Apr 27 2009

The Great Negotiator

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Dixon just whined this from his bed: “Mommy, I’ll let you take me to the movie theater again if you let me go sleep in the playroom tonight.”

You see, I took him to the movies this weekend for a Mommy-Dixon date. We saw Monsters vs. Aliens and he loved it. He loves the whole movie theater experience: movie, one-on-one time with me, and I’m sure the popcorn/candy/soda thing helps too.

Apr 23 2009

Pre-K Goes Green

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I didn’t make a big deal out of Earth Day this year because frankly, every day is Earth Day around here. Between the cloth diapers, the compost pile, the clothesline, and the recently-started victory garden, I think I’m doing my part and then some. Dixon’s class has been discussing it too. Here was our pre-bed conversation tonight:

Dixon: “Pre K is going to recital.”
Mom: “Ooh, I love recitals!” …mentally preparing the video cam and DSLR to fully document the event.
Dixon: “Yea, we recital, reduce, and reuse.”
Mom: “Ooooh, re-cy-cle. Wooohoooo! Tell me more about it.”
Dixon: “Well, I reused my cup today.”

It was one of my proudest mommy-moments ™ to date. A lengthy conversation ensued about all the things our family does and things Dixon can do. Although he has said the word “recycle” properly before, and he does know what belongs in the trash, the recycle bin, and the composter. My boy is awesome!!

P.S. Now that we got our tax refund, there are a couple of enviro-purchases on my list, including a rain barrel, another apple tree, and some cloth pull-ups for the newest potty trainer, Big Gray.

Apr 20 2009

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As far as anyone knows, we’re a nice, normal family. Sigh.

Apr 18 2009

Yummy Saturday Breakfast

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To assuage my guilt over ditching the boys all day to scrapbook with the gals today, I served up an uber healthy breakfast. Whole grain pancakes, with flax (for the omega 3s) and fresh organic blueberries (antioxidants!), topped with Trader Joe’s Organic Maple Agave syrup. No high fructose corn syrup for these boys! Gray heard them sizzling on the griddle and fetched a fork and smacked it on the table yelling “pancakes peas” until they were delivered to him.

After a full week of fevers, we all seem to be well again. Some virus hit preschool and Dixon had a fever last weekend and Gray had it all week. Fortunately we’ve managed to avoid the chicken pox that hit the neighbors … a 2 year old has it and we’re crossing our fingers his newborn sister doesn’t get it! And FYI, I realize I can be a bit of a hippie at times, but my kids are vaccinated, even though it’s not the cool thing to do anymore. Whew.

It was quite a busy week, with my two major projects both rolling out this weekend. The campus is getting a new calendar and an upgraded phone billing system, and both go live today. My work time has been split between making web pages for both and tidying up the phone data before we ran the first bill. Academically, I’ve been busy reading George Eliot’s The Mill on the Floss, which I’m really enjoying, and some Emily Dickinson poems. I think I like the Victorian era best so far – people start to question everything around them.

It’s going to be in the high 70s here this weekend, so expect to hear about all the fun we’re sure to have.

Apr 16 2009

Coloring Easter Eggs

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Easter morning was warm and sunny in our backyard, perfect for dyeing eggs.

The end result. This was the first year I actually read the directions on the package and added vinegar to the dye; the colors came out pretty vibrant! We usually wind up with pastels.

Apr 14 2009


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Cupcake the Pony came to Preschool

Apr 09 2009

Friday Flowers

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Last weekend whilst The Hubs was working, the boys and I drove out Highway 58 searching for wildflowers. I don’t think we found the same field that some local photogs have been raving about, but we did find these.

I like the moon in the top right corner.

Anyhoo, Happy Good Friday! Preschool is closed today and Scott is home with the boys, my turn to slave away at the coal mine. My English class is going well so far. I aced a group assignment tonight.

The boys came home raving about Cupcake today, the pony that was brought to school for pictures. Once I get these pictures, I’ll be posting them. Dixon says they did individual ones and one of Dix and Gray together, wahoo! Now, I’m off to hard boil some local, organic, free range eggs.

Apr 08 2009

Mama’s Lil Treehuggers

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Apr 07 2009

egg hunt # 1

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The first egg hunt of the season was last Saturday at a friend’s house.

Sunday, we got more hunting practice in. It was a nice day, as usual, so I hid the eggs in the backyard and then the boys found them all. The next egg hunt is this weekend, when our neighbors come over!

In unrelated news, Grayson has pooped in the potty two nights in a row! And Dixon has been a sweetheart about it; last night he offered to share his underpants with his brother. And Dixon was the first to say “Good Job, Gray!” last night.

In still more unrelated news, Happy Birthday Scottie!

Apr 04 2009

back blogging: Cesar Chavez day

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As I mentioned, Scottie and I had the day off and sent the boys to school. We got a planter box and some daisies for the front window.

After a child-free lunch and matinee (Knowing is totally scary, BTW), we picked up the boys and enjoyed the late afternoon on our cul-de-sac.

Captain Crash

Speed Racer

Today, Hubs had major work to do. He left for the office at 4:30 AM and just called to say he’s on his way home. I took the boys to a friend’s house for an easter egg hunt, then to the Avila Barn for seeing the animals and ice cream cones, and then we drove out HWY 58 searching for wildflowers. Busy Busy! Pictures from today coming soon; I’m too tired to pop the memory card out of my camera. Besides, I should really be reading George Eliot right now. George is a woman, who knew? :)

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