Nov 28 2008

thanksgiving 08

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I have lots of good shots to go through, but I’m going to bed! We went to Apple Valley for Turkey Day. We’re home safe and had a great time. Here are four generations of Langers. Stay tuned for more pix later.

Nov 24 2008

the “new-seeum”

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Last year, we had an annual pass to the children’s museum in Santa Maria. Dixon called it the ‘seeum. There’s a new one in SLO, and Dixon very deliberately calls it the Newseeum.

I had a hard time convincing Gray the food in the play diner wasn’t real.

Uh, oh, it’s the 5-0!

The outside water table.

Teamwork: Building a fort together.

Yet more pictures are here.

Nov 22 2008

the imaginary friends

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Dixon has an imaginary friend. There’s a giant named Lily that sleeps in his room all the time. I’m constantly being warned to keep my voice down so I don’t wake her. She joined the family about two weeks ago, and just got a name yesterday.

According to Dixon, Truman now has an imaginary friend too, a doggie named “Banana.” I don’t make this stuff up, people. Couldn’t if I tried.

I don’t think I had imaginary friends when I was little – Gran will correct me if I’m mistaken. I do vividly remember Uncle Brad’s friends, however: Jokey and Cara. Ha.

Here’s the Lil’ Prodigy on the computer, doing a Sesame Street drawing game.

And here he is chattin’ up the residents of the retirement home we went to last week.

Nov 21 2008

stage fright

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Yesterday’s trip to the Garden Creek retirement facility. It’s really just a great video of Miss Jenn singing whilst the kids nervously eyeballed the old folks. Dixon got some major stage fright. He says he forgot the words. His time to shine was after the singing. Miss Jenn said, “ok, we’re done, go talk to everyone” and the rest of the class clammed up. Dixon, however, went up to everyone and introduced himself. He stuck out his hand and said, “Hi, my name’s Dixon, what’s your name?” And then told a captivated audience about how his dog named Truman stole his hamburger.

Perhaps I need to start carting my tripod around everywhere. But I already felt obtrusive enough… oh well.

Nov 20 2008

Field Trip Day!!

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Today is another field trip day! Today, Dixon’s class goes to a retirement home to sing to the residents. How cute is that? I’ve got the SLR and the video cam’s charging up right now. His class has been practicing new sons for two weeks, they’re more than ready.

My ears must have been burning last night. I called the Thompsons to discuss Thanksgiving, and they had the blog up on the big screen!

Nov 18 2008

Funniest Kid Ever

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Dixon must have inherited my sense of humor. He had a piece of chewing gum yesterday (out of his Halloween stash) and had pulled it over his upper lip to form a mustache. He comes up to me and says, “Look, I’m Papa Brent!” We both laughed out loud at it.

Later, I relayed the story to Scott and I said, “Dixon has a great memory because Papa Brent hasn’t been here in ages.” Scott replied, “Yea, but that mustache is something else.” Indeed it is.

Papa Brent, we love you and your mustache.

Nov 17 2008

weekend wrap-up

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I could write “another banner weekend” to summarize just about every weekend, but I suppose I should attempt to think up something more original.

Friday was Tacos and Trains night at my parents house. Saturday I went to a friend’s baby shower, and Sunday we went to the park. Dixon’s going through a growth spurt because he was hungry all weekend. He climbed into my bed at 4am on Saturday and declared his hunger. I held him off till 5:30 and we got up to eat. After the park on Sunday, he snuck into the freezer and ate half a box of ice cream cookies. Don’t panic, they’re organic, of course. And all our meals were moved up three hours because he kept saying he was hungry again…. so that and a big snack before bed and Dixon ate a LOT this weekend.

Frolicking at the park.

Dixon still does Gray’s bidding, pushing him around the tennis court.

Big G on the slide.

Too cool for the playground.

Here he is with the ice cream cookies. I was in the kitchen, turned, and saw the freezer door ajar with the empty box on the floor. The house was oddly quiet. We finally found him in the playroom closet.

Nov 16 2008

Family Game Night

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Nights like these make me not miss the infant/baby stage at all. We can actually all do stuff together now! Here are the boys playing a round of Hungry Hungry Hippo, with Truman refereeing.

Nov 14 2008

a day with Dixon

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Tuesday was Veterans Day and thus a state holiday! I put Gray down for a nap and took Dixon out to the monarch butterfly grove.

Of course the Jr. Photog brought his own camera along.

Pausing to smell (and photograph) the flowers.

The joy of boys, defined. I guess girls climb too, but this is what being a boy is all about. Apparently.

While posing for this picture, passersby commented on how cute he is. He pointed to me and said, “this is my friend mommy!” And a few minutes later we stopped to talk to a co-worker and his wife who were also enjoying the day off. Upon parting ways, Dixon ran off and shouted back, “Goodbye Strangers!”


I did take a few shots of the butterflies.. I’ll get around to posting those soon.

Only 63 days till Birthday Bash 09!

Nov 10 2008

Yet another banner weekend.

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Don’t have any new pictures to post, but it was a banner weekend anyways. Grandma Linda came over and we put the bounce house up on Saturday to tire the little ones out. Then Hubs and I ditched ’em all and went out on a date! It’s been about 4 months since our last one, yikes! Tangentially, the 12th anniversary of our first date was Friday, woohoo! Anyways, you know you’re a parent when your first night out alone together in months consists of a shopping trip to Toys R Us, and we actually had a blast. We could have easily filled up 5 shopping carts of Christmas gifts for the boys, but since we haven’t won the lotto yet had to restrain ourselves a tad. Another hint that we’re parents is that the gifts we picked out for each other 1. came from Toys R Us and 2. are really just more stuff for the boys.

And here I declare our holiday shopping officially complete. Well before thanksgiving even, so neener neener.

Then, we had a nice dinner, came home, and the boys went to bed fairly easily. Sunday, we went to see Madagascar 2, which was awesome. At least I hope the ending was awesome, Gray got restless so we walked laps around the lobby for the last several minutes of the show. Dixon sat still throughout the show, enthralled. After lunch and naps, we played Hungry Hungry Hippo, a few rounds of Candyland, and just hung out. Even the runny noses that plagued us all last week seem to have cleared up as well.

Even this morning was nice! I got up very early to finish reading Pride and Prejudice. Gray toddled out about 5am and cuddled with me for an hour, and then Dixon wandered out about 6am and cuddled for a bit. I had enough time to study, shower, and make pancakes, all in the same morning – that never happens anymore!

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