Mar 31 2009

Cesar Chavez Day Rocks!

Category: eco-mama @ 10:17 am

Cuz we have the day off, but preschool is still open. We dropped the boys off, wandered around Home Depot for an hour, did some gardening, and are now off to a nice lunch and a movie. It doesn’t get better than this.

Mar 30 2009

Feeding the Goats

Category: eco-mama @ 8:49 am

Dixon’s been asking to feed the goats a lot lately, convinced they must be starving after us not visiting all winter. So, off we went on Sunday.

Of course, the big huge cow was hungry too.

Trying not to smile.

And then we were hungry, for chocolate ice cream.

Mar 20 2009

Flashback Friday

Category: eco-mama @ 8:03 pm

TWO years ago this week …

Dixon reading “Go Train Go” to Grayson.

Bellana: Remember her?

Mar 20 2009

Friday Flowers … and a shocking twist

Category: eco-mama @ 7:38 pm

I found some poppies and wildflowers (weeds?) on campus today, out by the sheep area.

The shocking twist is that these darn sheep, cute as they are, happen to be surrounded by an electric fence. An unmarked electric fence, that is. Don’t worry, I only got a little jolt. Or two…

Mar 17 2009

Leprechauns have taken over!

Category: eco-mama @ 8:21 am

Dixon has been talking about leprechauns for a week now, since his teacher read his class a book about how they hide their gold and are very tricky. When the boys woke up this morning, I said, “Happy St. Patrick’s Day!” and Dixon leaped out of bed and started searching the house for leprechauns. He insisted that every spot on the carpet was a leprechaun footprint. Well, lo and behold, there were some footprints outside the playroom door. Looking closely, Dixon noticed some scuff marks on the door and declared, “Truman must have chased the leprechaun into the playroom! He must have hit the door!” I distracted them for a second, and stashed two gold chocolate coins under the door when they weren’t looking, and when the boys opened the door they found the leprechaun’s gold. Since the trail ended in the playroom, Dixon is convinced that Truman ate the leprechaun.

We arrived at school after singing songs about those tricky leprechauns the ENTIRE way in. Seriously, he made up a 25 minute song today. In the story they read, the leprechaun hides gold under a rock with an X drawn on it. So, his teacher plans to draw Xs on a pile of rocks and hide them all over his classroom and yard, and I brought in several bags of chocolate gold coins for the kids to find. And all the furniture in his classroom was askew this morning … it must have been disturbed by leprechauns but none of the kids had noticed it yet. What a fun day these kids are going to have … almost makes me wish I was back in preschool.

Mar 16 2009

Scooter Day

Category: eco-mama @ 7:08 am

Gray’s class had their first scooter day last week. He had more fun running around with his helmet on than scooting.

Mar 16 2009

Transformer Mania

Category: eco-mama @ 6:57 am

Scott got the boys each a transformer this weekend and they are absolutely obsessed with them. Dixon was up till 10:30 staring at them last night.

Mar 14 2009

Super Saturday

Category: eco-mama @ 9:37 pm

Gran and Pops came over for lunch and we rode bikes, then went to the park with Scott’s new kite. All the pictures from today are here, but these are my favorites.

After dinner, we made play doh and spent hours with the cookie cutters and stuff.

Mar 11 2009

My proudest mommy moment.

Category: eco-mama @ 8:54 pm

Gray’s vocabulary is exploding by leaps and bounds. This week, he finally decided to string two words together. Those words, unfortunately, were “stinky butt.” And apparently they’re the most hysterical words EVAR. He and Dixon will stop what they’re doing, give each other a knowing glance, and Gray will blurt out “Stinky Butt!” and both boys will dissolve into giggles on the floor. Such a proud moment for me.

Mar 08 2009

Bounce House Playdate

Category: eco-mama @ 3:10 pm

We had all our neighbors over for a playdate this morning and it was so much fun!

He says he scraped his chin on a button from his pajamas, but there’s no mark anywhere. He throws a fit when we try to take off the bandaid, so it’s one battle we’re not picking.

Dix and Lorelai played Sleeping Beauty. Dixon would pretend to play dead and Lorelai would kiss him to revive him. We’re going to have to keep an eye on these two.

Big G loves him some bounce house.

In other news, I disabled my twitter feed until I can find out why it’s not updating right. Someone tried to break into my account earlier this week.

In still other news, check this out!

I got all this at a rummage sale for $5 yesterday. Score!

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