May 31 2009

Weekend slideshow

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Thursday was a field trip to the old folk’s home to sing to the residents. Dixon was his usual charming self, singing, dancing, and chatting up the peeps. Friday, I had a gnarly sore throat and stayed home, sleeping most of the day since the dudes were in school. Saturday, we relaxed. Sunday, Gran and Pops came over for lunch. Here’s a slideshow of Sunday’s pictures.

May 31 2009

Slacker Mom!

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How can it be May 31 already? That means June starts tomorrow. And I’m really behind on posting pictures. Here are a few from last weekend, when we went strawberry picking. Our favorite local farm has opened on Saturdays!! They had such an abundance of strawberries this year that they opened up their u-pick on a weekend for us working stiffs! And it happens to be our favorite because the farm doesn’t spray any pesticides, and its within walking distance of our house. Doesn’t get any better than that (Have I mentioned I’m reading The Omnivore’s Dilemma right now? So I’m on the warpath for local food.).

On with the pictures! And I’m even in some because Scottie tagged along.

Yes, Dixon did manage to collect a few in his container; usually they all get picked and eaten.

I’m the only one who wants to look at the camera these days.

We walked away with armloads and stomachfuls of strawberries as well as carrots and celery for less than $8. Awesome. Here’s Dixon goofing off whilst I paid for the goods.

This is the same farm Gray found his first food from. When he was about 6 months old, I took the boys raspberry picking and left G in the stroller a tad too close to the berries. He reached out and helped himself to his first solid food and loved it. Here’s the blog post from that day… check it out, those were some cute pictures.

May 20 2009

still catching up

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Last weekend, Scott’s cousin Jennifer came to visit. She’s been living in Paso but is buying a house in the valley so came by for one more visit before she leaves. The boys absolutely adore her and even suckered her into reading bedtime stories and tucking them in.

Never missing a chance to show off, we got out assorted vehicles and tore about the hood.

Remember how stressed out Scottie got about Dixon being too small for the bike? We’ve had it a total of 5 months and had to raise the seat this weekend. Sheesh.

May 20 2009

catching up

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Happy Birthday Uncle Brad!

The boys and I are home sick today because Gray has a fever. He’s fine during the day but it spikes at night, so resting is on the agenda today. I’m taking a break from cleaning up the playroom to catch up on some bloggin.

I’ve written before about the awesome neighborhood we have. A cul-de-sac full of families our age, with kids or age, that all get along. Couldn’t ask for more. The other day I got an IM from Steve-O about a last-minute BBQ and of course we went.

Gray playing hide and seek under a towel.

All play and no snacks makes for a skinny boy. We can’t let that happen! Gray pauses for a cream puff.

Lorelai has an awesome jungle gym and the kids are all big enough to enjoy it now. Dix and Lorelai were even caught sharing strategies on getting the maximum attention from the ‘rents.

The show-off.

May 17 2009

Attention Naysayers

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All ye who turned up your noses at my composting (and you know who you are) can officially suck it! Because my yard kicks butt.

I have five gynormous heads of lettuce and pulled enough off for three large salads today from only two heads.

Five of the six corn plants I planted survived and three are doing really well, the other two are hanging in there. Truman kept laying down on the 6th, which is probably why it didn’t make it.

The peach tree I thought had died has actual real fruit starting! I had given up on it, and then this caught my eye today.

The annuals I planted last year came back too.

And the agapanthas are in full bloom.

Half of my strawberries died, but the other half are doing well. There’s tons of new growth on my avocado tree, and my apple tree has the beginnings of 7 small apples too. My tomatoes are really taking off too, but they aren’t ready to start eating yet. I still have some cucumbers and carrots to put in the ground. I also harvested a ton of lavender this weekend. Sent a lot home with Cousin Jennifer and packaged the rest of it up into little sachets, and three more boxes are drying in the garage.

But of all of this, the boys are fascinated by a weed in the lawn.

Incidentally, the boys are growing like weeds too.

May 17 2009

A watched cookie never cools

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May 13 2009

the eyes have it

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I realize I may be a bit biased, but these kids are gorgeous, no?

I also realize that this one’s a bit blurry, but it was in the dark and too cute not to post. I caught Grayson saying “night night” to big brother.

May 12 2009

Daily Dixon

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Snaps from the backyard on Mother’s Day.

May 09 2009

Mothers Day starts now

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I’m kicking off Mothers Day a few hours early this year by soaking in the tub with a Guiness and a good book (Michael Pollan’s An Omnivore’s Dilemma). The boys are playing the Wii and eating junk food, pausing occasionally to pound on the bathroom door and demand I get out. We had chinese food with Amma for lunch today, and a playdate with a neighbor, and tomorrow is a doggie photo shoot. I’ve given my list of Mothers Day demands to The Huz and tomorrow should be fun! He is to let me sleep in, fetch Starbucks and donuts for breakfast, and procure some nice flowers which I will proceed to over-photograph. Now, I’m putting the iPhone down and picking up my book and beer. Every day should be Mothers Day!

And FYI, it’s official, I AM mom of the year!!

May 07 2009

catching up from crazy-busy-town

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My neighbors both decided to blog tonight, so I figured I better do so too.

I took a break from the oppressive heat and went to Morro Bay on my lunch break today. This is Morro Rock. It’s Tara Weather is what it is. 55 degrees and foggy! It darn near killed me going back to work. Why was I in Morro Bay, you ask? Well, I was scoping out a park that I’ve been asked to take doggie portraits at this weekend. Who asked me, you ask? A woman who picked up my card at last weekend’s big doggie photo event, SLODOG’s A Dog’s Day, at which I was the official photographer. This coming Sunday (yes, Mother’s Day) is Morro Bay’s 2nd annual Pooch Pageant. It’s a beauty pageant for dogs. Roll your eyes all you can, but I’m very flattered to have been asked to do both events and orders from last weekend are rolling in.

Also, I had to try out some new equipment I got (a Canon 50d, baby! and my first Canon L lens!). That, and Taco Temple was calling my name.

So here’s Morro Rock, somewhere behind all this fog. It’s nice to look at this instead of the tv that’s only displaying live coverage of the SB fire.

Perhaps my next endeavor should be Squirrel Photography? Nah….

I’ve been swamped with work, but we’ve all been healthy. I have a zillion pictures of the boys to go through and post; hopefully I’ll have time for that this weekend. Most of my free time lately has been devoted to processing the dog photo orders.

And a birthday shoutout to Gran!

And, Gray sez, “Live Long and Prosper!” How cool is it that a new Star Trek movie comes out on Mother’s Day weekend?

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