor’s birthday.

Spencer the Three Year Old.

Gray hitting the pinata.

Dixon using all of his might to get at that candy inside.

Starfleet eating ice cream.

Dix and Lorelai sharing yet another moment.

Saturday evening I photographed my neighbor’s family. 5 adults, 5 kids, it was the largest group I’ve done and it was so much fun.

Sunday was the 2nd annual “Goldens in the Park”, an event for local golden retrievers in SLO.

Although I wasn’t the official hired photographer, I was invited to come and I’m glad I did, even though .0001 seconds after this was taken this dog ran me over. All the previous dog owners just threw the ball; I was so busy looking at the dog I didn’t notice his owner had a chuck-it.

And now, I’m trying to get all the pictures I took this weekend proofed. I’m just about shuttered out. I also spent hours tidying and organizing the toy situation, although if you walked in here now you’d never know it.

In Gardening News… I got my pumpkin seeds in last week. A little late, but they might come in for Halloween. Or we’ll carve Tofurkeys into them for Thanksgiving. I have tiny little cucumbers! and the zucchini has broken through and I think I have onions, although I’m afraid to pull them up and check on them yet. We’re getting loads of blueberries. My new favorite mom trick is to shoo the cherubs outside after we get home and tell them to pick (and eat) blueberries while I get dinner. They’re starving and get a healthy before-dinner treat and they’re not in my way whilst I’m cooking. Win-Win! I’ve only had 2 gardening fails, which is pretty good considering this is my first serious go at it: the snails are eating my soybean plants beyond recognition, and the lettuce is really bitter. Even the brand new leaves. Hmpf.

Jul 08 2009

4th of July!

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Dixon and Scott had an amazing 4th. Grayson decided to freak out at the noise and refused to have any part of it, so he and I spent most of the night watching Happy Feet and Little Einsteins. We had our annual neighborhood block party hosted by the Marvelous Murrays (thanks guys!). And for the record, this is the first year I ever remember it not being foggy and cold!

Meet DJ Dixon. If you don’t recognize the wig/glasses, go google Yo Gabba Gabba.

Gray had fun till the fireworks began.

Dixon and Lorelai sharing a moment. Dixon actually said, “We’re hugging because we love each other.” Just don’t tell these ladies.

Steve and his beloved blowtorch.

We have some law-breaking neighbors on the street behind us, setting these off ALL WEEK.

Another from the street behind us.

Once we ran out of our safe-n-sanes, we stood on chairs in the backyard and were able to barely see the Pismo Pier.

Jul 08 2009

Pizza Night

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And on the 8th day, someone created Trader Joe’s whole wheat pizza dough. It’s $1.29 and at this point will make enough for me and the boys to each create our own personal pizza. I’ll have to start buying two soon to cover the next growth spurt.

Shortly after this was taken, Gray grabbed the bowl of cheese and ran away with it.

That was the longest 10 minutes of his little life.

Don’t worry, I had help cleaning up.

Jul 03 2009

The Big 33

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Dixon burst into preschool yesterday and shouted “Miss Jenn, today is my mom’s birthday. She’s soooo old!”

Scottie and I took the day off work yesterday. We took the boys to school, then I went hiking and picture taking at Montana De Oro. It was so peaceful. Then, we had lunch together at Rosa’s (where we went the night he proposed, 12 long magical years ago) and then had my parents and Amma over for dinner. All in all it was a fantastic day.

There was frosting

And salad

And we set things on fire

And read stories

And put on Halloween costumes (because the book the boys picked for Pops to read was about Halloween, thus they insisted)

And generally behaved like two and four and ninety-three year olds

The rest of the weekend involves drinks with my girlfriends tonight, relaxing, gardening, playing in the backyard, a neighborhood block party, and celebrating our nation’s independence by blowing up a small part of it (Scott blew all his birthday money at the fireworks stand yesterday). And of course, taking pictures.