Jan 30 2009

Play Ball!

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Uncle Brad got the boys this baseball T, bat, and ball for their birthday, and they really like it! Dixon is surprisingly good at hitting the ball. He does a solid line drive that consistently lands into the same rosemary bush each time. And Gray has a good time trying, and they take turns shagging the ball for each other.

Jan 29 2009

Bike Day

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Today is Dixon’s preschool class’s monthly bike day. On previous bike days, Dixon brought his scooter in. As you recall, he received a bad-ass bike for Christmas from Santa. He was SOOO excited to be riding around on the coolest bike ever this morning with all his friends. The teachers were impressed he handled it so well too. He even would race up to a group of friends and slam on the brakes at the last second, sparing them. That’s my boy!! Wish I had brought my camera in…

Jan 28 2009

the Grayson chronicles

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Big man is two now. Goodbye baby, hello ornery boy. He is sleeping better now that he’s not nursing. He’s content now to wake up around 1am, crawl into bed next to me and snuggle with me and his cars (shown clutched above). He holds on to those cars constantly, but knows they aren’t allowed at preschool. I have to check his pockets when we get out of the van. My morning pat-down yielded two cars today, but missed a miniature McQueen in his pants pocket. He later produced the contraband and showed it off at preschool after he watched us drive away.

He also had two time outs at school this week for pushing around a bigger classmate. He’s had several at home already, but these were his first at school and his teacher seemed surprised about it.

Anyway, I snapped this picture tonight after I declared it was bedtime. He willingly went to our bed, climbed in, and patted the pillow next to him and said, “night night ma-ma” to me. He had no intentions of going to his own bed. Hmpf.

And Dixon. We’re all figuring out the fine line between stalling for bedtime and actual hunger. Since he’s on the smaller side and we’ve always fretted about how much he eats, he knows exactly how to manipulate us: At bedtime, he declares that he’s hungry. And every time, it works. We’re doing our best to stuff him with healthy food in the hour leading up to bedtime, balancing the right amount of food with liquid (can’t give him too much or he’ll wet the bed!). Ah, the joy of boys!

P.S. I’m not sure I like the black and white conversion of that photo… what do you think?

Jan 24 2009

Milestone Mania

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Two major milestones this week for Grayson.

1. He weaned! We’re actually, finally, done nursing. It’s been 4 days since he last ate at Mom’s All-Night Breastaurant. I have mixed feelings about it. I’m sad about it but know it was the right thing to do to get him sleeping better. We had several rocky nights there, but he’s actually sleeping a bit better now. He’s still a huge cuddler. Loves to snuggle up with me still.

2. Grayson kissed me! Ah, that first sweet kiss. He kissed his car, B, last week, and has been kissing his cars “night night” every night and at naptimes for a week. Tonight he leaned in, planted a wet one on my chin, and said, “mmmwaaaaa!” Melted my heart.

In other news… I scrapbooked for 12 glorious hours this weekend. Once I add Christmas pictures, I’ll have completed two full books: Dixon’s 2008 and Gray’s 2008 books. Whew!

In still other news, the boys are on antibiotics for a cold that won’t quit. We had it a few weeks ago, the cough never quite disappeared. One night we noticed Dixon wheezing, so Scottie took him in and the doc wrote prescriptions for all of them. This is the first prescription for us this season though! We are much healthier this year than we are last year. I chalk it up to some dietary changes and better rest, all stemming from good information I got from our chiropractor last year. Woohoo!

In still more news, Amma is doing really well. She’s back home, which three weeks ago I never would have believed. She has home health nurses and us checking on her and is definitely recovering well.

Dixon is now the king of bedtime stallers. He shouts out, “mommy, i love you!” “mommy, you’re my best friend” “mommy, I’m hungry” “mommy, I want to whisper a secret to you” and so on, ad nauseam. Moments later, Grayson will start repeating his shouts. But otherwise he’s a good sleeper. He also declared he’s going to marry Miss Sarah, his preschool teacher. He used to quote lines from his favorite movie (Cars) and now he’s reciting whole conversations (I’m not sure if I’m happy about that yet – I’ll get back to you.). Four is going to be a hilarious and fantastic year.

Jan 22 2009


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Seriously, how has two years flashed by? How?

Happy Birthday Big Gray! I am actively trying to break the habit of calling him Baby Gray. It’s hard, even Dixon calls out, “Oh baby grayyyyyyyyyyyyysooooon!” when he wants his attention. But this ain’t no baby any more.

Jan 20 2009

Happy Inauguration Day!

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Wahoo! If you’re at work like most suckers I know, you can watch most of the inauguration festivities online at Hulu. I myself am connecting to my DVR remotely and setting the speech up to record that way, since I forgot to do it before I left the house. In my defense, I’ve been up with Big Grayson since 2:30 in the freaking morning. Kid would not sleep at all. Just kept running from one TV to another begging for us to turn on B, which is what he calls Lightening McQueen, star of Cars, his favorite movie. Arg.

Scottie is spending his inauguration lunch hour earning his Dad-of-the-Year status. Our preschool had a Sees Candy fundraiser late last year and met their goal of raising enough money for a new play structure. It arrived last week and Scott’s going over at lunch to put it together. I will most likely crawl under my desk for a nap.

Yet more good news! Amma is home just in time to watch the inauguration. She kept up with her physical therapy and is probably stronger than she was before she fell on New Years. My mom moved her out of the nursing home and back home yesterday. She’s doing great with a cane, and using a walker occasionally. Plus she’s feeling 1000% better just being back at home.

2009 is looking good!

Jan 19 2009

Four Generations

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The birthday party was a huge success. The day after, we went to the butterfly preserve and took pictures of not only butterflies, but four generations of Howell/Smiths. Or as the boys say, Owls. Here’s Scott and the boys, his mom (Grandma) and her mom (Grandma Owl, as the boys call her).

I love how Gray’s hair looks almost red in the sun. And I never realized it until recently but mine was the same way till I was 4-ish? My hair was pretty light in the old pictures I found. I love how he looks like me, and Dixon looks like Scott. Although I see a lot of myself in Dixon too (perhaps it’s just the stubborn-chatterbox shining through).

Dixon hop-scotches over a bridge.

The trees look like they’re weighed down with leaves, but they’re actually butterflies. A wandering docent informed us there were 26,000 butterflies there.

Monkey see, Monkey do. Gray mimics big brother every chance he gets.

After the butterflies, we had lunch, forced the boys down for a nap, and after dinner Hubs and I went to see Paul Blart, Mall Cop. It was hilarious. Now, I’m going to go through birthday pictures.

Jan 16 2009


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Birthmakah: That blissful 8 days between Dixon’s and Grayson’s birthday, with a big party in the middle!

Preparations are well under way. Sadly only one of the boys great-grandparents will be here tomorrow, Great Grandma Howell (Scott’s maternal grandma). Amma’s still in the nursing home, Grandma June is stranded in Apple Valley because The Thompsons aren’t feeling up to the drive, and Great Grandparents Smith aren’t up for the trip either. Getting old isn’t for sissies. We did get some awesome presents delivered today! A box arrived from Aunt Mary and Uncle Dave with a ton of Cars stuff! Miraculously, they picked out Cars we didn’t have yet. Thanks guys! So, so far this week has really been great, with a treat for the boys each night.

I have a little more tidying up before everyone arrives tomorrow, so stay tuned.

Jan 15 2009

Birthday week continues…

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Tonight our local farmer’s market hauled some snow in for the kiddos to play on. Gray didn’t care for it much, and Dixon had some fun for a while but didn’t want to stay long.

Jan 14 2009


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Happy Birthday, Big Man. It feels like he aged 2 years in the 2 days I was gone.

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