Sep 30 2008

halloween preview

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I got the boys their costumes this weekend. Dixon insisted on being a spider and told Gray that he should be a pumpkin. I couldn’t find a pumpkin in Gray’s size, but he can say “doggie!” now … ergo, he’s a doggie. He loved dressing up and posing but hated the hood.

Dixon hugs Truman with all six of his spider hands while Truman slips Gray the tongue.

Sep 28 2008

Conversations with Dixon

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Dixon: I want to go on an airplane. I need a ticket.
Daddy: Where are you going to go?
Dixon: Up in the air. To candyland.
Daddy: Well, bring me back a treat.

Sep 28 2008

Mommy’s Little Devils

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Found these gems at kmart today whist getting Halloween costumes for the little cherubs.

Sep 25 2008

preschool milestone # 33

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First school picture day! I’m sure it will be weeks before I have any of the school pictures to show, but here’s one I took this morning. It ain’t often that the Dynamic Duo wear nice clean shirts and sit still together, but in the spirit of picture day, they indulged me.

After a long day, the boys kick it in front of The Good Night Show while I make dinner.

If you can’t tell by Gray’s shirt, he’s drooling like mad because he’s teething. All four canines are coming in at once, and they’re taking their sweet time. Dixon’s teeth used to break through real fast, one at a time. Gray gets either 2 or 4 at once and they take forever. This has also caused him to reclaim his title as All Night Nursling, hitting up the Breastaurant every other hour for the past several nights.

Sep 22 2008


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Summer’s officially over. School (Cal Poly) classes start today! No better way to ring in the start of the academic year than a trip to the beach with Auntie Angie … and a shark! We were strolling on the pier (Ok, Angie and I were strolling whilst Dixon ran circles around us) and watching the surfers when a freaking shark made an appearance uncomfortably close to them. There were about seven surfers nearby … two left in a hurry and five just sat on their boards and watched it while Dixon shrieked “SHARK! SHARK!” from the pier. My pictures aren’t fantastic, but I was trying to snap them while keeping an eye on the Dix, and that shark was fast… he’d only pop up for a split second then hide again… no doubt working up an appetite.

This one shows the fin in the center, and the surfers watching. Too close for my comfort.

Jellyfish are washing up everywhere.

We picked Scottie up from the airport on Friday night. He had a suitcase full of swag to delight the boys, and a nice bag for me too:

I’ll be the coolest girl in my English lit class! Ugh, and I’m taking Spanish 101 too. Or tambien. Or something. Something else just occurred to me: I’m taking two classes this quarter. I used to use my lunch hour to get all my reading done. Now I’m taking a class on my lunch hour. So when the heck am I supposed to study?

Sep 18 2008

the ones from Dixon’s camera

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Sep 18 2008

Business Trip, Day 3

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Dixon has truly bonded with his father and it’s never been more evident. This has been a rough week for him! This morning he started calling me Daddy: Hi Daddy, I love you Daddy, Good morning Daddy. I said, “You’re being silly, I’m mommy!” And he laughs. And five minutes later he’s at it again. He’s also insisting that he’s going on his own business trip and is crafting a plan to get his own airline ticket. Thank goodness we pick up Daddy tomorrow night! Whew! I’m just not cut out for single motherhood.

Last night (to cheer us all up) we went out to one of my favorite places, Baywood Park, and took some pictures. Dixon took a lot from his camera too – hopefully I’ll get those off the camera and posted tonight.

This is a view of the estuary, the rock, and the stacks.

Outside the Maya restaurant is a little wishing well and the boys threw pennies in. I wished that the Hubs has a safe flight home tomorrow. Dixon copied me and said, “I wish Daddy comes home and I go on my own business trip.” Gray was just happy to be given a coin to toss into the water.

Dixon’s little finger pointing out a caterpillar.

Gray pointing at the birds and yelling “ooooohhhh!”

Sep 16 2008

baby gray in a dress??

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We were over at Gran and Pop’s house last night in an effort to cheer up the Dixon. Scottie’s in Vegas all week for VMWorld 2008 and Dixon misses him dearly. To add insult to Dixon’s injury, Daddy got to ride in an airplane too and he didn’t. As soon as I suggested going to my parent’s house for dinner and trains, Dixon perked up. While chasing the boys down the halls there, I noticed this picture on the wall. It’s me! That’s where Gray gets his hair? I pointed it out to Unkie Brad who said, “It’s Grayson in a dress!” Sure looks like it to me! The rest of the pictures are here.

In other news, Truman misses Scott so much he just lays around on his side of the bed, moping. He doesn’t even want to eat. Hmpf.

In still other news, any attempts at weaning the Big Baby are thwarted instantly. If I try to cuddle him when he wakes up in the night, he throws the offered pacie across the room and claws at my shirt yelling “mine!” Oh, and I’m thinking of trying out for American Idol next year. Whenever I try to sing to Grayson he clamps his hand over my mouth to stop me. Yikes.

Sep 12 2008

cape diem

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Seize the day! This week’s obsession is the almighty cape:

Sep 09 2008

my star of the day

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Dixon’s preschool class does a “Star of the Day” thing where one student is selected and gets a star to wear on his shirt. He gets to be first in line at everything all day. Dixon was sooooo excited to be picked yesterday. He insisted on transferring the star to his jammies at bedtime and threw a fit when I told him he couldn’t wear it again today.

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