May 31 2008

I heart me some Chiropractor!

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There’s a new man in my life, people. He’s amazing. Dr T (Yes, another Dr T… not Thompson, either of the Grand-Aunt-Mary variety or the pediatrician variety), but Dr. Tullius. I went to a wellness clinic that his office put on, and he discussed how chiropractors can boost immune systems by removing “interferences” from the spine (nervous system). At my wit’s end with all our recent colds this year, I figured I didn’t have anything to lose and scheduled an appointment for me and the boys. We had our first adjustments yesterday and I already feel 100% better. If nothing else, he gave me hope that there’s a light at the end of this snot-ridden, croupy tunnel. He specializes in treating kids, and the boys loved him. And my friends rave about him.

In other news, tonight was chili night at Chez Smith. Scott took over and made an awesome batch of turkey chili with black, white, and kidney beans, and I made cornbread muffins with honey butter. Everyone wolfed it down.

And then, we watched a little TV. Get it, a little tv? Our flat screen is in for repairs, so we’re streaming Netflix on the computer for now. And about the baskets… no, we did not run out of furniture. Scott somehow convinced the boys that laundry baskets are really pirate ships, so they sit in them using my big spoons as oars and pushing each other across the room.

May 28 2008

Three is the new Two

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I heard that on Jon and Kate + 8 last night and it’s totally true. Three is the new Two. Someone forgot to tell Dixon that “terrible twos” shoulda been over by now. Those lil’ insurgents put me through the ringer yesterday. They were so whiny that when I got to class, I sat down in my seat, took a deep breath, and my ears were still ringing from it all.

Apparently yesterday was “Blame Brother” day. Poor Grayson smashed strawberries into the carpet and snapped several crayons into tiny pieces, all while he was strapped into his highchair in another room. That’s Dixon’s story, and he’s sticking to it.

I’ve got a game plan today, though. Its nearly 8:30, and its still working! If Dixon tells no fibs and does no baby-talking, then he can earn time on the computer to play Candyland or a Diego game on Noggin. I’ll keep you posted.

Dixon’s fever is lower today (under 100) and he didn’t wake up coughing last night. Good news! Grayson, however, feels warm but is still under 100. And he caught the croupy cough. And Dixon just mooned me. He says “Look, I didn’t poop in my chonies!” Yay for me. Time for me to go down all the herbal crap I got at the health food store last night, in hopes that my own sore throat will heal.

May 27 2008

Hell hath no fury like feverish toddlers…

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Well, we’re sick again! Still? No, I think its again. I was *about* to get on here and brag about how we’ve been cold-and-fever-free for all of six days now. Then, Scott checked on Dixon on his way to bed Sunday night and he had a fever of 103! We battled the fever all day yesterday and Monday night the croupy cough started. Wheeeeeee…. I’ve been ignoring my own symptoms since Mother’s Day. My cough got better for a while but is back with the fever too. What the heck? Before I had kids, I hadn’t had a fever since I was a kid. Oh, and I think Dixon might have night terrors. Even when he is well, he’ll go through phases where for several nights in a row he’ll start crying in his sleep, not fully awake, and it takes about an hour to calm him back down.

As far as the chest pains go, Dixon has only complained once. I think we’re on to something with the reflux theory. We’ve eliminated juice and other acidic foods, and this seems to have resolved it. We’re still going to follow up with Dr. T this week.

So that’s enough from Debbie Downer. We spent about an hour Sunday at the Arroyo Grande Strawberry Festival visiting Gran. Up until Sunday night, we actually had a good weekend.

Whilst Grayson napped, Dixon rode his scooter up the street, stopping to smell the flowers. I asked him what it smelled like and he said, “Mmm, like flowers!” Duh.

The scooter kind of got away from him.

After the scooter incident, Dixon decided to go for a drive instead. Grayson woke up just in time.

Here’s Dixon enjoying a strawberry parfait.

Now, it’s time to go find something to stab my ears out from all the baby-talk. And I don’t mean from Baby Gray.

May 23 2008

Kickin it with Gran and Pops

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We popped in on Gran and Pops after work last night.

May 22 2008

His mama dresses him funny

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I didn’t, I swear. He did this all by himself.

May 22 2008

The Dixon Update

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While we’re waiting for our pediatrician to get back from vacay, Papa Brent is calling in a prescription for something for reflux. It is just something to try while we wait. So cross your fingers! Dixon hasn’t mentioned any chest pain since the ER visit, so that’s good news too. He’s also learned that if he says he has a bad dream, I’ll let him sleep with me. This was cool until last night, when he came out of his room twice declaring he had a bad dream, even before he had fallen asleep. I explained that it don’t work that way, but let him in with us anyway.

It seemed like each day kept getting worse this week. A couple of very challenging days at work, and I’m totally swamped at school. Each day I was thinking, “tomorrow’s got to be better!” We had a work picnic yesterday (pixs to follow soon), which was fun, until I got stung by a bee and then someone asked if I was pregnant. (My reply was, “nope, just still chubby from the last one… oh and eff off jerk.”) My luck seems to be turning around today, however. Someone writing a story for wants to use a photograph I took in an article about gas prices. I was uber-excited until I found out that there were 165 other photos also chosen, so I lowered my level down to just excited. And while they’re not paying me cold, hard cash (sorry Scott), I no doubt have earned your undying admiration. Yes?

Here’s a link to the article.

Things are looking up!

May 21 2008

Dixie-Drama: My heart’s little heart

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Here’s our night in hell last night, but first some background: A month ago, Dixon started randomly declaring that his chest hurt. We’d say, “where?” and he’d point directly to his heart. Since he had been sitting still, and not racing around, we’d frown and not really know what to do. He complained a few more times and we took him to the urgent care (his regular doc is on vacation all month, and the office that’s covering for him doesn’t take our insurance). They listened and couldn’t find anything wrong. A few days later, Papa Brent came over, listened, and couldn’t find anything wrong either. Since the complaining had temporarily ceased we didn’t think about it much more; just planned on taking him to see Dr T when he’s back.

Until yesterday, that is. Dixon awoke from his nap after only 30 minutes, screaming and clutching his little chest in pain. Daycare had quite a time consoling him and calming him down. So we head back to urgent care and ask for an x-ray. Daycare thinks it could be pneumonia or fluid in his lungs, since we’ve been sick oh so many times this year.

At the urgent care, they did an EKG which came back perfectly normal. They x-rayed him twice and both times came up with little lines, and the doctor thought that his lung was deflating (!!!) and sent us to the ER.

At the ER, they wrangle him into the CT machine and do a spiral CT. It was horrid. My poor baby had never been so terrified. He’s such a fighter; it took two mean techs (threatening him with a needle) and Scott to hold him down and strap him in for it and I think the entire west side of AG heard him screaming bloody murder whilst Gray and I frantically paced the hallway. The CT turned out to be perfectly normal: his heart and lungs are fine. They’re the right size, murmur-free, and in perfect working condition. No pneumonia or fluid in lungs. No lung deflating at all; turns out the urgent care had a crappy old x-ray.

ER doc speculates it could be inflammation from all the colds we’ve had this year. Or reflux. But why would reflux start now? His diet hasn’t changed. ER sent us home with instructions to follow-up with Dr T next week, and no real answers other than his heart is great (THANK GOD) and his lungs are fine too.

So what now? Maybe we’ll get an MRI, maybe we’ll re-do the CT (after he’s been sedated) so he’s more still? My little trooper is doing fine today. We got home at 11-ish and he ate a taco and went to bed. He woke up several times, crying from bad dreams about the CT machine. I let everyone sleep in and then took them to daycare today.

May 18 2008

weekend wrap-up

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Another week, another round of snotty noses and fevers. The kids (and us) finally perked up Friday afternoon. I came home one day to this:

Dixon stole a paci and passed out on the couch by 6pm, and stayed asleep for the whole night.

Grayson has a sandal fetish, and can even put them on by himself. If we don’t lock him out of the closet he’ll constantly play with shoes.

Once the snot receded, we ventured outside for some fresh air and to look for sticks.

Is it a door? Or a window? We’ll never know….

Saturday, we went to our potential preschool’s annual carnival. Since Scott couldn’t make it to the open house last week, I wanted him to go so he could see them campus. $100 bucks says that when Dixon shows up on the first day, he’s going to say, “where’s the bounce house, clown, and pony?” He kept saying on the way home, “I want to go to preschool.”

Dixon won this hat and blowie thing playing a fishing game.

Daddy bought him a snow cone.

A good time was had by all. We even ran into Dixon’s best friend from daycare who’s also on the wait list.

May 18 2008

Grandfather’s Hat

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Here’s Grayson playing peek-a-boo with Herbie’s cowboy hat. The hat that Dixon found in the Glendale garage two years ago.

We escaped last week’s oppressive heat by filling the sand and water table with just water… grayson was eating all the rocks in it anyway. The first thing Dixon did was fill a bucket, say, “come here Grayson” and when Grayson walked up to him he threw the whole bucket of water on him.

May 15 2008

Itching to blow your economic stimulus check?

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Then I have a great way to do it! Buy our book! I realize that 2008 is nearly half over (or is it half begun?), but I just finished our 2007 family album.

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