Jun 30 2009

Conversations with Dixon, the birthday edition

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Dixon (to me): “What do you want for your birthday?”
Mom: “I want you and Grayson to make me birthday cards.”
Dixon: “No, for your present. What present do you want?”
Mom: “Just make me some cards so I can look at them.”
Dixon: “Maybe a camera?”
Mom: “Well, I already have a nice camera.”
Dixon: “Maybe a transformer? Or a jet plane? Or…”
Mom: “I just want a nice day with you two. Gran, Pops and Amma are coming over for dinner, and we’re going to have cake and look at the cards you and Gray made.”
Dixon: “A cake with frosting?!?!”
Mom: “Yes, will you help me make it?”
Dixon: “Yes, and I will taste the frosting because that’s what chefs do. I have to make sure it’s good.”

Conclusions from this conversation:
1. He is a very sweet boy, as I’ve written before. He knows I’d love camera gear for my birthday.
2. He’s got quite a sweet tooth.
3. Maybe he’ll be a chef when he grows up, because he really does like to help out in the kitchen.
4. I heart four.

Jun 29 2009

Dixon and the Girls

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My moms-on-the-clock (us workin girls) group met for our monthly dinner out at Taco Loco. I didn’t have the energy to deal with the teriffic two year old, so Dix and I went and had some Mommy-Dixon time. This is Dix and his harem walking from the restaurant to the ice cream shop.

Jun 26 2009


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So tonight Dixon and I are laying on the couch watching Wall-E. He puts his hand on my stomach and says, “When are you going to have another baby?” I laugh and say, “I’m not planning on having any more, I love you big boys.” To which he replied, “Well, when I’m older and that baby comes out of your stomach I’m going to babysitter it.”

He continues to hound me about it and I say, “Dixon, babies are expensive and I’d rather spend the money on you and Grayson.” He said, “I have one hundred monies in my piggy bank and I’ll give them to you.” He’s a very sweet little boy.

One of his teachers is pregnant and I think they’re talking about it at school. At least he hasn’t asked how it plans on getting out of there.

Jun 26 2009

Little Man, Big World

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Dixon is growing up so fast I can’t stand it. These pictures are from two weekends ago. We were getting ready to go to a birthday party (a few krappy iphone pix here). The boys had nice shirts on and we were (for once) ready to go ahead of schedule so we played on the front lawn and Dixon willingly sat for a few pictures.

He’s in the throes of a major growth spurt, with the growing pains complaints and everything. He’ll eagerly scarf down two sandwiches and two yogurts after dinner each night. And we had a record-breaking shoe outgrowing incident last week: He outgrew a new pair in exactly one week.

In other news, we did finally secure a place for him at our first choice snooty private school for Kindergarten. It’s not till 2010 but we’re in! Now let’s just hope we survive the furlough and can still afford tuition in a year 😐

Jun 24 2009


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So Grayson is talking a mile a minute these days, but the problem is that he doesn’t particularly care for consonants. He’ll use 4 syllable words, and make a noise for each syllable and vowel. Usually his teacher (Miss Anitra) and I are the only ones that understand him. Last night, the boys were coloring at the table.

Grayson says, “uh oh uh ah i an” and Dixon replied, “I know!”

Jun 22 2009

Happy Father’s Day!!

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We kept so busy this weekend I didn’t really blog much. Saturday, we had an awesome family day, hanging out and going to the drive in to see Up. Dixon kept saying over and over again, “I’m so excited to go to the movies” and “this is the best day ever.” Poor Gray slept through the whole trip. In a rare moment of motivation I amped up the Victory Garden and planted walla walla onions, chives, basil, and soybeans.

Sunday, we let Scottie sleep in and made him chocolate chip pancakes. My idea, but Dixon insisted on doing all of the cooking. Then we went to Tahoe Joe’s with my parents and Brad for father’s day dinner. My favorite part was at the end of the meal, after Gray had called Pops “Bobo Butt” about 300 times, a woman walked up and told me how refreshing it was to see such well behaved children. If she only knew….

Sunday was Grandma June’s birthday, and today is Amma’s 93rd birthday. Wowsers. Brad and I had Chinese food with Amma for lunch today. She still walks 2 miles a day.

In other news, Dixon is now a big man on campus. 16 of his friends graduated from Pre K last week and are moving on to Kindergarten, so he’s one of the big boys now. This graduation was a huge deal. I volunteered to help out because I had all the pictures from the trips this year, so I made a slideshow that got everyone choked up. They had the ceremony in the chapel, with real caps and gowns on the kids, and they sang songs, said a prayer, and each kid got a bible and a diploma. It was very sweet.

And today, our union votes with the CSU to decide if they’re going to start laying us off or furloughing us, then laying us off. Yipee. Thank you Governator. Best case scenario for us is furloughs, where Scottie and I would (both) get a pay cut and 2 fridays off per month. But that won’t cover the $583 MILLION (yes, million) shortfall, so if they vote for furloughs, lots o people are still going to get laid off.

Jun 19 2009

Garden Update

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Firstly, I didn’t get up at 3:30 just to blog about my garden. Dixon had an “axident” and I couldn’t get back to sleep afterward. But since I’m up, thought I’d clear some space off my hard drive.

Corn! I have about 5 actual ears growing now!

Apple tree blossoms.

The first harvest of tomatoes and blueberries.

Big G enjoying said harvest.

In a few hours I’ll be at the preschool graduation. Even though Dixon has one more year before he graduates, I made a slideshow for them with all the field trip photos, and they asked me to come take even more pictures of the event today. Should be fun!

Jun 17 2009

Happiness is…

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Happiness is picking blueberries with my boys in our own backyard while Scott cooks dinner. Awesome.

And since we’re out there, we might as wells stomp a snail.

Jun 15 2009

Happy Birthday Pops

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Pops’ birthday was Friday, and because it was also Cal Poly’s graduation weekend we didn’t go out to celebrate but ordered some good food in and played with trains n’ trumpets. I think we’re going to go out next weekend when Uncle Brad is is town.

Here, the lil’ cherubs make birthday cards.

Training while we wait for dinner:

Pops is at the boys beck and call, reconfiguring the cars as instructed.

And who doesn’t enjoy a little post-dinner trumpeting?

Little Brother’s gotta do it too.

And then off to play in the backyard before we headed home for the night.

Jun 07 2009

Friday Trains

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Friday after work we went to my parents house for some trains and pizza, as usual.

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