May 22 2008

His mama dresses him funny

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I didn’t, I swear. He did this all by himself.

May 22 2008

The Dixon Update

Category: eco-mama @ 11:42 am

While we’re waiting for our pediatrician to get back from vacay, Papa Brent is calling in a prescription for something for reflux. It is just something to try while we wait. So cross your fingers! Dixon hasn’t mentioned any chest pain since the ER visit, so that’s good news too. He’s also learned that if he says he has a bad dream, I’ll let him sleep with me. This was cool until last night, when he came out of his room twice declaring he had a bad dream, even before he had fallen asleep. I explained that it don’t work that way, but let him in with us anyway.

It seemed like each day kept getting worse this week. A couple of very challenging days at work, and I’m totally swamped at school. Each day I was thinking, “tomorrow’s got to be better!” We had a work picnic yesterday (pixs to follow soon), which was fun, until I got stung by a bee and then someone asked if I was pregnant. (My reply was, “nope, just still chubby from the last one… oh and eff off jerk.”) My luck seems to be turning around today, however. Someone writing a story for wants to use a photograph I took in an article about gas prices. I was uber-excited until I found out that there were 165 other photos also chosen, so I lowered my level down to just excited. And while they’re not paying me cold, hard cash (sorry Scott), I no doubt have earned your undying admiration. Yes?

Here’s a link to the article.

Things are looking up!