Oct 31 2008


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First, how happy am I that Halloween is a Friday this year? This means the boys can sleep out their candy-hangovers, and you know they’ll be up later-than-late tonight. The plan is to trick-or-treat on our street and then hand out candy from home, which for some reason Dixon gets just as much delight from.

The boys picked spider and puppy costumes out weeks ago, but Meegan dropped off the hand-made Tin Man and Lion costumes last night. We (and the BFFs) were supposed to be Wizard of Oz characters for the carnival, but Dix had an ear infection so we didn’t go. If it’s not raining, we’re going to get the kids together tomorrow.

In an odd turn of events, Gray refused to put on his costume and be photographed. Dixon not only consented, but cranked up the charm for me last night, trying on both outfits.

Truman’s costume: Dog of the Year.

Oct 27 2008

Pimp My Ride

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Dixon’s class does a bike/scooter day once a month, and this month they all brought decorations in to spice it up. Here’s his decked-out scooter.

Oct 25 2008

pre-halloween picture frenzy

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My shutter finger got a workout today. I took the boys to the Avila Valley Barn, which is becoming a year-round favorite for us. We took a tractor ride out to the pumpkin patch and looked around, but were really just there for the pictures.

We had a good time, despite the look on Grayson’s face.

When the tractor pulled up he yelled “Whooooaaaaa!”

Holding hands in the pumpkin patch.

Really, we didn’t have a bad time. Maybe Grayson did.

After lunch and a brief nap, we donned our costumes and went to the pumpkin patch in SLO with Gran and Pops.

Yes, Pops is holding him up.

Gray says, “This is how I roll.” Unable to lift the larger pumpkins, he rolled them around.

Everybody say “candy!”

This was a long day! The boys only napped for about 20 minutes, in the car, on the way to my parent’s house. After the pumpkin patch, we got dinner and played trains. A few minutes after we got home, I found this:

Oct 24 2008

It’s been a week since my last post!

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And boy, do I have some catching up to do. But first, here’s one shot from my trip to Hearst Castle last week. This is the neptune pool at sunset. For an extra-large version (required for true appreciation) click here. The linked photo is actually just 50% of the original size. It’s technically 4 10-megapixel photos stitched together to get the panorama.

I realize that it runs into the column on the right. The blog wasn’t designed for such big panoramas.

It’s been quite a week. I’m utterly swamped with school and work right now but vow to catch up on El Bloggo this weekend. I swear.

Oct 17 2008

Logic 101

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Conversation in the car on the way to the doctor’s office this morning. The fever came back, and spiked at 103.8 last night.

Dixon: I don’t want to go to Doctor Thompson’s.
Mommy: But you’re still sick, I just want to have you checked out.
Dixon: Allright. I go to Doctor Thompson’s, and then I go to Gran and Pops’ house.

Perhaps we’ve been bribing him too much if he thinks he can start bargaining to improve his situation.

At the supermarket, after seeing a little girl with a huge mylar halloween balloon:
Dixon: I want a balloon like that girl’s.
Mommy: No.
Dixon: I want that balloon.
Mommy: No.
Dixon: But I want it NOW.

Great, we’re entering the demanding phase of childhood.

At naptime:
Dixon: I don’t want to take a nap.
Mommy: You’re tired and have been sick, just lay down already.
Dixon: But the sun’s out, the moon is sleeping, it’s not night time, I’m not going to take a nap.
Mommy: Well, you got me there, kid. Just lay down and do a puzzle or read a book for a while.

Can’t wait for the other one to start talking.

In other news, the past ten days have sucked. We laid low last weekend fending off a cold, that for Dixon turned into an ear infection, and thus we lay low and fend this off this weekend. We had big plans this weekend. My moms group’s big halloween carnival is tomorrow, and the BFFs were all going to go as Wizard of Oz characters. My friend spent hours making Dixon a Tin Man costume and Grayson a Lion costume. But alas, we won’t be going. I think next weekend we’re going to get together for pictures, so all is not lost, dear readers. You shall see a picture of them. And Sunday morning we were supposed to take Pops to a big train event. We’d been looking forward to it for weeks. Maybe we’ll get our share of sickies out now, and be fine for the rest of the winter. Ya right! Sunday afternoon, however, I’m taking a photography tour at Hearst Castle. They’re opening up special areas that they haven’t allowed to be photographed by the public before, and we finish the tour at the Neptune pool at sunset. Should be amazing. I bought my ticket two months ago and am going, come hell or high fevers.

Oct 15 2008

Spoony Love

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About 10 minutes after I put the boys to bed tonight, I heard giggles. Five minutes after that, the room was quiet. This is one crib full of spoony, brotherly love. Even Pooh Bear got in on the action.

Oct 15 2008

Yet another reason

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To totally heart Bon Jovi. As if you needed another reason. Link to eonline.

Oct 14 2008

first ear infection of the season

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And so begins another cold/flu season. Oh joy. Dixon has an ear infection. We laid low all weekend hoping to fend it off, but he’s still got a slight temp (100) so we’re staying home together today. He was home with Scott yesterday, and I came home to this on the couch:

He stayed out cold till about midnight, at which point he woke up, scarfed down a slice of pizza, and went back to sleep.

Oct 13 2008

back blogging

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Last week we had one of the hottest days on record. 99 degrees in Grover Beach! That’s hotter than Africa. Ick. So, we had Popsicles for dinner and then huddled in the bedroom, home of the air conditioner that was purchased during the last heat wave.

Mmmm, messy…

Someone’s sick of my camera.

Oct 10 2008

school pictures

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Christmas came early for me this year! Here are the proofs of the boys school pictures. All 12 are here.

I love that they took pictures of them together as well as their individual ones.

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