May 07 2008

the krayon kidz

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May 07 2008

a boring week so far

Category: eco-mama @ 1:09 pm

So far this week has been nice and quiet. I wrote a long time ago about Truman’s pet mouse. A little dark gray mouse has been hanging out on our back porch, and Truman just ignores him. He’ll bark at him occasionally, but never tried to catch it or anything. So we started feeding Truman inside again, thinking the mouse was after Truman’s food. That was months ago, and we haven’t seen him in a long time. Last night, a tiny baby mouse scurried around Truman’s water bowl. Truman didn’t even notice, but I did. So, we’re going to have to do something about it. I’m in a dilemma, because I want to get the humane trap that catches the mouse live, but where should I release it? If I get the neck-snappers, I don’t want to have to clean up a bunch of dead mice. Our neighborhood cats are definitely not doing their jobs (this means you, Hagrid and Picasso). Now for the bad news: I’m wondering if they’re getting into my new compost pile. I may have to abandon my new pipe dream of saving the planet, one food scrap at a time, if its attracting mice. I was just getting a good pile going too, and ripped out an ugly old bush to make room for a fruit-bearing, privacy-from-neighbors-behind-us tree. A tree that would thrive if I mixed my organic compost into the soil for it. What to do, what to do.

Now for the good news: If the economy tanks, I can make extra money on the side as a child sleep therapist. I’ll come to your home, read some Shakespeare, and they’ll be out in no time. Last night I was reading at the table and Dixon asked me to read to him before bed. I read for a while, and he started wiggling to get away. I said, “you either have to sit here quietly or go to bed,” and he opted for the latter. Meanwhile, Big Gray nodded off in his highchair just before Gloucester got his eyes plucked out. On that note, wish me luck on my midterm today!!