Jun 27 2008

Flashback Friday

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More then-and-now fun:

This is Dixon and my dad in May 05.

And here they are three years later.

Scottie and Dixon playing PS2 in June 05.

And playing the Wii three years later.

Jun 25 2008

Flashback: 2 years ago this month

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This is for all of you who tell me that my kids don’t look alike. I beg to differ. These pictures were taken June 2006, when Dixon was Grayson’s age.


Jun 25 2008

Mama’s Lil’ Couch Potato

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My little cherub turned 17 months old this week. Its almost hard to believe. Here he is in the playroom. He was being awfully quiet the other day, so I checked on him and found him curled up in bed. He had wrapped himself up in a blankie (my beloved childhood Gran-made strawberry shortcake blankie, no less) and was reading about Thomas the Train.

Like all the other men in my life, he also enjoys a good snack in front of the boob tube.

The Littlest Zombie:

Today at the chiropractor, I had an appointment but since we’re carpooling, we all went in even though the boys didn’t get adjusted this time. They have amazing massage chairs that Scottie likes to sit in. Anyways, today Grayson climbed onto the table and put his face down on the paper, right where its supposed to go, and had a great time having his back rubbed by me while waiting for the amazing Dr T. He is growing up too fast. Case in point: he’s wearing clothes that Dixon just grew out of, and now Dixon’s case of the “mines!” are resurfacing because he doesn’t want to share his clothes with his bro.

Jun 24 2008

trains and school

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Summer school started today. My class ends at 5:30 so Scottie picked up the boys and hung out at my parents till I was done, and Dixon and Pops tested out Pops’ two new engines. He even let Dixon drive! He had a blast. At daycare today the kids made pretend watches and on the way home, Dixon looked at it and said, “its time to go to gran and pops for trains!”

Jun 22 2008

birthday shoutouts

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June is the month for birthdays… Grandma June’s was yesterday and Amma’s was today. We went over to my parents house for pizza and trains tonight.

Jun 21 2008

Heat Wave 08 Continues

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Its almost too hot to type so I’ll keep this brief: driving back from Costco on my lunch break yesterday – I left my shady parking lot, the van read 100 degrees. At Costco, 106. Heading back to work on the freeway was 111! I almost turned back for the Honda dealer to have them fix the dang computer… but, well, you know. Too hot to be witty too.

I picked up the poor boys and Gray and a similar-sized kid were laying on the floor, on their backs, sucking down cold milk. Too hot to even sit upright! Poor babies. The rest of the kids were sucking down juice or other drinks in front of the TV. The plan for this weekend is to declare an official Smith Family Hot Day. What constitutes a Smith Family Hot Day, you ask? Well, everyone, including me, is exempt from chores, even chores that have been put off a while and this is the only time to do them. We huddle under the ceiling fan, have Popsicles, and watch cartoons or play Wii. And pray for marine layer. Weather.com predicts 88 today but our local news is saying 97. We were actually out playing in the backyard at 6:45 am and it was nice and cool, but its heating up fast. Ug.

Jun 20 2008

Where my June Gloom at?

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I cannot live like this. Seriously people. We left work last night and the van said it was 96 at 4pm. Driving down 4th street in Grover was 100! It’s NEVER hotter in Grover! This can’t go on! I’d give my right ovary for some marine layer right now. Oh, the humanity!

Jun 18 2008


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Preschool, here we come! Four long years on wait lists all over the county and we finally got into our third choice preschool. It’s not the Cal Poly Childrens Center… we’re still waiting on them. Its just a few minutes from campus and nearly half the price of our first choice. As a bonus, we get to start carpooling again, so its like we’re getting a mega-raise not having to fill up the truck anymore. Woot!

Here are the bathing boys now…

Jun 16 2008

Father of the Year

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We let Daddy sleep in, then made waffles.

Dixon is all over helping in the kitchen nowadays. In fact, he’ll throw a tantrum if not offered every opportunity to assist in some way.

They say a woman bonds with her children more than the father does because she’s more certain they’re hers. Do you think this one’s mine?

This was from three nights ago. Daddy and Doggy co-sleeping! Dr. Sears would be so proud.

Story time is an integral part of the bedtime routine.

And relax people! I didn’t really let Dixon drink syrup. He tried, but the lid was securely attached the entire time … I swear! I only let him do that with the organic syrup from Trader Joes.

Jun 16 2008

the Quotable Dixon

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Dixon’s new word: bananus: “ba-nay-nus”, that little part at the end of the banana, a.k.a. the banana’s anus. He was about to eat it and I said, “you can’t eat that, that’s the bananus” and he said, “bananus bananus bananus!” Wheeeee, he’s three!

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