May 13 2008

I want to go back to preschool.

Category: eco-mama @ 2:07 pm

I went to an open house for the county’s snootiest private school today, the school which shall remain nameless for a while… like until we get in and I don’t have to worry about you lurkers swooping in and stealing our spots. Its full until 2010 but they’re hopeful that there’s enough interest and they can open another room this fall. This place was amazing for several reasons. Its a Montessori school, which I had heard of before but didn’t know what it was until they explained it to me today. They seem very strong on academics: there’s a state-of-the-art computer lab full of shiny iMacs, and even the kindergarteners have a computer class each week. They have daily Spanish lessons, and starting in Kindergarten the kids get an art class that’s taught in Mandarin. So they get the art and the extra language exposure. Each room has a garden, and the kids learn sustainability in addition to starting math very early. When they’re done with lunch, they put their banana peels and apple cores into the worm bin, and then use the compost in their gardens. Like I said, I wanna go back to preschool! Before you start thinking this is a total hippie-hotbed, rest assured, dear readers. They start creating power point presentations in first grade, compete in History Day every year, and the second graders are probably better mathamagicians than I am. (But hey, I did pass college calculus.)

There’s a new headmaster (yes, I said headmaster) and he has great visions for the school, including building a high school on the property and a zen garden with a labyrinth, so that when students act up, they can “walk the labyrinth and think about themselves” — his words, not mine. Sure beats the canings I got in high school :)

What’s more, there’s a toddler room that’d be perfect for Big Gray, complete with a music class and potty training boot-camp.

So I thought that Scottie would balk at the price tag, but comparing it to the small fortune we’re shelling out for daycare, we’d actually be saving money. Woot!