Mar 31 2008

zoo day

Category: eco-mama @ 7:57 pm

We took a last-minute trip down to the Santa Barbara Zoo today. Gray got to toddle around a lot and Dixon scored a pair of binoculars. The whole set of pictures is here.

Me and Dix feeding the giraffes.

Me n Gray on the train.

Dad with his hands full.

Dixon watching the elephants with the binoculars.

And lest any of you need reminding, our 10th anniversary is a mere 5 days away! We considered going to The Grad, where all the magic began (!) but there was a drive-by shooting there last weekend. So maybe not.

Mar 30 2008

If one egg hunt is good, then are more better?

Category: eco-mama @ 5:02 pm

Heck yes! My moms group had its annual egg hunt and potluck yesterday and the boys had a blast. Grayson ate his first-ever jellybean and rode on a merry-go-round for the first time. The rest of the pics are here.

Mar 28 2008

the Quotable Dixon

Category: eco-mama @ 7:57 am

Dixon has said two things that have cracked me up this week:

1. We were in the car and he had a sugar-free lollypop. He says, “Its so sweet, just like me!”

2. I was making a batch of homemade caramel corn last night and gave him a small handful of it. I said, “Since you ate all your dinner you can have some caramel corn” and he replied, “you’re killing me” as he walked away with it. Ok, I admit he picked this one up from me. Sheesh.

Mar 27 2008

cutest brothers ever

Category: eco-mama @ 8:45 am

I dedicate this post to my mom and Amma who tell me how tired I look every time I see them. The boys have matching shirts that say, “My parents are exhausted.”

Dixon’s got “the look”

Mar 25 2008

Category: eco-mama @ 12:41 pm

Today’s shaping up to be a decent day. I’ve received several pieces of good news:

1. I passed my English class! I am so smrt.

2. We got our gas bill today! I normally don’t celebrate this. Last month it was $97, an all time high for us. So I fired my dryer and invested $5 in more clothesline and pins. And thanks to my new solar-powered clothes dryer, I haven’t used the dryer in a month and saved $30 on gas. We also noticed that our electricity bill was $30 less this month. Couldn’t figure out why, until we put the bounce house up last weekend and realized we hadn’t used it in a month due to our busy schedules and bad weather.

Ok, I guess “two things” isn’t exactly “several”, but whatever. It’s all I’ve got today.

Mar 23 2008

Happy Easter!

Category: eco-mama @ 8:15 am

We’re not Catholic… I guess we’re just in it for the candy and egg hunts. Yesterday a bunch of friends came over and hung out in the backyard during our weekend of perfect weather…it was almost 80 degrees out. We bounced, hunted eggs, chugged coffee (at least I did), and caught up with our neighbors while the kiddos played. Here’s my very-amateur home video:

More pictures from the day are here.

Mar 20 2008

wooohooo, i’m done with school

Category: eco-mama @ 6:20 pm

For this quarter anyways. Start right back up again on April 1. Anyhoo, I had my final today. I survived. Who knows how bad I would have done if the writers hadn’t gone on strike. So, I’m celebrating the end of the quarter with a big glass of two-buck-chuck, some chicken fingers, and some soy-catash (soybeans, corn, and red peppers)…quite possibly the easiest and most kid-friendly dinner ever.

Anyway, it’s almost Easter! And that means preparations are underway for the second annual neighborhood easter egg hunt in Casa Smith’s backyard. We’ve got a few of the boys friends coming over to hunt for eggs while us adults chug coffee. I don’t have the energy to actually color eggs this year, and I’m trying to limit our consumption of animal products anyway, so we’re just going to get some cheepie plastic ones from Sprawl-Mart and hide them.

Mar 18 2008

Question of the Day # 145

Category: eco-mama @ 7:41 am

“Where are all the GO signs?” Dixon asked this morning on the way to daycare. Every time he sees a STOP sign, he says, “S-T-O-P spells stop sign!” After seeing about 5 stop signs on the way in, he realized he hadn’t yet seen a GO sign. Three is the best age ever. So far the odd years are really working out well for us. Two… not so much. But 1 and 3 are great so far!

Mar 16 2008

we heart birthday parties

Category: eco-mama @ 9:09 pm

Dixon’s BF from daycare turned three this weekend so we went to his house for pizza, cake, a trampoline, and all the standard birthday stuff.

Cake + bouncing + 3 year olds = guaranteed good times.

I won’t be slowed down waiting for a fork.

Had to distract him with painting while gifts were opened … he wanted to help just a little too much.

Mar 16 2008

the bedbugs

Category: eco-mama @ 6:40 pm

At nap and bedtime, we can’t keep Grayson from going into the boys bedroom and climbing into bed with Dixon.

Our friend gave us these tadpoles that are going to turn into frogs soon. Dixon is totally enthralled by them. I love having boys.

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