Feb 26 2009

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Here’s a quick snap on the way to the car this morning. Dixon put on his tie and said, “I’m the father, Tara.” Yay. I love how Grayson’s hair matches the bricks on the front of the house. He looks less baby every day.

He actually wore the tie to school today, also. Miss Sarah saw him getting out of the car and said it’d be ok, so who were we to refuse?

Feb 25 2009

Sleepy Time at the Zoo

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Remember I wrote, long ago, about Cranky Truman not getting along with the boys? Thankfully that phase appears to be over. Here is the scene moments ago from the boys bedroom.

Oh, and FYI, we do own pillowcases. I promise. Dixon refuses to let them stay on the pillow. When I do put them on, he pulls them off and I find him asleep inside it, like a sleeping bag.

Baby lamb and his beady little eyes are creeping me out a bit in this shot. Lamb doesn’t look nearly so menacing in the daylight, trust me.

Well, enough blogging for now. I must get back to the tantrum chapter of the Dr. Sears Discipline Book. Dixon spends every waking moment figuring out where the line is and dangling his big toe over it. And Grayson is exploring the twos…. this morning at preschool I opened the building’s front door, he screamed “nooooooo!!!!!” and slammed the door shut. My first thought was, ‘he’s pulling a Dixon and insisting he does everything himself’ so I stood there and said, “Ok, you open it then.” He just said “nooooo!” again and then pitched a fit when I had to leave. He’s always been very good about going to preschool and playing with his friends there. Sigh.

Feb 22 2009

(just another) awesome weekend

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Friday night we did our usual: pizza and trains at Gran and Pops house. Saturday we went to an awesome make-your-own pizza party for one of the boys friends. Each kid got to decorate a chefs hat and apron and got to make their own personal pizza. I didn’t get too many pictures of Dixon… he was buzzing around as usual and Gray was being a handful, distracting me.

Here’s Gray running around with his apron on.

Is it just me or does he look all grown up here?

Scarfing down the fruits of their labor.

Gray making his pizza and sneaking some olives.

Gray’s pizza.

Dixon’s pizza.

We spent most of today playing Wii and watching movies with Scott’s cousin Jennifer. The boys absolutely adored her and she was nice enough to endure them climbing on her all day.

And to catch up on my back-blogging, here’s the Valentine Dixon made for me at preschool. Obviously the teachers helped the kids write personal messages inside, because these are definitely Dixon’s words and Miss Jenn’s handwriting.

Feb 21 2009

Smith Men

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Here are the boys with Grandpa Smith last weekend.

and with Grandma too…

Feb 19 2009

Grayson, Obamafied.

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Remember all those Obama Hope posters? Well, I found a website that will obamafi any picture.


Feb 17 2009

Have you noticed

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The new widget to the right? I’ve jumped on the Twitter bandwagon for some reason, and found this widget to display my tweets on here! If you don’t know what the heck I’m talking about, read up here.

I’ve become one of those obnoxious people that stumbles around, not looking where I’m going because I’m busy blogging/facebooking/tweeting from my iPhone. I wrote the last post, including uploading pictures, on my iPhone while walking to the campus market for coffee between meetings this morning. Lucky you!

Feb 17 2009

Best Weekend Ever

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We took the boys to Oakhurst for an awesome, snowy weekend. I’ll post more later but wanted everyone to know we’re back safely. Here’s our newest family portrait.

Feb 12 2009

Happy Birthday, Truman

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The old man is 12 today, yikes! Here’s the big cherub, exactly four years ago.

Sorry for ruining your life, old man.

It’s been a year since Truman’s surgery to remove the $1,000 lump o’ fat on his back. He recovered fast, and we’ve pretty much given up on finding him a new home. Tru and I have come to an understanding: he’s going to pee on my stuff, and I’m just going to get mad and clean it up. He actually gets along great with the boys now, even when Gray tries to ride him like a pony. And Dixon loves him like a brother now too. Every night during the bedtime routine, Truman wanders into the boys room. They bid him good night and occasionally Truman will lay on Dixon’s bed for a while.

Feb 11 2009


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Here’s Dixon passing out Valentines to his preschool buddies. So cute. Since V-day is a Saturday this year, his class celebrated early.

I’m not 100% thrilled with the slideshow… to look at the pics individually, click the link at the end of the show.

Feb 10 2009

the 4 year old mouth

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Dixon has come up with some whoppers lately. If anyone’s got a cure for the four-year-old mouth, please let me know. Scott was just tucking the boys in for the night. Dixon said, “I want to count all the boys in the house.” Point to self, “one,” points to Daddy “two,” points to Gray, “three” points to Truman, “four.” “Four boys in the house.” Then he says, “Mommy is a girl. A girl with boobies.”

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