May 18 2008

weekend wrap-up

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Another week, another round of snotty noses and fevers. The kids (and us) finally perked up Friday afternoon. I came home one day to this:

Dixon stole a paci and passed out on the couch by 6pm, and stayed asleep for the whole night.

Grayson has a sandal fetish, and can even put them on by himself. If we don’t lock him out of the closet he’ll constantly play with shoes.

Once the snot receded, we ventured outside for some fresh air and to look for sticks.

Is it a door? Or a window? We’ll never know….

Saturday, we went to our potential preschool’s annual carnival. Since Scott couldn’t make it to the open house last week, I wanted him to go so he could see them campus. $100 bucks says that when Dixon shows up on the first day, he’s going to say, “where’s the bounce house, clown, and pony?” He kept saying on the way home, “I want to go to preschool.”

Dixon won this hat and blowie thing playing a fishing game.

Daddy bought him a snow cone.

A good time was had by all. We even ran into Dixon’s best friend from daycare who’s also on the wait list.

May 18 2008

Grandfather’s Hat

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Here’s Grayson playing peek-a-boo with Herbie’s cowboy hat. The hat that Dixon found in the Glendale garage two years ago.

We escaped last week’s oppressive heat by filling the sand and water table with just water… grayson was eating all the rocks in it anyway. The first thing Dixon did was fill a bucket, say, “come here Grayson” and when Grayson walked up to him he threw the whole bucket of water on him.