Aug 31 2008

yet another zoo trip

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Gran and I headed south to the Zoo on Saturday with the boys. Our annual pass expired today, so we wanted one more shot. The highlight of the afternoon was the ant hill. This huge mound of artificial turf that the boys (and every other kid in the state) got to slide down. Some of the kids had pieces of cardboard. Seeing that this cardboard seemed to increase one’s speed and therefore enjoyment exponentially, Grayson waited until a family turned their back on their pile of cardboard, grabbed a piece, and took off up the hill with it. Lucky for Brother, Grayson shared and the family didn’t seem to miss it.

Here are my favorite pictures from the day. The rest are here.

Now, I have to get some sleep. Tomorrow the boys’ 17 closest friends are coming over for a labor day playgroup! Us moms will chug coffee whilst the kiddos bounce themselves tired in the bounce house.

P.S. Only 139 days till Birthday Bash 2009! Mark your calendars for the weekend of January 17 & 18th.

Aug 27 2008

conversations with Dixon

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This morning in the van:

Grayson: “Maaaaa! Maaaaa!”
Mommy: “Yes Grayson?”
Dixon: “Gray, listen to me, this is how you say it. Mom-my”
Mommy: “Yes Dixon?”
Dixon: “That’s how you say Mommy.”
Mommy: “Yep, that’s how you say it.”
Dixon: “Yep, that’s the truth!”
Grayson: “Maaaaaa!!!!”

Aug 25 2008

Gray’s 18-month checkup

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Everyone’s favorite 19-month old had his 18-month checkup and shots today. Took them like a man. He puckered up his face, about to cry, and the nurse waved a lolly at him and he’s all, “What shots?” Forgot all about them.

It was so nice to have 30 minutes of just Grayson. Don’t get me wrong, I heart me some rambunctious 3.5 year old just as much as the next mom, but it’s nice to be around Gray when he’s just Gray, not Dixon’s little brother. He’s really become his own little self now. Here are his stats:

    32.5 inches tall
    25.2 pounds
    40th percentile for weight (up from 30th at 12 months)
    60th percentile for height (up from 50th at 12 months)
    wearing 2T/3T shirts, 2T pants, and 3T jammies

Aug 23 2008

beach bums

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We went to the Avila Farmer’s Market last night. Summer’s nearly over and this was our first time out there this year!

Jojo and Ryan help Gray return to his stroller at the end of the evening.

Aug 21 2008

mommy’s lil nature lover

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We’ve been driving past these huge sunflowers every day for a while now and I’ve been meaning to get out and take a picture of them. So tonight I went and brought Dixon (and his camera) with me. Dixon loved going on a “photo walk” to look for flowers.

He even insists on slinging one of my old camera bags over his shoulder and stowing his camera in it when it’s not in use. It’s to protect the camera, he explains to me.

Never to be outdone, Lil Bro grabbed the camera when we got home and took a self-portrait.

And then he photographed his train track.

Aug 19 2008

mommy milestone # 42

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First Parent-Teacher night, yikes! Preschool had a parent night on Monday, so the Hubs and I went. I brought a list of issues I wanted to discuss – like who the h#ck keeps leaving the gate open? But apparently it wasn’t really a discussion-type meeting, more of a here’s-the-rules-meeting. Dixon’s teacher, Miss J, read us a list of rules and ironically enough, one of them was “no gum chewing” and she was chewing gum. Hm. She also went over what the kids would be learning this year. Middle of the list was “identifying letters.” Dixon can already spell his name. He can also spell c-a-n-d-y. (Note to self: Think of new codeword for c-a-n-d-y.)

Tangent: I stashed a bowl of skittles on top of the bookcase once, Scott asked me what it was, and I said, it’s c-a-n-d-y. Dixon, always within earshot these days, said, “no, it’s D-i-x-o-n.” Whenever something is spelled out now, his little ears pick it up and he assumes it’s all about him. And 99.9% of the time, he’s right. Anyways….. I’m sure everyone says their kid is the brightest/smartest/cutest/best/whatever. But seriously, mine really is. He even came home quoting scripture one night. I haven’t decided how I feel about that yet, but I’m sure I’ll keep you posted.

So anyways, we voted on one field trip per month, excepting September because it’s already event-rich. In October they’re going to go sing at a retirement home and you can bet I’ll be there with a camera and some 8GB memory cards to fill up and blog about.

Speaking of singing, Dixon has added several songs to his repertoire since starting preschool. They include (but are not limited to):

    Twinkle Twinkle Little Star ** mom’s favorite because he very dramatically says, “like a diamond… in the sky!”
    Ring Around the Rosie
    Row, Row, Row Your Boat

And never to be outdone, Big Gray has shown a similar vocabulary explosion, saying sleep, cheese, please, thank you, Dixon, doggie, daddy, crackers, Jew (I’m sure he means juice, as this is a christian preschool), I DO IT!, and the ever-popular: MINE!

So wait, wasn’t this supposed to be a post about me? Oh yes, I almost forgot, it really is all about the boys. And honestly, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

P.S. I had my final today! I have a paper due Friday, and then three whole weeks to rot my brain on tv and People magazine till I start it all over again. And I’ve officially joined the ranks of the super-crazy (graduating from just semi-crazy) and enrolled in two classes next quarter. English Lit and Spanish 101. Ay Carumba! Good thing Go, Diego, Go! and Handy Manny are on every day in this house so Linda the Llama can help me sube to the top of the mountain and count to ocho.

Aug 16 2008

3.5 going on 13

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Dixon got a much needed haircut today … in fact he got them all cut!



Dixon did so great at SuperCuts that we went to Cold Stones afterward for ice cream, then to Trader Joes and got stuff to make a pizza. Both boys helped with the toppings (pineapple and olives, natch).

Dixon put the toppings on, and Gray picked them off.

Then, its off to the bath before bed. They actually took turns washing each others backs tonight.

Aug 13 2008

Much Ado About Puck

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Are you happy now, people?

Quite an uproar about this whole Puck issue. So I checked out the book from the library and will get right on it. Please note the extra-large fair-trade coffee I anticipate needing to get me through this read. And it’s not like I don’t read. I’ve been busy with my No. 1 News Source, as well as this and reading about my ex-boss and her latest hubbie’s atrocious decision making skills. Not to mention all the technical crap I have to read for work. And the dozens of New York Times articles I have to read for my History class this quarter. And the required bedtime Dr. Suess and Farmer Mickey books that no preschoolers can sleep without. And my two new favorite cookbooks, La Dolce Vegan and How it All Vegan. So it’s not like I don’t read, people. Sheesh. Oh yea, and I work full time, have four kids (counting the dog), a household to run, snacks to remember to bring, parents nights to remember to attend, and four freaking birthday party invites to RSVP to this month. Why were all our friends born in August? I’m even too tired to do the math and count back nine months from August and make a crack about whatever was going on when all these kids were conceived. I’m even a 1/6 owner of a new scrapbooking letter machine that I haven’t even had time to see yet! But I digress …

I’ve lost interest in my history class, so this is great timing. That class is almost over anyways: I have a final exam and a 10-page paper on Obama [insert eye-roll here] due Tuesday. I’m just thanking Budda that the paper’s not on McSame. Then three glorious weeks to myself before English 205 (Lit from 1660 – 1798) starts. Gawd, I’m exhausted just writing about it. When I registered for Fall Quarter, I realized that if I doubled-up (doubled-down?) and took two classes at once, I could finish in a year and a half. The fact that I’m seriously considering this confirms that I’m ca-razy.

And somehow, I feel better just getting this all off my chest. Oh yea, and we came home to a busted water heater. I had to boil water on the stove like a hippy just to wash sippy cups.

Aug 12 2008

pizza and pops (and gran too)

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Tuesday, Dixon woke up, looked around, and said, “Where are Gran and Pops?” I explained that they were at their house, where they lived. Needing his Gran n Pops fix, we invited ourselves over and got a pizza. Dixon had two slices, and Grayson wolfed down three entire slices, plus a handful of blueberries and juice. Oy. There was much train-ing whilst waiting for said pizza to be delivered.

Engineer Grayson

Engineer Grayson

Aug 11 2008

mom’s afternoon out

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Yesterday afternoon several women in my moms group met for a photo scavenger hunt downtown. It was actually really fun and of course, my team won. The prize was a gift card to starbucks. Here we are in front of Puck, a statue of some dude. When I saw the item on the list, I said, WTF is Puck? And everyone else knew who he was. Oh well. Here we are….

In other news, there’s a major identity crisis going on at our house right now. Dixon insists on sleeping in the crib and Grayson in the toddler bed. And Grayson actually screamed “I DO IT!!!!” this weekend. That’s been Dixon’s motto for months now, a phrase he didn’t master until a year ago. Gray, a mere 18 months old, picked it right up. He won’t say Daddy, or more, but he’s sure got the “I DO IT” down. Grayson continues to decide where and when he’ll sleep, also. This weekend, he left the front room where we were all playing and said “night night” over and over again while toddling to his bedroom. He settled himself into Dixon’s bed with a book and I tucked him in. When it’s time to leave in the mornings, Grayson will grab his shoes out of the closet and head out the door, and then get into the van all on his own. At that age (and often still) as soon as that door’s open, Dixon runs out like a wild boar and cackles until we catch him. The boys are so different!

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