Apr 30 2008

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Tonight after work my photo club met downtown to take pictures at the creek, then we walked around and crossed a bunch of items off our list for our photo scavenger hunt. So that’s why these are kind of random.

water and rocks in mission creek

For the scavenger hunt I needed a picture inside an elevator. So here’s my self-portrait.

Here’s where half the student body got arrested (before noon) on St. Patricks day.

Roses at the Mission

I also had to take a picture of a gas pump. Maybe I’ll save up for an electric scooter for my birthday.

Apr 29 2008

baby milestone # 612

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First lolly! This was from his checkup last week. He loved it, as any child of mine rightly should, even though it was sugar-free. At least Dr. T is looking out for his teeth.

Apr 27 2008

just another awesome weekend

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Saturday we hosted a “Cupcakes and Cocktails” playgroup and had some “momtails” while the kids played in the backyard.

Dixon and Sarah drinking what Sara’s mom calls “Crack for Kids” = juice that isn’t watered down. Apparently its a delicacy Sarah only enjoys at our house.

Looks like road rash, but its just chocolate cupcake smeared on his face.

Dixon, betrothed to Ryan, try to sneak a quick cuddle in the bounce house. I was inside at the time and Ryan’s mom started screaming and I thought someone was choking or something, but she just wanted me to grab the camera ASAP.

Cosmos, cupcakes, and crack. The rest of the playgroup pics are here.

Sunday we went to the tidepools at Montana De Oro to escape the oppressive 80 degree Grover weather. It was a blissful 67 at the tidepools and the boys frolicked in the ocean.

“rocks. they’re what’s for lunch”

Back at the ranch, it was still pretty hot so we turned on the turtle sprinkler and frolicked yet some more.

Baby Gray milestone # 567: First sprinkler experience.

Apr 27 2008

good news, bad news

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The good news: Dixon is getting great at writing letters.
The bad news: He practiced this morning on my chair while I was in the shower.
The worse news: It was with a purple sharpie! Arg.

Apr 25 2008

Weekly wrap-up

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Sadly my posts seem to be fewer and far between these days. So stretch your scrolling finger, because I have 18 pictures to post today from this week.

On Earth Day, the boys and I took a nature walk on the Bob Jones trail after work:

Dixon takes a picture of a blue bird.

Does this one need a caption?

Dixon says, “oooh, its a forest!”

Boys love sticks.

After we took this, we gave the tree a big hug.

Thursday seems to be spaghetti night at Casa de Smith. Both boys love it and always clean their plates.

Maybe I need to buy see-through plates so Gray can watch Diego unobstructed.

He’s never met a bowl of spaghetti he didn’t like.

A face only the mother will clean up…

Like seafood? Grayson sure does.

Inevitably Thursdays turn into bath nights also. I wonder why?

Daddy forgot to push his chair in.


Everyone loves popcorn, even Truman. And Grayson quickly learned that the quickest way to Truman’s heart is through his stomach.

Grayson’s first ride on the Nighttime Express.

Scott and Dixon have been doing this for a while now and we’re including Grayson because when he hears Scott making train noises, he lights up and chases them. Scott carts both boy off to bed for story time.

I heart my boys.

Apr 24 2008

So there!

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Read this article about the conception of boys vs. girls.
And take that! all you sanctimommies who mock my jelly-bean-and-coffee breakfasts!

Apr 23 2008

Gray’s 15-month checkup

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Is he really 15 months old already? Sheesh. He got three shots this morning and took it like a man, despite Dixon’s attempt at domineering the appointment with an explanation of each bruise on his shins.. and he’s a 3 year old boy, there are plenty. Dr. Thompson walked in to the exam room and both boys were buzzing around, and he said, “15 months, he should be pretty active now.” If only he knew that last night, at 9pm, Grayson spent a good 30 minutes climbing up on the couch, jumping off, looking up at us for approval, laughing hysterically when he got it, and repeating the process ad nauseum. I love my boys.

Gray’s 15-month stats:
22 pounds
30.5 inches
30th percentile for weight
40th percentile for height

I think he’s going to be taller than Dixon. Apparently the 15 month checkup is the best because although there are three shots involved, Gray got his first lollipop. Dixon got one too, and crunched it up before we even got back to the van. Gray got his after he was strapped into his carseat so I could adequately photograph this milestone. He sucked on it for a few minutes and then handed it to Dixon, who knew that I wouldn’t let him take it inside Norine’s, so he hid it in his pocket. Dixon also made the whole doctor’s office laugh when he burst out of the bathroom and valiantly declared, “I’m done going potty, see you later Dr. Thompson!!”

I’ll post the lollipop picture tonight. Although I’m not quite done with King Lear, I did skip ahead to the ending. They all die, it’s quite a depressing tale.

Apr 22 2008

An anti-climactic earth day

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I had a witty earth day post planned for today, but was informed last night that “no one’s interested in my green agenda.” Can I call it an ecogenda ™?

I have some new pictures of the boys, but those’ll have to wait till I finish King Lear. Oh, and I don’t want to brag or anything, but Cal Poly’s newspaper, the Mustang Daily, published my letter to the editor today.

Apr 21 2008

I heart sarcasm. And polar bears.

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Now that I’ve whetted your appetite for videos, I shall shamelessly plug some of my hippy propaganda. Hopefully the humor in this video will keep people watching it and remembering its message.

Tomorrow’s Earth Day, people!

Apr 21 2008

the clubhouse boys

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Contrary to what The Contrarian says in this video, he does love his clubhouse. And he insists that indeed, he is not a contrarian.

Got bandwith? Right-click here and here and save the full-size, high quality video if you must. (I recommend Quicktime player… that and switching to Mac.)

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