Feb 27 2008

the brothers

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We hit another major milestone this weekend: The boys were playing in their new clubhouse, courtesy of Papa Brent and Grandma’s visit two weeks ago. Gray was playing in the little play sink, and Dixon came up and said, “No Gray, that’s my sink” and attempted to shove him out of the way. Gray hunkered down and held his ground. He even pushed Dixon back with his hand. Only 7 pounds less than Dixon, Gray’s really starting to hold his own physically and isn’t letting big brother boss him around anymore. Here, the sun came out after several rainy days so I shooed Thing 1 and Thing 2 out to play while it lasted.

Speaking of hunkering down, I only have three more weeks of this medieval lit class. The quarters at Cal Poly seem to fly by, especially in comparison with the 18-week semesters at Cuesta. I have a paper to write, a research report to do, and a final to get ready for. This week we’re finishing up Christine de Pizan and starting some Dante. And because I hate sleep so much, I enrolled in two classes next quarter: the second in my 6-class lit series (the renaissance) required for all engrish majors, and a children’s lit class that’s rumored to cover Harry Potter. But since it took me almost two years to read The Order of the Phoenix, we’ll see how it goes!

Tonight is Mommy-and-Dixon night. After work/daycare I’m taking him to get a haircut and then out for ice cream. It will be nice to spend some alone time with my growed-up-lil-man. I’ve found that doing something with just him keeps the green-eyed monster at bay, even if it’s just grocery shopping. He feels quite important when he gets to choose which fruit and organic crackers to get and loves naming everything off as the Trader Joe’s checker rings it up. Involving him in the food process also helps him eat. When he starts refusing everything I offer, I remind him that he’s the one who chose it in the store and all of a sudden he wants it. Go figure.

Feb 26 2008

sick day

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I stayed home sick with the bottomless pit (aka Big Gray) and the world’s most pathetic dog today. Dixon’s still feeling fine, so he went to daycare. Gray’s got a runny nose and what sounds like a sore throat and is on his second day of antibiotics.

After a long nap and a snack, we all felt a lot better and went outside for twenty minutes of vitamin D. It was about 80 degrees in our backyard this afternoon.

He’s on a see-food diet.

If we have another baby, I’m just going to make seven bibs that say “Laundry Day”. Yes, I know today is Tuesday.

Even Truman seemed a little less pathetic today, despite being called a monster by Dixon when he saw him with the bandages and lampshade.

Feb 25 2008

Truman: Post-Op

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I had always hoped that one day I’d buy a liposuction. I had just hoped it would be for me, not for the dog. Truman’s back lump was removed today and determined to be 100% fat. The good news is that 10 days in county lockup helped him lose 3 pounds; so he’s a little less obese now. Somewhere underneath all those bandages is a drain to collect pus that is somehow supposed to stay magically in place for five whole days. I’ll keep ya posted on that.

He sure looks like hell, doesn’t he? It’s a good thing all the “adopt-me” pictures were taken before today.

BTW, he’s STILL up for adoption! Go here if you’re interested: www.adopttruman.com

Feb 23 2008

one year ago today

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Feb 22 2008

hippy food

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Here’s what I had for lunch today. The students I work with deemed it hippy food. If I was a true hippy, it would have been organic edamame and soy cheese and I wouldn’t have used plastic containers (plastic=evil=made of oil) and I would have composted the shells. Shame on me.

Feb 22 2008

Friday Flowers

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Some shots walking around campus on my lunch break.

I guess old man winter has left the building.

And my new daisies and tulips after a rainy night.

Feb 21 2008

Stupid clouds!

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It was way too cloudy to “shoot the moon” last night. Bummer.

In other news, my life is really getting in the way of my life. Poly’s English Department head emailed us English majors today telling us about an opportunity to go write for Greenpeace for a semester. Too bad this isn’t really possible with my lil’ boat anchors. Just kidding. I would have loved to do this, but wouldn’t trade Scottie and the boys for anything. Even on the days when everyone’s diapers leak and I’m late for everything.

*** Update ***
I forwarded Scottie the original email from my instructor, and he said to me last night, “You know that thing with Greenpeace? They’d teach you how to drive the boats and get in the way of whalers … you could get killed doing that.” To which I replied “I KNOW!!!” a-la Monica from Friends. That just makes me want to do it more! And gosh I miss Friends.

Feb 20 2008

full lunar eclipse tonight!

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I can hardly wait to get home and take a picture of it. More info here.

Feb 20 2008

back-bloggin’ :: weekend wrapup, part 1

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We had a three day weekend last weekend and I’m just now sorting through all the pics. Hey, you try reading the Wife of Bath in Middle English and see how long it takes you.

Part 1: Friday. Our neighborhood football team (aka all the boys on the block) gathered out front for a meeting of the minds before heading off to Chuck E. Cheese for lunch/good times. There are five good-sized male toddlers within a one-house radius, which is why we suspect there’ll be plenty of pick-up football games in our future. And yay me for using big words like radius at 5am.

Both boys loved Chuck E. Cheese. It was our second visit. I let Gray toddle around and he got to explore nearly the whole building.

Feb 19 2008

Grayson Milestone # 111

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This weekend in the bath, Gray hit a major milestone: When Dixon took rubber ducky away from him, Gray leaned over and snatched it right back! This is the first time ever that he hasn’t just shrugged and found something else to play with. Go, Grayson, Go!

More good news: Quarantine ’08 ™ is over! Now that our lil’ prisoner can leave the house, we can schedule his surgery. He’s still up for adoption… if you want him or know anyone who does, please go here.

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