Jan 31 2008

dixon the ringleader

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Dixon is the official potty-training ringleader at daycare. They told me this morning that there are three kids who really haven’t shown any interest in using the potty, but Dixon encourages them with “come on guys, let’s go potty!” and they all want to go. And there’s another who Norine doesn’t think is ready but wants to try it just because Dixon does.

Atta boy, Dix! Three is the best age ever!

Jan 31 2008

the next Picasso

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Dixon made these at daycare and was soooo proud to present them to me and show them off. I think I’m going to be one of those moms who has an attic full of piles of my kids artwork, because so far I’ve saved nearly every scribble.

here’s what Gray had to say about it…either that or he liked my enchiladas

Anyway, this is NO MEAT WEEK if you couldn’t already tell by my banner ad. I haven’t come across many articles that sum up a lot of what us hippies have already known quite as well as this one, so give it a read. Or else.

Jan 30 2008

I saved three people yesterday…

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by donating blood. The blood bank had their van on campus today so I lined up with all the polly-dollys who weigh an ounce over the weight limit just to watch three of them pass out before my eyes. I just shrugged my shoulders and thought, I’ve had two c-sections, people. Two. This is nothing compared to having my favorite surgeon rooting around in my uterus while I’M FULLY AWAKE! And then I went back to my cat-nap while the blood left my arm. I’m just in it for the snacks… they were giving away small boxes of Sees chocolates in addition to the stale cookies and juice cups. When I closed my eyes, one of the dudes asked me if I was ok and I said, “I’m great, just relaxing” and he offered me a bottle of water. I sucked it down and he said, “Wow, you drank that fast.” I said, “Well, I’m nursing too, so between this and that I get really thirsty and need lots of water.” And those polly-dollys whipped their ponytails around and one gasped, “like, oh my gosh, you have a baby?!” And their eyes were drawn right to the extra 10 pounds I still have around my midsection. It was all I could do not to roll my eyes. I so don’t fit in here.

So today is day two of the new productivity leaf I’m turning over. I’ve been waking up at 4am and actually making it out of bed when my alarm clock goes off so I can have some me-time and get my reading assignments done. This morning I finished The Knight of the Cart (Lancelot) and I have to make a confession. Brace yourselves, for this is a first here at Tara’s Blog. Drum roll please…. my mom was right. About what, you ask? When I was describing my medieval lit class, she said, “oh you’ll love the Arthurian romances” and because it was a phone conversation, I rolled my eyes. I’m starting to realize I have a tendency to over-roll them, by the way. But I have to admit, she was right, I do enjoy them. Or maybe it’s that I so disliked Ovid that anything seems great in comparison? Hmmm.

Oh, and for the record, I’m holding on to that last ten pounds to keep people guessing.

Jan 27 2008

Birthday Shoutouts

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Just when you thought birthday season was over… today is Grandma Linda’s birthday! It’s also Uncle Kevin’s birthday, but I don’t have any recent pictures of him so you’ll have to use your imagination.

Jan 26 2008

the sun’ll come out…tomorrow

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Well, it came out today for a few hours anyway. After a solid week of rain, I was a mom on a mission: get the kids tired so that I could escape for a few hours to meet my research group at the library. It was also nice to exercise my shutter-finger a bit since I have been slacking off in that area lately.

Captain Snaggletooth:

Dixon the bird, yelling “tweet tweet I’m a bird”:

And I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t have 77 more pictures from the day here.

Jan 24 2008

birthday 08 wrap-up

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Somehow, the birthdays have come and gone and I’ve barely posted any pictures about it. So, here’s the family party and here’s the friends party. The blond in the jeep is my future daughter-in-law, by the way.

The answer to the trivia question about Dixon’s name was “Scott picked the name out of a book and we both instantly loved it.” That’s how we got Grayson’s name too. No, it wasn’t from Star Trek: Spok’s mom’s name was Amanda Grayson, BTW. Only 3 of you 13 loyal voters were correct.

Anyhoo, it’s been another busy week. Saturday night, after the family party, I tried to take a nap with Grayson and neither of us could sleep. We were both coughing and I knew we needed antibiotics, so off we go. The only place that’s open is the ER. They actually got us in and out pretty quickly armed with several prescriptions: antibiotics, steroids, the good cough syrup that helps you sleep, an inhaler for me, and benadryl and motrin for the one-year-old. I’m happy to report that we’re 99.9% recovered despite the fact that Grayson got exactly 1/2 of one dose of the steroid. I’d rather give a cat a pill or scratch my eyes out with a fork than give this kid medicine; he just won’t do it.

Scott took the boys to their 1- and 3-year checkups today. Big Gray weighed in at 21.8 pounds, Dixon at 31. Dixon was 37 inches tall with shoes on. So if the old wive’s tale abut doubling your height at age three will equal your adult height, then he’s right on track to be over six feet tall like his Dad. I don’t remember Gray’s height, but holding him up to the wall where we mark it off each year; he’s already taller than Dixon was at one year. And Dixon was only 18 pounds at one year.

Tonight we went to Gran and Pop’s house for pizza after work/daycare. I took a few pictures and a video with their camera, so Pops will have to email them to me so I can post them here.

These two are from last weekend:

Jan 22 2008

Happy First Birthday, Grayson!

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He’s officially a toddler. And he toddles from room to room now. We turned his carseat around so he’s facing forward, and we’re good to go!
I have zillions of pictures I’m working on posting… but for now you can look at these from our playgroup yesterday. Grayson wasn’t there, it was just me and Dixon… long story involving Grays’ first trip to the ER… don’t worry, it’s just bronchitis. But I’ll get to that later. For now, I’m off to class!

Gray and his new mp3 player.


Jan 18 2008

the big birthday weekend is almost upon us

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Would now be a good time to panic? So much to do… my to-do lists are off the charts, so I decided to take a moment of zen and post a few pictures of the worlds cutest birthday boys. These were from last Sunday at Round Table Pizza.

those eyes! he’s going to break hearts some day…maybe even tomorrow

proof that he does in fact eat, on occasion

there was a football game on the big screen and every time the table behind us clapped, Gray clapped too

we all know that this one can eat

Jan 17 2008

I’m such a mom

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When I was driving home from Long Beach Tuesday night, I had my ipod hooked up to the van’s audio system. Since I was in heavy traffic (three hours to get from LB to Ventura) I didn’t want to fiddle around with songs much, so I just picked the “most played” playlist that Apple includes on the device. I’m rocking out to Bon Jovi and then lo and behold, The Wiggles “Big Red Car” comes on. And I find myself singing along. What a dork. Here’s the video:

Anyhoo, two days till the party!!! Will Grayson be walking by then? Will Dixon be over the sniffles by then? Only time will tell. Grandma Linda’s been here all week watching the boys, who are now well enough to par-tay this weekend. Woot!

Jan 15 2008

greetings from long beach

Category: eco-mama @ 11:11 am

Today is day 2 in Long Beach. Yesterday I had a seminar on web accessibility in the morning, and a more advanced “accessibility 101” class in the afternoon. Today I’m learning about CSS and web standards. This morning I woke up before dawn and went down to the waterfront and caught the sunrise coming up over the Queen Mary. BTW, we’re still waiting for Papa Brent to organize a family cruise on the Queen Mary II. But I digress. I leave tonight at 5pm, and wish I had more time to sightsee down here. I’m also wishing I had time to stop by the Getty Museum again.

Anyhoo, this conference has been a hilarious demonstration of irony. It’s all about accessibility; in other words, making websites usable and effective for those with disabilities. Yesterday’s keynote speaker was in a wheelchair and immediately apologized for not being able to get onto the podium, so I spent the whole speech craning my neck and never did get a look at her till she left. And the second speaker was nearly 100% blind and forgot that once on the podium, he wouldn’t be able to see the speech contained in his laptop that he left near the projector. And I know several people I spoke to must be hearing-impaired because when I carefully articulated “i’m from cal poly san luis obispo” they said, “wow, you flew all the way in from saint louie?” 😐

CSU Long Beach is a beautiful campus about twice the size of Cal Poly. They put our dining options to shame with several brand name eateries including Subway, Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, Carls Jr, and to my delight, a candy bar. Yes, a bar similar to where alcohol is served, that sells candy, soda, and chips! Awesome!

As much as I’m getting out of this trip, I miss my boys. I was looking forward to some “me time” chock full of quiet reflection and rest, but as soon as I got onto the freeway I teared up and instantly missed them. Scottie reports that Grayson has been clutching his sippy cup and screams bloody murder if he tries to take it away. I’ve spoken to Dixon on the phone several times and each time he tells me he ate cake for lunch (and I hear daddy in the background denying it).

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