Dec 30 2008

Christmas, Part 2: Christmas Morning

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After dinner and presents at my parents house, we went home. Gray went to bed at a decent hour, but Dixon stayed up till 1:00 a.m. waiting for Santa. He kept telling me, “it’s sure hard to sleep while waiting for Santa to come.” About 11:30 we gave up and tried reverse psychology on him, with, “No more yawning, you HAVE to stay up for Santa!” but that didn’t work either. We watched a hokey Christmas movie on TV and finally it occurred to me to say, “If you’re worried about missing him, don’t be. Truman will bark when he gets here and wake us all up.” That helped him relax and he eventually nodded off. In the morning he was ticked with us for moving him to his bed. He usually creeps into our room in the mornings and cuddles with us if we’re still in bed. Christmas morning, however, he was up and out front immediately.

Santa brought Dixon a big Lightening McQueen bike and he loved it! Dad was worried it would be too big, but after a few minutes outside Dixon was pedaling up our street all by himself.

Grayson scored a Cozy Coupe, a Flinstones-style car that he sits in and walks up the street. Not to mention a ton of stocking stuffers for each. Gray loved his car so much he ate breakfast in it, putting his yogurt into the drink holder. It must have been the best of both worlds … a new car and breakfast at the same time!

Dec 30 2008

The Christmas Posts … part 1: Christmas Eve

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Dixon and I made cookies to leave out for Santa.

Santa prefers jet planes to christmas trees, of course.

We were lucky to stay home this year. Christmas Eve we followed a Langer tradition with a nice dinner (Chinese food, only because Taco Roco was closed! How dare they?) and then the boys got to open one gift each. They each got a Handy Manny toy from my parents. I’m happy the boys like the same things right now and share fairly well.

Gray wearing his new Handy Manny tool belt and hat.

Dec 29 2008

Avoiding the Christmas Pictures

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I took way too many Christmas pictures this year, as I usually do, but this year they’re overwhelming me. So instead of going through them all today, I made birthday party invites. We’re doing the Cars / Lightening McQueen / race car thing this year.

Dec 23 2008

Impromptu Playgroup

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Sunday, the boys were getting restless so I shooed them outside to play. Dixon sees Lorelai’s house and goes, “I want to play with Lorelai” so we drug them out with us. Soon another neighbor joined us, and we followed the kids as they rode laps around the cul-de-sac on their scooters, jeep, trikes and buggy.

Pausing to look at something … probably a bug.

Little G’s first time on the scooter. He was slow but loved being a big boy like brother.

Love the motion blur on this one. Go, speed racer!

Dec 19 2008

Santa Rocks

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Santa came to preschool! Dixon had no problem telling him that he wanted a big, huge bike. And it had to be yellow, his favorite color.

Grayson didn’t want to sit with Santa, but he did high-five him. And when Santa got up to leave, Gray was the first to wave and shout, “bye-bye-santa!”

I seem to have become the unofficial photographer for our school. I got to follow Santa around to each classroom and I got a shot of each kid with him. I’ve also been working on a website for them. It was so much fun seeing how the different aged kids handled Santa. The oldest class, Dixon’s, practically mobbed the poor guy with shouts of “I want an off-road scooter!” and climbing over each other to be first to sit on his lap. The infant class freaked when he walked in the door – only one kid tolerated sitting with him and the rest screamed. Gray’s class, right in the middle of the age range, was a mixture. One girl sat covering her eyes in terror the whole time, a couple boldly approached him on his own, and most slowly took turns greeting him. This was so much fun!

Dec 19 2008

what a face

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Remember being so small you could lay on the couch and watch tv like this? Me either, but apparently it’s awesome!

Dec 17 2008


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Dixon’s been saying “Shazam!” all night long. Says he picked it up from his teacher. I think it’s hysterical.

Well, it’s almost Christmas and we don’t have our tree up yet. We’re painting over the red wall, so the whole room will be Toasted Wheat, so we’re waiting till we finish that before we start to decorate. Uncle Brad’s home from school, so we went over to Gran and Pop’s house last night to look at their tree, play trains, and eat pizza.

This is Gray’s spot. This is where he ALWAYS stands in the garage. Pops set up a chair for him to stand on so he can control the trains. I think there are three or four tracks going, and this is where Gray conducts his own.

In other news, here we are decorating a gingerbread house.

In still other news, need a place to live? The house next door is for sale or rent. Your choice. Seriously!

Dec 16 2008

Conversations with Dixon

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Riding in the car to school this morning:

Dixon: Mommy, ask me about what I learned at preschool.
Mommy: Dixon, what did you learn about in preschool yesterday?
Dixon: The Yark.
Mommy: The Yark? pausing… “Like, Noahs Ark?”
Dixon: Yes. There were animals on it.
Mommy: Really? What animals?
Dixon: Cows, horses, sharks, all the good ones.

The conversation continued, listing which animals were and were not present on the Yark. Skunks were not on it because they stink, and there were no snakes either. Apparently, Momma Jaguar was there with some sharks, horsies, and lots of zebras. Awesome.

The conversation ended when we got to school, not because we parked, but because there was a mini-pileup just down the street. We counted three tow trucks, two fire trucks, four police cars, and two cars were still there, very smashed up. But, the fire trucks were leaving, so I don’t think anyone was seriously hurt. It was thrilling for the boys none-the-less. It was ALMOST as thrilling as the day we showed up and the preschool parking lot was filled with frat-boy-trucks and tow trucks were literally lined up down the street, towing them away. The boys talked about that one for weeks. It’s good to be three.

Dec 12 2008

Hot Chocolate

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The lil’ cherubs enjoy a cuppa organic soy milk with Ovaltine. Yum.

Well, we missed the preschool christmas pageant tonight. The boys were sniffling all week, and we kinda ignored it hoping it would go away and we’d just rest up this weekend. But, they woke up coughing a bit this morning, so we kept them home today. I was really looking forward to the Christmas program. Dixon was supposed to be a donkey and Gray an angel.

On the up-side: after a day of resting at home with Daddy, they are feeling better. Resting, per Daddy, in the dog bed most of the day. Whatever.

In other news, F is for Finished, right? My last final was today and it was a bloodbath. Who needs 18th century literature anyways? Whatever. I celebrate tonight, the end of the quarter, with a bag of Pirate’s Booty and a box of Pinot. The good news is that I aced my Spanish test! Woot!

Dec 11 2008

my poor, neglected blog

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I haven’t put up a decent post in like two weeks. That’s awful. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. My final final is on Friday, so hopefully Saturday I’ll have something good to write about. Plus, the boys school Christmas pageant is Friday night, so I’m hoping I can stay awake long enough after we get home to look over the pictures from that.

I have several cute pictures from Dixon’s school field trip to the Madonna Inn on Monday. They got a tour of almost the whole place, including behind the scenes in the bakery, and then got to enjoy milk and cookies. But alas, the photos need some work done in Photoshop and that is fairly time consuming, so again, hopefully I’ll catch up on that this weekend.

So, all my non-study time this week has been devoted to getting the next installment of my now-annual photo book done. If I wanted it to arrive by Christmas, I had to do it this week.

Here’s what I used for the cover:

In other news, while collecting the boys stuff on our way home last night I noticed this.

and of course I couldn’t wait till Christmas to open it


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