Jul 31 2008

This is why I get up in the morning:

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We went to the Avila Barn last weekend with friends and got all the kiddos lined up on the tractor for a hayride out to the fields to pick raspberries. In the middle of our mama-razzi photog frenzy, my awesome eldest put his arms around the youngest and gave him a big hug, all on his own, without any prompting from me.

I love these kids.

Jul 27 2008

The Fair 2008

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Gasoline for getting up the grade: $25

Wrist bracelets for unlimited kiddie rides: $40

Extra large bag of cotton candy: $5.50

The most kick-ass souvenir ever: priceless

Scott’s new license plate says, “I still heart Dix”. Well, who the heck doesn’t?

Jul 24 2008

box boy

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We hope that this is the only time in Dixon’s life that he sleeps in a box. We got a chest freezer two weekends ago and saved the box for them to play in. Dixon crept out of bed in the middle of the night and we found him asleep in the box with his pillow, a blanket, and a stolen pacie.

And here are a few more snapshots from last weekend.

Grayson with his devil horns – the wind blowing his hair up.

Trucks on the beach.

Cousins in the bath.

All of a sudden he loves the camera again.

Jul 23 2008

the dentist appointment that went horribly wrong

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No, I’m not talking about the kids! And because of problems with our teeth, we’re nazi’s about making the kids brush all the time. A few weeks ago I was eating an apple chip (not even a piece of candy!) and a chunk of a tooth fell off. I thought it was one I’d already had a root canal and crown on, but turns out it was my original tooth. So doc sanded down the rough edges and we scheduled a two hour block for getting a crown put on it.

The first indication of things to go astray was when the two halcyon pills I took had little effect on me. I have mega dental anxiety, so my doc gives me a prescription and I usually remember nothing about anything. Scott hauls me home after, and I wake up with a sore jaw. I was actually looking forward to sleeping through this appointment since I’ve been sleeping so little in preparation for my midterm that was Tuesday. So after not one, not two, but THREE hits of Novocaine and I’m STILL feelin’ everything, and the doctor starts clucking about my nerve…. I start freaking out a bit and make jokes about leaving something in my car and I gotta go check on it (secretly plotting never to return). He hauls out and straps on the laughing gas and I feel much better. Although I’m still in a lot of pain, at least I’m relaxed and no longer planning on jumping out the second story window to escape. So anyways, turns out the nerve is infected and it has to go. What went from a simple crown is now a two-visit root canal. Oh, and my next visit will be 4 hours long instead of 2 because the tooth below all this mess has been throbbing and I have a cavity below a filling. Yay me. $50 bucks says that the same thing happens when he tries to fix that tooth and I wind up with yet another root canal. Which is why we stress that the boys brush all the time and have started their dental exams as early as they’ll take ’em.

Now that I’ve bored you to tears with my self-inflicted woes for which I have only myself and my sweet, sweet tooth to blame, you’re probably wondering where all the pictures are. We had an awesome weekend with Scott’s cousins, aunt, and uncle, and the boys cousins that are very close in age. We spent all day Sunday at Avila Beach and on Monday Scott and Julie took the boys to the Avila Barn to feed the goats and hung out at our place before heading back to the valley.

Jul 17 2008

Another Toddler Milestone

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Gray’s first dentist appointment! Ok, I confess that it was last month, I’m a total slacker. Anyhoo, I had to work so I sent Scott to take the boys in with the point-and-shoot camera. If I had been there, you’d be looking at 100 snaps from the SLR.

Jul 14 2008

Toddler Milestone # 298

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First Art! Grayson created this today:

And Dixon made this:

When I picked him up he said, “Mommy, wook I made a airplane!” D’oh!

Jul 13 2008

iPhone, therefore, I am.

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Grab a cup of coffee and stretch out your scrolling finger, because I have a lot to catch up on. Thursday night I fell asleep with my contacts in and when I plucked them out at 3am Friday, I think I also peeled off the top three layers of cornea. So I’ve been 80% blind for three days. That didn’t stop me from waiting in line for 5 hours to get an iPhone on Saturday though. I took Dixon with me and he was as patient as Job.

This was the line at 8am at the AT&T store.

Dixon passed the time playing a game on my treo.

Two hours later, they announced that they sold out. We could order one and have it shipped though, so I decided to wait for that. An hour later, they announced their servers went down, so we split. Dixon scored an Optimus Prime with his Happy Meal.

After lunch we headed downtown to the Apple store, rumored to have a full supply still. The line was around the block but staff promised it would only take half an hour.

One hour later… we’re still waiting outside but Dixon’s spirits are still miraculously high.

Dixon had a good time mocking the security guard.

Finally inside the store, Dixon occupied himself playing a Dr. Suess game on an iMac.

After that, we went to Gran and Pop’s house for dinner and trains:

Sunday, we relaxed in the backyard with popsicles:

And here are 19 random pictures from July that I haven’t gotten around to posting yet. Now I gotta put some more eye drops in and pack lunches for tomorrow.

Picking olalliberries with Grandma Linda last weekend:

Jul 08 2008

the preschool post

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Day 1 went very well, but we expected no less from the little cherubs. We walked into the room and Dixon immediately said “Where’s the train?” and ran around looking for it under tables, inside cupboards, and finally we said, “Looks like everyone’s playing outside, why don’t you join them?” And he did. We got them checked in and looked around, Dixon was already racing around on a trike like he owned the schoolyard. I said, “Dix, let’s meet your teacher” and he hollers to his new cohorts “I’ll be right back I’m meeting my teacher!!!!” and comes to meet her. He never looked back.

We introduced Gray to his teachers, snapped a few pics, and started to walk away. He whined just a little and tried to follow us but we quickly left and I think they picked him up to distract him. Otherwise he did fine too.

At the end of the day, both teachers said, “They’re gonna be tired tonight, and they didn’t eat much.” As soon as they were strapped into their carseats they wolfed down their entire lunches that they were too busy/distracted from earlier in the day.

At bedtime we asked Dix to tell us about his day… here are the highlights:

    He liked his teacher, Miss J.
    There’s a boy named Ryan there, who is not the same kid as his girlfriend Ryan, whom he loves very much (I’m not making this up, he declared “I love girl Ryan”
    He tried several times (unsuccessfully) to break into the toddler yard to get to brother Gray
    He “really wanted brother Gray to ride trikes with me but my teacher kept saying no to me”
    They talked about shapes and colors, but not letters or numbers.

    Mommy: “Dixon, what was your favorite part of the day?”
    Dixon: “Playing trains with my grandfather Pops”

    I’m assuming this meant he had talked up Pops and trains all day and the teachers got the “grandfather” word out of him, because we’ve never referred to Pops as his grandfather, just as Pops.

How cute is this little cubbie?

The best part for us was that at 4pm, there was no panicked fleeing to get all the way across town by 4:30. Old daycare was 29 minutes away from work. This place is only 5. Woot! At 5pm, I leisurely decided I was done working for the day and strolled to the van to get them. Ahhhh…..

Jul 07 2008

Preschool, we have arrived.

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I’ll post pictures as soon as my eyes dry up. Those boys are so stinking cute.

Jul 05 2008

4th of July

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Grayson sez “I heart me some watermelon.” Well really, he said, “Mine!” but who are you to argue with this face?

Steve-O the neighbor had the brilliant idea of blowing up some diet soda with mentos. Hey, its cheaper than fireworks. I guess aspartame is good for something after all… And if they ever update their blog, I’ll probably have a video of it to show you.

Then we went across town to another event:

Dixon and his betrothed sneak in a healthy snack under the table:

When the sun went down, the real fun started:

Dixon and his BFF Jojo setting the night on fire…

Now I gotta go… Linda’s kicking our butt at Wii Bowling right now, and I must reclaim my title of Queen of Spares.

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